Bullied Mate Of The Lycan Kings Chapter Summary

Bullied Mate Of The Lycan Kings

Bullied Mate Of The Lycan Kings by Deenma revolves around a young woman named Lily who is admitted to an elite academy despite being an outcast in her community.

Lily hopes to keep her head down and graduate quietly, but trouble finds her when she learns she is fated to be the mate of four powerful Lycans at the academy – Aiden, Ren, Zac, and another. They engage in an intimate relationship with her but their friendship soon sours and they become bitter enemies, all vying for her affection.

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Book TitleBullied Mate Of The Lycan Kings
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TagsBully, Kickass, King, Lycan, Mate, bullying, dark, shifting, pack, polygamy, campus, heir/heiress, arrogant, d$$$$$$t, billionaire

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Bullied Mate Of The Lycan Kings Chapter 1

Bullied Mate Of The Lycan Kings Chapter 1

Lily wakes up sensing something is wrong as Cade, her boyfriend and only friend, is late without explanation which is unlike him. At school, she overhears girls gossiping about Cade sleeping with another and using her for a bet. When she gets a text from Cade ending things cruelly, saying their relationship was a lie and bet, her world crashes down. Lana, a girl who bullied her, mocks her for being easy and punches her, knocking her out.

Lily’s only friend and boyfriend Cade has always been too good to be true. As the daughter of a traitor who was banished from the community, Lily faced constant bullying and had no one until Cade rescued her from a suicide attempt two years ago. Cade, the popular quarterback from the powerful Gold Crest pack, was admired by all yet chose lonely outsider Lily.

Shadow Cove, the protected werewolf community home to the four most powerful packs, still ostracizes Lily for her father’s betrayal and her own defects as wolfless and shiftless. Cade had been her only source of comfort and protection from the bullying, claiming she was his mate though she couldn’t feel the bond. Now with him revealing their relationship as a cruel lie and bet, Lily has lost everything.

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Bullied Mate Of The Lycan Kings Chapter 2

Lily’s POV. On her first day at her new school Shadow Cove Academy, Lily is bumped into by the popular and intimidating Aiden Vanderbilt. When she accidentally calls him a dumbass out loud, it draws a crowd. Aiden humiliates and threatens Lily, forcing her to her knees and warning her to stay out of his way. They realize they already know each other from Lily’s father’s past actions. Aiden tells the crowd to bully Lily as a way to welcome her, sealing her fate at the new school.

Lily is stunned when she makes eye contact with Aiden, feeling both freezing and burning up at the same time as memories resurface of her only other strong reaction to someone. Aiden grabs and intimidates Lily, telling her he will make her life miserable and join her father in hell, either by his hands or her own. He insults her looks but also says he’d have s$x with her if not for who her father is.

When Aiden leaves, the crowd turns on Lily, with one boy calling for her murder. Lily realizes she needs to escape immediately before the bullying turns physical. Her hopes of blending in anonymously at her new school are already destroyed, all because of her chance encounter with the dangerous and powerful Aiden Vanderbilt on her first day.

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Bullied Mate Of The Lycan Kings Chapter 3

Lily had escaped another day of bullying at her new school Shadow Cove Academy by hiding in the girls’ bathroom. She was sore all over from being tripped and hit with a baseball bat. When she arrived at the flower shop where she works, her friend Bia and boss Theo noticed her injuries and sent her home to rest.

The next day, Lily arrived at school early to avoid the bullies but they were waiting for her. She ran to the girl’s bathroom for safety but three boys followed her in. They held her down, ripped her shirt open, and punched her, planning to further assault her. Suddenly the door opened and a boy told the others to leave. He introduced himself as Ren Hawthorne and healed Lily’s injuries before taking her to the infirmary.

Exhausted and terrified from almost being raped, Lily found comfort in Ren’s kindness as he carried her away. She mistakenly called him Cade, another boy from her past, showing how similar Ren’s rescue was to a previous time. Though relieved to be safe, Lily remained wary of the dangers that still lay ahead at her new school.

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Bullied Mate Of The Lycan Kings Chapter 4

Rage boiled in Ren’s stomach by the time he made it to the lounge. He found his best friend Aiden in an intimate act with two girls. Ren confronted Aiden about going too far with Lily Beauregard, who others had tried to rape that morning. Aiden grew defensive, saying he wasn’t responsible for others’ actions and that the council had sanctioned keeping an eye on Lily.

Ren had seen into Lily’s mind and memories the day before. He was stunned by the immense pain and suffering she had endured, yet remained hopeful and kind. He decided then to stay away, but after what happened that morning, he vowed to protect her. Ren brought up Aiden’s abusive uncle to force a promise from Aiden to call off his attacks on Lily. Aiden grew furious at the mention of his uncle but reluctantly agreed, seeing it as a challenge.

Zac, another friend who had his humanity robbed from him, would be returning soon as well. Ren was worried about the threat Zac and Aiden combined might pose to Lily. He had also used his powerful psychic abilities in the past to torture those who tried to hurt Lily that morning. Ren remained determined to shield Lily despite the growing dangers and obstacles he faced.

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Bullied Mate Of The Lycan Kings Chapter 5

Lily woke up in pain in the academy’s infirmary, remembering Ren Hawthorne rescuing her. While working on classwork, she heard banging and discovered a group of boys searching the room to harm her to gain Ren’s protection. Fearing for her safety, she quietly escaped through the window despite her injuries.

A group of boys entered the infirmary looking to hurt Lily to gain Ren Hawthorne’s protection. One of the boys wanted to back out knowing Ren was involved but the others insisted on finding Lily first. As they drew closer to her bed, Lily realized she needed to escape and quietly slipped out the slightly open window.

Lily lowered herself down the gutter and touched the ground, sprinting toward the main building while looking over her shoulder constantly for any sign of being followed. She managed to escape through the window despite her pain and made her way across the academy grounds fearing the boys would find and hurt her for gaining Ren Hawthorne’s favor.

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Bullied Mate Of The Lycan Kings Chapter 6

Lily’s POV. After escaping her bullies, Lily hides in the empty gym but is found by three mean girls led by a blonde ring leader. They mock and hurt Lily, twisting her ankle when she tries to leave. Through tears, Lily wonders if coming to this academy was a mistake as the girl’s vow to make her life hell until she leaves.

Lily flees the gym in pain and hides in an abandoned garage, listening to the girls search for her outside. She decides to stay hidden until it’s safe, not knowing how long they will look. Just as Lily considers getting comfortable, a voice startles her from within the garage.

Still in hiding, Lily shrieks in fear upon hearing the voice ask “What are you doing here?”. Uncertain who has found her but fearful it could be another threat, Lily remains trembling with worry about her dire situation and an unknown encounter with the person in the garage with her.

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Bullied Mate Of The Lycan Kings Chapter 7

Lily finds herself hiding in Ren’s art studio to avoid school bullies. When Ren discovers her there, she is terrified that he will hurt her as well. Ren reveals that he has healing abilities due to his Fae bloodline. He heals Lily’s sprained ankle, much to her amazement and relief. Lily is embarrassed at needing rescuing twice by Ren. However, Ren tells her that she is strong for enduring the bullying at school, calling it a “hellhole.”

Ren is painting when Lily enters his studio seeking refuge. She is afraid of him at first, unsure if he will bully her too. But he recognizes her from saving her before. Ren has healing powers from his Fae heritage. He uses this to fully heal Lily’s sprained ankle. Lily is grateful, though ashamed to require rescue again. Ren praises her strength of character for withstanding the harassment at school.

Lily fears Ren like the other students who torment her. However, he helped her previously. Ren belongs to both lycan and Fae lineages, enabling him to mend Lily’s injuries through touch. Feeling restored, she thanks Ren tearfully. He encourages Lily by saying her resilience will aid in coping with the abusive school environment.

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Bullied Mate Of The Lycan Kings Chapter 8

Lily hides in the dance studio to escape harassment from other students. Ren finds her and encourages her, saying she has a tough spirit. Lily is touched by his kindness despite expecting the worst, as in the past people had worn her down with false kindness. When someone bangs on the door, Lily panics, but Ren answers coldly and denies knowing Lily to the person outside, a girl named Courtney who had harassed Lily before. Ren insults Courtney and tells her harshly not to bother Lily again.

After Courtney leaves, Ren apologizes to Lily for his harsh words, saying that’s not usually how he acts. Lily thanks Ren but offers to leave, worrying she has inconvenienced him too long. Ren insists it’s still unsafe for her outside and that she stay until the end of the next period. Lily is surprised by his invitation to remain with him longer.

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Bullied Mate Of The Lycan Kings Chapter 9

Lily spends time with Ren in the art studio, where he invites her to stay with him instead of dealing with bullies alone. Ren explains that he can see people’s souls as colors and scents. Lily is the first person whose soul shows multiple colors, including black for pain, red for rage, and green for hope. No one has ever seen her so clearly before.

Ren shares that he too faced bullying as a child for his white hair and being called a “bastard.” Art becomes his anchor to overcome this, and he encourages Lily to find her anchor. They bond by discussing music and paintbrushes. Lily realizes she doesn’t have to be alone at her new school, feeling she can survive with Ren’s friendship.

Ren shows Lily the portrait he’s painting of an unknown woman. He says seeing souls this way is a gift, though it wasn’t always appreciated when he was younger. Lily finds comfort in opening up to someone who sees her truly and accepts all parts of her being.

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Bullied Mate Of The Lycan Kings Chapter 10

Lily’s favorite flowers are dahlias, which her father first gifted her when she was six. They remind her of love and commitment. While talking with Ren at his studio, he correctly guesses that dahlias are her favorite after looking closely at her soul. He gives her one of his paintings of dahlia flowers. Ren also reveals that since he saved Lily from bullying girls, she now owes him a favor according to Fae tradition. He asks her to have lunch with him the next day at school. Lily refuses once she remembers that Ren is a Hawthorne, from one of the families that had her father executed for being a traitor. She storms out, upset that Ren would not understand how his family is seen from her perspective.

The chapter is from Lily’s point of view. While talking to Ren at his studio after he finishes a painting, Lily starts to feel attracted to him but reminds herself he is out of her league. Ren shows interest in getting to know Lily by asking her questions about her hobbies and favorite flowers. Looking closely at Lily’s soul, Ren correctly guesses that her favorite flowers are dahlias.

When the school alarm interrupts their conversation, Ren reveals that according to Fae tradition, Lily now owes him a favor for saving her from bullying girls earlier. He asks her to have lunch with him at school the next day. However, upon remembering Ren is a Haw

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