In Love, Never Say Never Chapter Summary

In Love, Never Say Never

In Love, Never Say Never revolves around Scarlett Stovall whose life falls apart after a series of misfortunes – a miscarriage, disfigurement, failed career, and damaged reputation. She cannot understand what caused her downfall until her ex-husband Ashton Fuller reappears in her life. Their relationship was troubled even while they were married. Scarlett discovers she is pregnant with Ashton’s child but is unsure if she should tell him given their complicated history and his impending divorce.

The story follows Scarlett as she deals with the aftermath of her grandfather’s death. She attends the funeral in Ashton’s place at his family home where she encounters resentment from his relatives. Scarlett is also uncomfortable around Rebecca Larson, Ashton’s new girlfriend, who is also pregnant with his child. As events unfold, Scarlett must decide the best way to handle her own pregnancy in light of Ashton and Rebecca’s relationship, and whether there is still a chance to repair her broken marriage.

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Book TitleIn Love, Never Say Never
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Genres Romance
Tags Romance

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In Love, Never Say Never PDF

Scarlett Stovall & Ashton

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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1

As the woman exited the hospital after learning she was six weeks pregnant, she was surprised to see Ashton waiting outside in his Maybach. Though they had been married for two years, it was an arrangement due to his grandfather’s wishes, and he made no secret of his love for Rebecca. She debated whether to tell him of the pregnancy, unsure how he would react given his impatience to finalize their divorce now that his grandfather had passed.

Sitting tensely in the car, she struggled to find the right moment to broach the topic with Ashton. He remained cold and distant as always, focused intently ahead. When he received a call from Rebecca, the gentleness in his voice reminded her that she was merely an obstacle in his eyes. After ordering her out of the car with his usual clipped tone, she returned to their empty villa. Hearing a car arrive later, she wondered if Ashton had come back, though he was supposed to be with his true love, Rebecca.

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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 2

Ashton abruptly left the bedroom for a shower. Scarlett got up and prepared a change of clothes for him. While gazing out the balcony at the rainy sky, she sensed Ashton emerge behind her freshly showered. He demanded she dry his hair, which she obediently did while he sat on the bed. After, Ashton unexpectedly pulled Scarlett into bed with him and began roughly ravaging her body despite her six week pregnancy. Lightning flashed as Scarlett curled in pain from Ashton’s rough movements.

A phone call from Rebecca interrupted them. Ashton answered and hurried to get dressed and leave upon ending the call, displeased by Scarlett’s plea for him to stay given her grandfather’s funeral the next day. He gripped her chin threateningly, noting she seemed to have grown a spine by questioning him.

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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 3

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Scarlett agreed to divorce Ashton if he stayed with her through her grandfather’s funeral. However, when Scarlett tried to seduce Ashton into staying, he refused her advances. Ashton then put on his pajamas, implying he would stay but on his own terms. Scarlett was dumbfounded, unsure if Ashton really planned to remain.

That evening, a woman named Rebecca arrived at the villa, soaked from the heavy rain outside. Ashton doted on Rebecca and cared for her needs. He directed his cold gaze at Scarlett and ordered her to return to her family home for the night so as not to disturb Rebecca’s rest. Scarlett refused to let Ashton step all over her and declared she would return to her bedroom instead. Upon leaving, Scarlett met Jared Crest who had rushed over while still in his pajamas, also soaked from the rain.

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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 4

Jared came to treat Rebecca’s fever as her attending doctor. Though he addressed Scarlett in a polite but distant manner as “Ms. Stovall”, showing he did not have romantic feelings for her.

Later, Scarlett found clothes that Ashton had never worn and gave them to Jared since his were wet from the rain. Jared seemed surprised by the gesture at first but thanked her after realizing the clothes fit well. They joined Ashton and Rebecca for breakfast, where Rebecca acted as the lady of the house despite Scarlett owning the title deed to the property with Ashton. Scarlett politely refused food, wanting Rebecca to rest after recovering from her fever.

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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 5

Rebecca apologized to Ashton for her behavior the previous night and asked him to invite Scarlett to breakfast as a way to apologize. Ashton begrudgingly agreed and they all ate breakfast together, though the atmosphere was tense. Ashton quickly finished his meal and went upstairs to change for his grandfather’s funeral. Scarlett followed him, hoping to convince him not to accompany Rebecca after the funeral.

When Scarlett caught up to Ashton in the bedroom, he coldly rebuffed her attempts to lecture him about spending time with his family. He spat out harsh words telling her she was unworthy. His cutting remarks echoed Scarlett’s own feelings of being unworthy of his love after two years of failed efforts to get closer to him. Her pain was interrupted by Rebecca’s mocking voice as she leaned in the doorway, having dropped her innocent act and now regarding Scarlett with a frosty expression.

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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 6

Scarlett was blocked from leaving the villa by Rebecca, who aggressively questioned her about signing divorce papers from Ashton. An argument ensued between the two women and Rebecca shoved Scarlett in anger. However, Rebecca lost her own footing on the stairs behind Scarlett and fell, hitting her abdomen.

Ashton rushed down upon hearing the commotion and found Rebecca lying at the bottom of the stairs, bleeding heavily from her abdomen. Without a word to Scarlett, he scooped Rebecca into his arms and hurried off to the hospital with her. Jared, who had arrived, suggested to Scarlett that she explain herself to Ashton, but she remained silent on the matter. She acknowledged that someone would have to take the blame for Rebecca’s injuries.

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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 7

Helen Clarke mocked Letty for vomiting after the car ride and questioned what George saw in her to make her Ashton’s wife and place his hope in her. Many people attended George’s funeral to pay respects, with Charlie and Helen greeting them outside while Letty received condolences inside.

Mrs. Eriksen approached Letty and gave her a sandalwood box that George had left for her before passing, advising that it could prevent Ashton from divorcing her once he saw it.

She told Letty that George hoped they would have a healthy son to continue the family line before leaving. After the prayers and burial, Ashton still had not shown up to the funeral despite it being over, with Charlie urging Letty to tell Ashton to stop holding a grudge against his deceased grandfather.

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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 8

Helen scoffed at Scarlett, saying she was ungrateful to her father. Charlie told them to stop arguing and go home as the funeral was over.

Ashton arrived at the cemetery unexpectedly. He glared sternly at George’s gravestone. When Scarlett noticed him, Ashton demanded they leave. The tense car ride home was spent in silence. Ashton accused Scarlett of wanting a divorce to get away unharmed since Rebecca was still hospitalized. Scarlett insisted she had no such intentions. Ashton declared Scarlett would have to take care of Rebecca starting tomorrow.

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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 9

Rebecca was lying in her hospital bed, her appearance frail after losing her child. When she saw Amelia enter with Ashton, her expression fell as she did not want to see Amelia. Ashton comforted Rebecca and told her Amelia was there to take care of her.

While Rebecca was awake, she turned her gaze to Amelia. Rebecca proposed a bet to Amelia – would Ashton be concerned for her if Rebecca poured scalding water on Amelia’s hand. When Amelia remained silent, Rebecca carried out the act. Amelia retracted her burned hand in pain but told Rebecca she was fine. The chapter showed rising tensions between Amelia and Rebecca as Rebecca directs her grief and anger towards Amelia.

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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 10

Ashton visited Rebecca late at night in the hospital ward. When he saw Scarlett there, he coldly ordered her to “deal with that now.” Rebecca feigned regret for accidentally injuring Scarlett. Ashton calmly comforted Rebecca without reprimanding her.

Heartbroken, Scarlett left the ward, hoping Ashton would at least ask if she was hurt. She was greeted by Dr. Lucas instead, who treated her burned hand. While returning to the ward, Scarlett overheard Ashton and Jared’s conversation in the stairwell. Jared reminded Ashton that Scarlett was innocent and loved him, urging Ashton to divorce Rebecca. However, Ashton sneered that he had always scorned Scarlett’s love.

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