Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder Chapter Summary

Sold as the Alpha King's Breeder Chapter

Name: Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Author: Alice Knightsky
Chapter Count: 580
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Synopsis: Rosalie, sold by her father to the Alpha King as a breeder, faces a cruel reality where her love is unrequited, and her life is at stake after the birth of her baby. Believed dead, she survives and encounters the Alpha King again, who appears to have had a change of heart.

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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder PDF

Sold as the Alpha King's Breeder PDF

Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder Chapter 1

Rosalie is a young woman who is abused and mistreated by her father Harland and stepmother Isis. She is forced to work hard to earn money for the family. One day, while running late to bring money home, Rosalie overhears Isis and Harland discussing plans to sell her as a “maid” to Talon, the notoriously cruel and ruthless Alpha of the Drogomor pack.

Rosalie is caught eavesdropping by her abusive stepbrother Derek. When confronted by her drunk father, Rosalie tries to distract him by handing over the meager earnings she made that day. But Harland and Isis reveal they plan to sell Rosalie to Talon in exchange for money. Rosalie begs her father not to sell her, reminding him she is his only child, but he viciously beats her instead.

Isis explains that serving Talon is a great honor, even though he is known for killing servants and bathing in their blood. Rosalie continues pleading with her father and stepmother, swearing to work harder and invoking her dead mother’s memory. But this only enrages Harland further. He chokes Rosalie and throws her against the wall, badly injuring her.

Harland orders Derek to take Rosalie upstairs and clean her up before Talon’s representatives arrive. As Derek approaches, the last thing Rosalie hears before losing consciousness is Isis telling Derek not to ruin her face or voice, as those are her most valuable assets for fetching a higher price from Talon.

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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder Chapter 2

Rosalie awakes to find Derek looming over her half-naked, touching her body greedily. She screams in horror but Derek covers her mouth and tells her not to act stupid, saying she wants him too. Rosalie frantically shakes her head, crying as Derek holds her down and continues touching her body. He comments on how she’s developed nicely, trying to kiss her breasts as she struggles.

Suddenly they hear Isis coming down the hall. Rosalie uses the chance to escape Derek’s grasp, grabbing some clothes and running to the bathroom. Inside, she cries uncontrollably, traumatized by what just happened.

Isis bangs on the door, screaming at Rosalie for trying to seduce her son. But Rosalie did no such thing. She showers, desperate to wash away Derek’s touch. Outside, Isis and Derek argue about him being late to meet the Alpha of Drogomor. Isis knows how to control her son, and Derek doesn’t disobey despite his clear desire for Rosalie.

Rosalie realizes not even Derek will defy the murderous Alpha who’s coming to buy her. Once dressed, Derek grabs Rosalie again, threatening her that when the Alpha is done with her, she’ll be his. Rosalie is disgusted but unable to respond.

Derek forces Rosalie to look in the mirror, where she sees herself wearing her mother’s beautiful white dress, meant for meeting her mate. But instead, it’s for meeting her new master. Rosalie reflects on how she was meant to be an Alpha’s cherished daughter and Luna. But now she’s abused and unloved, about to be sold to a dangerous stranger. She wonders what she did to deserve this cruel fate.

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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder Chapter 3

Derek threatens Rosalie that the ruthless Alpha will want to f**ck her, and that he might take her first. Rosalie pleads for him not to, saying it will cause trouble. Derek laughs sadistically but seems afraid of the Alpha’s arrival. He tells Rosalie to hurry and pack.

With barely anything to pack, Rosalie joins Derek downstairs. She sees her father, Isis, and the intimidating Beta Talon. Isis lies that Rosalie’s bruises are from falling down the stairs. Talon seems skeptical. He orders Derek around, concerning Rosalie’s father.

When Derek hits Rosalie, causing her to fall, Talon catches her. One of Talon’s companions starts brutally beating Derek, nearly killing him until Talon orders them to stop and cut off Derek’s hand. A horrified Isis begs for Derek’s life. Rosalie is terrified seeing Talon’s cruelty.

When Isis blames Rosalie, trying to attack her, Talon blocks Isis. Rosalie’s father acts polite and submissive towards Talon, apologizing for Derek. He calls Rosalie compliant and claims she wants this.

Talon says Rosalie now belongs to Alpha Ethan. She will never return alive or dead. Rosalie’s father agrees for money. Talon hurries Rosalie to leave with him. Rosalie is scared but follows, knowing she has no choice or way out. She glances back at her childhood home before entering Talon’s car, destined to never return.

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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder Chapter 4

Rosalie awakens in a hospital room, overhearing two women mentioning pregnancy and conception. She realizes they’re discussing her. Recalling being sold by her father to the ruthless Alpha Ethan of Drogomor, Rosalie cries.

The doctor, Estrella, and Talon’s sister Vicky enter Rosalie’s room. Vicky offers food but Rosalie has no appetite, worried about what they want from her regarding pregnancy. Talon watches silently.

Vicky compliments Rosalie’s dress and tries to cheer her up. Estrella checks Rosalie’s vitals gently. Rosalie asks what work she’ll be doing to repay her sale price. No one answers as the mood shifts.

Rosalie senses a powerful, intimidating man enter the room. She’s captivated by his handsome yet dangerous appearance. Everyone else bows submissively. Rosalie realizes this Alpha Ethan, who bought her. His piercing eyes terrify Rosalie. Despite his allure, she panics knowing she’s now owned by this ruthless leader.

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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder Chapter 5

The intimidating Alpha Ethan enters the hospital room. Everyone bows submissively, including Rosalie. She’s captivated yet terrified by his powerful aura and piercing eyes. Ethan examines Rosalie closely, grabbing her chin forcefully and brushing her hair back to see her face.

Rosalie expects to be hit but instead sees Ethan admiring her features intently. His eyes remind Rosalie of happy childhood memories before her life went downhill. Snapping back to reality, Rosalie realizes she’s now the property of this dangerous man.

As Ethan leaves, Rosalie impulsively calls out, asking if she can work to repay her sale price and eventually go free. Everyone seems shocked by her boldness. Ethan returns to her bedside, his nearness affecting Rosalie deeply. He informs her the only job she has is bearing his child as his breeder.

Rosalie is horrified, realizing Ethan wasn’t admiring her but examining his purchased goods. Her last hope is crushed knowing she only exists to be impregnated by this ruthless leader.

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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder Chapter 6

Rosalie is horrified to learn she was sold as a breeder, not a maid. She begs Ethan to let her work and repay her sale price, wanting to keep her virtue to find a mate someday. But Ethan just stares coldly as Rosalie panics. She tries to flee but is too weak, collapsing.

Vicky and Estrella intervene, saying Rosalie is too malnourished and abused right now to conceive a child. Ethan seems angry at their boldness until Talon quiets them. Still, Rosalie begs to repay the debt through work, staring Ethan down bravely.

Talon reveals Rosalie’s father owes 5 million, which Ethan paid half of. The debt is too much for Rosalie to repay as a maid. Her options are to be Ethan’s breeder or her father and pack die at the hands of his creditors. Rosalie reluctantly accepts her fate to save them.

As Ethan leaves, Rosalie asks what will happen after the baby is born. Ethan simply says she’ll be set free. Rosalie is resigned to endure three weeks of being Ethan’s breeder before gaining her freedom again.

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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder Chapter 7

Talon follows Ethan after he visits Rosalie in the hospital. He’s surprised when Ethan claims he’ll free Rosalie, knowing Ethan actually plans for her death after breeding.

A week later, Talon checks on Rosalie’s recovery with Estrella. Rosalie is improving under Estrella’s care but is still traumatized. Talon says Ethan wants Rosalie moved to the suite beside his immediately to breed her.

Estrella argues Rosalie isn’t physically or mentally ready for breeding yet. But Talon insists on following Ethan’s orders exactly. He knows Ethan only wants Rosalie for breeding before discarding her.

When Talon informs Rosalie of the move, she’s clearly anxious and says she doesn’t want to be Ethan’s breeder. Estrella promises to care for Rosalie, but Talon disapproves, focusing only on Ethan’s plans. Secretly, Talon wonders if Rosalie deserves this cruel fate.

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