The Alpha God’s Luna Review: From Dagger’s Edge to King’s Embrace

The Alpha God's Luna

For paranormal romance fans craving an absorbing story with magnetic leads, The Alpha God’s Luna delivers on all fronts. Gilbert has crafted a compelling saga, establishing her as a rising talent in this genre. Flawed yet relatable protagonists, high-stakes drama, touch-a-then not having it accidentally consume us both is all… too tempting.

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I was enthralled by Marissa Gilbert’s novel, The Alpha God’s Luna. This book had me hooked from the very first chapter and took me on an emotional rollercoaster filled with passion, danger, and intrigue. In this review, I will provide an overview of the key elements that made this such an unputable read for me.

TitleThe Alpha God’s Luna
ReadAmazon | Dreame
AuthorMarissa Gilbert
Book in the SeriesBook III (Can be read as standalone)
Previous BooksBook I. The Perfect Luna
Book II. The Luna Trials
Main CharacterAstrea
SettingFirstborn island, Eastern Rogue Kingdom
Plot SummaryAstrea, a former elite warrior and assassin trained by her Teacher, betrays her orders and attempts to escape to the Eastern Rogue Kingdom. She’s captured and punished in a silver pit. While contemplating death, she tries to protect her young ward, Niki, from attackers. Their Teacher remains an enigmatic and dangerous figure throughout the story.

My Thoughts on The Alpha God’s Luna

The Alpha God's Luna  assasin Astrea x King Fenrir


The story follows Astrea, a formidable assassin and member of an elite group of shifters called the Firstborns. After defying orders and sparing the lives of her targets, Astrea finds herself imprisoned and tortured. Desperate for freedom, she strikes a deal with the mysterious Teacher to seduce and kill the Rogue King Fenrir. However, upon meeting the magnetic Fenrir, Astrea begins questioning everything as unexpected desires ignite between them.

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Story Development

The Alpha God’s Luna features a well-paced and tightly woven plot that unravels new secrets and conflicts at every turn. After her daring escape, Astrea arrives in the Rogue Kingdom under false pretenses, only to discover there is more to Fenrir and this land than meets the eye. As she spends time with the alluring Fenrir, her feelings become conflicted, torn between her mission and her blossoming affections. This push and pull makes for an addictive story development, and I was constantly trying to guess where the plot would lead next.

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Character Development

Gilbert has crafted multidimensional characters that leap off the page. Astrea is fierce yet vulnerable, jaded by her past yet still hopeful for the future. Her moral dilemmas feel authentic as she battles between duty and desire. Meanwhile, Fenrir exudes raw masculinity but also deep compassion that chips away at Astrea’s walls. Their chemistry simmers from the start and builds into an inferno by the later chapters. Supporting characters like the sly Teacher, fierce warrior Kara, and eccentric trickster Devoss add further depth and intrigue.

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World Building

Vivid world-building transports readers into the mystical world of shifters and ancient magic. Descriptions of the glittering hidden city of Solace and rituals like the Dragonfly Circle give an immersive sense of the environment and lore. I also loved the glimpses into Asgard which created an intricate backstory behind Fenrir’s origins.

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Romance and Steamy Scenes

The romantic dynamic between Astrea and Fenrir takes center stage, going from sparring verbal banter to sizzling tension. Their first kiss ignites the pages with passion and pushes Astrea to confront her growing love for the King. Later scenes raise the heat factor even higher, including a steamy encounter in the bathtub. Gilbert skillfully builds the romantic arc from simmering desire to full-fledged intimacy.

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[ Astrea realized she was way out of her depth with this man. Yet she refused to surrender or back away now. Their closeness was clouding her mind, wiping away all coherent thought.

“Like moths to flame,” she whispered, sinking into his intense gaze. Their lips met in a hungry kiss, unable to resist the magnetic pull between them. Fenrir’s hands roamed her body feverishly as she clung to him, both lost in the raw passion.

At that moment, nothing else existed except for their shared desire allowed to finally ignite. The implications could come later, but for now, there was only this. ]

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The Alpha God’s Luna captivated me from start to finish with its thrilling paranormal twists and steamy romantic arc. Astrea and Fenrir are sure to leave a lasting imprint in the minds of readers as their complex relationship unfolds across vividly imagined supernatural settings.

Gilbert has announced two more books will follow in this Moonrise Kingdom series, and I for one cannot wait to see what dangerous missions and steamy encounters are yet to come. For paranormal and fantasy romance devotees, this book is sure to delight.

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