The Prince’s Unwilling mate by Mutya Chapter Summary

The Prince’s Unwilling mate by Mutya the Author

The Prince’s Unwilling mate by Mutya the Author revolves around the reluctant union between a prince and his unexpected mate, as they navigate challenges, secrets, and the complexities of a supernatural world. Ayla Hemming, a proud human-werewolf hybrid, faces rejection from her fated mate, David, and is forced to attend a ball where the Crown Prince, Griffin Taylor, is searching for a chosen mate.

Unbeknownst to Ayla, she and Griffin are second chance mates, leading to a captivating story of love, acceptance, and the struggle to find their place in the supernatural realm.

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Book TitleThe Prince’s Unwilling mate
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TagsTop Werewolf

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The Prince’s Unwilling mate by Mutya the Author PDF

The Prince’s Unwilling mate by Mutya the Author PDF

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Chapter 1

Ayla’s father called her to the kitchen, hoping to discuss letting her live with her grandparents at the White Oak pack. Ayla had been eager to leave her pack, as she was the runt and often bullied. She learned that her grandmother was a rare human mate, and her family was well-respected in the pack.

However, Ayla’s hopes were shattered when her best friend, David, rejected her as his mate on his eighteenth birthday. Devastated, Ayla wanted to leave her pack and live with her grandparents, where she would be accepted. Coincidentally, Crown Prince Griffin was looking for a chosen mate, and Ayla’s parents offered to let her attend the ball, hoping she could move to the White Oak pack afterward.

Ayla was excited about the opportunity, but her joy was short-lived when she learned that her sister, Kate, had not been home for the past two days, and no one had told her why.

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Chapter 2

The chapter follows the perspective of a wolf prince who is searching for his fated second-chance mate. After learning about this rare occurrence when he was 14, he has been dreaming and fantasizing about meeting his destined partner. However, with pressure from his parents to choose a queen, he is running out of time.

Just as he is preparing to speak with his parents about the matter, they offer him a compromise – hosting a ball to invite all eligible she-wolves, giving him one last chance to find his fated mate. Meanwhile, the prince’s sister, Ayla, is dealing with the aftermath of being rejected by her fated mate, David.

She has been bullied and mistreated by a jealous pack member, Hannah, and her friends. Ayla has chosen not to tell her parents the full extent of the bullying, not wanting to cause conflict within the pack. As Ayla is about to shift back to her human form, a large wolf suddenly runs into her, knocking her to the ground.

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Chapter 3

In the chapter, Ayla is confronted by her pack-mate Hannah and a group of wolves who bully her. Ayla is about to be attacked when an unfamiliar man wearing the royal sigil intervenes, chastising the group for their cowardly actions. The man, introduced as Dillion, invites Ayla to the upcoming royal ball and asks if she is unmated, to which Ayla reveals that her mate has rejected her.

Dillion encourages her, saying “never say never,” and hands her the invitation. During their walk to the pack house, Dillion inquires about Ayla’s treatment within the pack, but she chooses not to disclose the details. Meanwhile, Ayla’s brother Daniel is worried about her whereabouts and waits for her at home, eager to share news about their sister Kate’s upcoming mating.

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Chapter 4

The chapter follows Ayla, who is happy for her sister Kate finding her mate, Tim, despite her own rejection. Ayla knows that Kate was hesitant to accept Tim as her mate, thinking Ayla wouldn’t approve due to Tim’s relation to Hannah, who has been bullying Ayla.

However, Ayla assures Kate that she has her blessing, and Kate accepts Tim as her mate. The family then gathers for a celebratory BBQ, where they learn that Tim is a warrior from a pack that has split, forming the Crescent Moon pack.

This presents an opportunity for Kate to join Tim’s new pack, as the Alpha there is more open to female warriors. Ayla’s parents ask her to accompany Kate to the Crescent Moon pack, as they will be busy with their own pack duties.

Ayla agrees, despite the emotional toll it takes on her, knowing she will never return to her own pack. The chapter ends with Ayla excusing herself from the celebration, feeling the pain of her own rejection and the upcoming ball where she will be proven unworthy as a mate, despite her happiness for Kate.

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Chapter 5

The Alpha, Phillip, was training his son David to be the next Alpha, much to the dismay of the protagonist, Ayla. Phillip was more than happy to let Ayla’s sister, Kate, move to the Crescent Moon pack, but he did not see Ayla as worthy of being the future Luna.

David, the Alpha’s son, openly mocked Ayla and her potential mate, an Omega, suggesting that their mate bond was switched. Ayla, overwhelmed by the situation, shifted into her wolf form and ran into the forest to calm down. However, upon returning, she was ambushed by Hannah and her friends, who brutally attacked her.

Exhausted and injured, Ayla made her way home, where her parents and siblings were shocked by her condition. Daniel, Ayla’s brother, confronted their parents about the abuse Ayla had been enduring, leading to Ayla losing consciousness.

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Chapter 6

In the chapter, the protagonist wakes up in their own bed, dressed in pajamas, with their mother sitting at the end of the bed, reading but clearly distracted. The mother asks the protagonist why they didn’t tell her and the father about the abuse they were facing from Hannah.

The protagonist explains that they couldn’t, as it would have gotten their parents in trouble with the Alpha, Phillip, who is a selfish and stubborn leader. The protagonist’s siblings, Daniel, Katen, and Tim, come to visit, with Tim bringing the protagonist a bowl of soup.

Katen and Tim express their desire to stay in the BloodMoon pack to protect the protagonist, but the protagonist insists that they stay in the Crescent Moon pack, as that is where they are needed. The protagonist reflects on their disappointment and anger towards their parents, feeling let down by them, even though they understand the situation with the Alpha.

The protagonist also worries about their healing abilities, which have been affected by the prolonged abuse. Ultimately, the protagonist breaks down in tears, clutching a book, as the weight of their situation becomes too much to bear. Their father approaches the door but then leaves, sensing the protagonist’s need for space.

The chapter ends with the protagonist sinking into the comforting embrace of someone, despite their reluctance to be comforted.

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Chapter 7

Ayla’s father apologizes for not seeing the abuse she was facing, and Ayla assures him that it wasn’t their fault. Her mother expresses how much she will miss Ayla and her sister, but Ayla realizes her parents were trying to protect her all along.

They reveal a plan to get Ayla to the safety of the White Oak pack, even if it means playing a waiting game with the current Alpha. Ayla is surprised by this, as she had assumed her parents would not fight for her.

Over the next few days, Ayla is forced to rest and recover, her bruises and scars slowly healing. Her parents allow her to pack only essentials, encouraging her to buy new clothes when she arrives at the White Oak pack. Ayla packs a few personal items, including several books, as she prepares to leave her childhood home behind.

Despite feeling like she is running away, Ayla is relieved to be escaping the abuse she faced in her current pack.

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