LIFE WITH HIS BABY Chapter Summary

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LIFE WITH HIS BABY by Jules Lamptey revolves around Melany Montero, an 18-year-old high school senior who gets pregnant after a one-night stand with Miles Payn, the 30-year-old CEO of a major company. When Melany’s parents withdraw their support and ask her to move out after learning of the pregnancy, she must figure out how … Read more

The Luna Choosing Game by Jane Above Story Novel Chapter Summary

The Luna Choosing Game by Jane Above Story

The Luna Choosing Game by Jane Above Story revolves around Piper, who sacrifices her dreams to raise her sister’s abandoned baby, working as a waitress. Unexpectedly, she encounters her ex, Nicholas, in a peculiar Luna choosing game. Tensions rise as Nicholas accuses Piper of hiding their child, but Piper denies the claim, revealing she had … Read more

The Hidden Princess At All-Boys Alpha Academy Chapter Summary

The Hidden Princess At All Boys Alpha Academy

The Hidden Princess At All-Boys Alpha Academy by Caroline Above Story revolves around Ariel, a princess who flees her arranged marriage when she discovers she’s being used as a surrogate. Disguised as a boy, she enrolls in Alpha Academy, where she unexpectedly finds her mate. However, complications arise as she struggles to maintain her disguise … Read more

Not Your Mate Anymore Chapter Summary


Not Your Mate Anymore by Ellison001 revolves around Sabrina, a young wolf shifter who believes she has found her life mate in Percy Woods. However, when they are both still young, Percy’s father announces that Percy must marry their family friend Ralyn for the good of their pack. Sabrina is heartbroken by this betrayal and … Read more

Enslaved By The Alpha: She’s a Captive Princess, He’s Her Vengeful Soulmate

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LaurG’s Enslaved By The Alpha is a disturbing saga of a corrupted mate bond driven by the dark side of love and revenge. Enslaved By The Alpha explores the dark underside of the mate bond through the tortured relationship between werewolf Alpha Kane and his kidnapped mate Maya. Related: The Princess To Eight Uncles Novel … Read more

(Chapter Summary) Selling Myself To The Alpha 

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Selling Myself To The Alpha Chapter Summary Chapter 1 begins with Liana excitedly talking to her best friend Nina about her upcoming wedding to Wyatt the next day. Liana is thrilled to be marrying Wyatt, who is the son of the Delta (second in command) of the local werewolf pack. Liana comes from a poor background … Read more

Beauty and the Beasts Review: A Good Reverse Harem Story

She Becomes Glamorous After the Engagement Annulment 2

Love Blooms in a World of Beasts in this Captivating New Web Novel Beauty and the Beasts In an inventive new twist on the classic romance genre, this thrilling web novel, Beauty and the Beasts, transports readers to a fantasy world inhabited by magical beastmen. When ordinary schoolgirl Bai Qingqing suddenly finds herself lost in … Read more

She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment Review

She Becomes Glamorous After the Engagement Annulment 1

If you love your romances with a healthy dose of drama, misunderstandings, and obstacles to overcome, you’re going to adore She Becomes Glamorous After the Engagement Annulment. This Chinese web novel, translated into English by Webnovel, delivers all the juicy entertainment you could want in a satisfying slow-burn romance. Related: Full Marks Hidden Marriage Review: … Read more

The Cursed Prince Web Novel Review: Breaking the Chains of Destiny

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The Cursed Prince Web Novel Review In the hauntingly captivating tale of The Cursed Prince, author Missrealitybites weaves a complex tapestry of fantasy, romance, comedy, and revenge that is sure to ensnare any lover of these genres. Our story begins with a prince born under an ominous curse. No woman can touch him without meeting … Read more