The Alpha Prince And His Bride Chapter Summary

The Alpha Prince And His Bride

The Alpha Prince And His Bride by LaurG revolves around Prince Austin Lance Vinci and Princess Lucy Rosemary who find themselves in an arranged marriage to save Austin’s kingdom from financial ruin. Lucy is shocked to learn of the arrangement, having believed she was adopted out of kindness rather than as a business deal for the royal family. Austin is also unhappy with the arrangement as he had planned to settle down with his mate Ariana.

They begrudgingly go through with a private wedding ceremony. Ariana is furious with Austin and demands he make Lucy’s life miserable. However, Austin notes that Lucy does not seem happy on her wedding day either. The story follows Austin and Lucy as they navigate their new roles as reluctant husband and wife while still holding feelings for others.

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Book TitleThe Alpha Prince And His Bride
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
GenresBillionaire, Romance, Werewolf
TagsAlpha, Daughter, Kingdom, Marriage, Prince

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The Alpha Prince And His Bride PDF

The Alpha Prince And His Bride PDF

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The Alpha Prince And His Bride Chapter 1

Lucy’s POV:
I listen in on a conversation between the prince and another woman, where he says he will find any way to get out of our marriage. I then see him in a heated make out session with the other woman. His words and actions break my heart as I realize I am just a business arrangement to repay his family, and that he will never want me.

Austin’s POV:
I am furious when told I must marry Princess Lucy to save my kingdom, though I have already found my mate Ariana. I reluctantly agree only for my people, but tell my parents my heart will never belong to Lucy. Ariana is angry with me over the arrangement, though I promise her she has nothing to worry about and that I will try to get out of the marriage.

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The Alpha Prince And His Bride Chapter 2

Austin’s POV
I saw her hurdled in a corner clutching her wedding dress, her beauty and innocence undoing me in a way I couldn’t explain. But it was not her beauty that made my gut twist, rather the hurt in her eyes activated my protective instincts. My wolf was raging inside me wanting to run after my bride as she fled, leaving me with unfamiliar feelings that only confused me more.

Lucy’s POV
I ran away, scared not only by the cruel woman’s words but my sudden reaction to the Prince. Something was pulling me towards him, and I could have sworn I heard a voice say ‘mate.’ Seeing him embrace another made me feel a pain of betrayal. I was going insane on my first day and hearing voices and feeling jealousy, but I had to be strong regardless of who his arms wrapped around.

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The Alpha Prince And His Bride Chapter 3

Lucy’s POV:

I was in the palace garden enjoying the beautiful roses when I heard a strange howl from the woods. Maya and her brothers rushed off into the forest after more howls and growling was heard. Maya assured me there were no wolves, but I knew what I heard. At the party, I wore a revealing red dress I had never worn anything like. I felt many eyes on me as I entered, including Austin who growled loudly.

Austin’s POV:

During the pack meeting, Alex reported a rogue wolf was nearing the castle. To my fear and surprise, I learned Princess Lucy was in the garden. I shifted into a wolf and raced off to find her. My wolf had never felt scared but was now for some reason.

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The Alpha Prince And His Bride Chapter 4

Lucy POV
I gripped my dress tightly as Austin made his way towards me with a menacing look. He growled and moved as if possessed, pulling me close and staring intensely. Though confused by his behavior and the strange voice in my head calling him “mate”, I knew causing a scene would only make things worse.

After being thrown onto the bed and interrogated about her dress, Lucy discusses Austin’s growling with Maya who seems evasive. Lucy realizes nobody mentioned Austin’s earlier behavior and wonders if she imagined it, considering the strange voices in her head since arriving. She meets Austin’s pleasant brother Lucas, but an introduction to Eric Bradwin and his daughter Ariana shakes Lucy, recognizing Ariana as the woman she saw with Austin earlier.

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The Alpha Prince And His Bride Chapter 5

POV Lucy
Ariana greeted Lucy with a wicked smile, gripping her hand too tightly. When Eric asked after Austin, Ariana said he was with her recently. Lucy stiffened, knowing where Austin had really been. Prince Lucas cut in that years ago, Austin didn’t favor Ariana but then changed suddenly.

Seeking fresh air, Lucy walked into the garden but heard sounds from the woods. A huge brown wolf approached angrily. Lucy cried out, certain this was the end, but suddenly a huge jet black wolf defended her, battling the first wolf. Lucy was horrified, unsure what was happening.

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The Alpha Prince And His Bride Chapter 6

Lucy’s POV:
I watched in fear as the two large wolves started circling and growling at each other, a fight seeming imminent. Suddenly, two other wolves joined in, assisting the massive black wolf as they cornered and chased off the lone wolf. The black wolf remained and slowly approached me without aggression, watching me with alert eyes as if trying to convey safety.

Austin’s POV:
I stormed into the pack house, my anger evident to all through our mind link. I roared for my beta Alex, demanding to know how a rogue entered our territory and threatened the princess. Though they claimed not to have sensed its presence, I punished the failure severely and ordered the rogue be dealt with by our head tormentor. My wolf remained agitated and drawn to Lucy after saving her, though I knew my mate was Ariana.

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The Alpha Prince And His Bride Chapter 7

POV: Lucy

My eyes widened in shock at why the tall man was asking for me. The five men were clearly over six feet tall and brothers, as they all shared strikingly similar faces. They had knocked the palace guards to the ground with ease. When the king demanded to know the meaning of this, the oldest brother stepped forward in a low growl, asking “Where is Princess Lucy?”. Everyone had heard a commotion outside though I hadn’t, and they rushed out the gates to find the men confronting the guards.

The king seemed angry at their presence while Lucas had been scared into silence after his earlier outburst. Maya explained they were the Fire Cross Pack, a family banned from the kingdom for betraying the royal family’s trust. Their appearance asking for me was unexpected and worrying, leaving me confused about their intentions towards me.

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The Alpha Prince And His Bride Chapter 8

Austin’s POV:

Austin and his brother James continue their patrol of the village, discussing whether the rival Fire Cross Pack would risk crossing into their territory. Austin notes that the Fire Cross Pack has never stepped foot in their land before, and sees no reason for them to start causing trouble now. When James suggests they may have been waiting to build their strength for another attack, Austin points out that their pack combined with James’ pack makes them nearly invincible.

Lucy’s POV:

Several men from the Fire Cross Pack appear demanding to see Lucy. One recognizes her and they all seem familiar with her, though Lucy does not know them. Austin steps in front of Lucy protectively to block the men. When one threatens Austin, the King questions if their father Richard knows they are there and offers to contact him. The men tense, revealing their father did not authorize their visit. One warns this isn’t over before they depart, calling out for Austin to take care of Lucy.

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The Alpha Prince And His Bride Chapter 9

Austin’s POV:

Asher informed Austin that the Fire Cross pack had joined the Black Council, a powerful group known to take what they want through force. Asher warned that if the Council wanted Lucy, the pack’s safest option would be to hand her over to avoid a battle they could not win. Austin was furious but knew Asher spoke the truth, leaving Austin to wonder why the thought of losing Lucy left him feeling empty.

Ermanno’s POV:

Ermanno and his brothers confessed to their father that they had disobeyed his order and visited Lucy. Their father was furious with their defiance, having forbidden them from seeing Lucy until he deemed the time was right. The brothers argued that Lucy deserved to know the truth about her family and they were determined to tell her, despite their father’s commands.

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The Alpha Prince And His Bride Chapter 10

Lucy’s POV:

I was disappointed to learn that Austin would not be taking me to the village as planned, instead I went with his bodyguard Adam. During the car ride there, we were stopped by three men in the road. Adam warned me to stay in the car as he confronted the men. One of the men broke the car window and dragged me out, throwing me on the ground next to Adam. They revealed to me that they were not human by one of them shifting into a huge wolf before our eyes.

Austin’s POV:

When I told my mate Ariana I had to take Lucy to the village, she became angry and possessive. She insisted I stay with her instead. When I pressed her about how her father learned details of Lucy’s background, she became evasive. Their conversation was cut short when Ariana kissed me, though I still had unanswered questions.

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