Blessed Luna Rising Chapter Summary

Blessed Luna Rising Chapter Summary

Blessed Luna Rising is the first book in the Mystic Series, written by Brianna Marie. The story revolves around Iris Lancaster, a 17-year-old girl who tragically lost her parents at the age of 8 in a rogue attack. Following this tragedy, Iris becomes a packhouse s$$$e under the brutal Alpha of the Silver Mountain pack, enduring years of abuse.

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As her 18th birthday approaches, she plans to leave the pack but discovers her mate, an Alpha from a different pack. Iris’s journey is not just about finding love but also about self-discovery, as she learns about her unique and rare wolf and magical abilities.

These revelations are tied to a prophecy she is destined to fulfill. The novel explores themes of overcoming trauma, self-love, and destiny.

NameBlessed Luna Rising
AuthorBrianna Marie
Where to ReadAmazon | Dreame
Tagsalpha, fated, mate, luna, werewolves, abuse, supernatural, special ability, war, weak to strong,
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Blessed Luna Rising PDF

Blessed Luna Rising PDF

Blessed Luna Rising Chapter 1

In Chapter 1, we are introduced to Iris Lancaster, a 17-year-old girl who wakes up early to prepare breakfast for her pack. She is the packhouse s$$$e of the Silver Mountain pack, living a life of hardship and abuse. Iris reflects on her life of servitude, detailing the extensive and laborious task of cooking for the pack’s warriors.

The chapter vividly portrays her suffering and the cruel treatment she endures, including physical abuse and starvation. Iris is haunted by memories of past punishments for minor mistakes. Despite her harsh reality, she clings to the hope of finding her mate and escaping her miserable circumstances.

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Blessed Luna Rising Chapter 2

Iris Lancaster

Chapter 2 shifts perspective to Finley, a 24-year-old Alpha who has yet to find his mate. Finley, who owns an engineering firm, is under pressure from his father to take a chosen mate, but he firmly believes in the mate bond and is waiting for the Moon Goddess to reveal his destined Luna.

He experiences dreams of a mysterious girl with ivory skin, red hair, and emerald green eyes, which he interprets as signs from the Goddess that he will soon meet his mate.

The chapter then introduces Alpha Arthur from the Silver Mountain Pack, who visits Finley to seek help in training his warriors. Arthur’s pack has been suffering from frequent rogue attacks, losing a significant number of warriors. Finley agrees to assist, planning to visit the Silver Mountain Pack for a weekend training session. Despite agreeing to help, Finley feels uneasy about Arthur, sensing something off about him.

Meanwhile, Arthur, after his meeting with Finley, calls his wife, Drea, to inform her about the arrangements. He expresses his disdain for Finley’s youth and perceived arrogance but acknowledges the necessity of his help. Arthur instructs Drea to ensure that Iris prepares for Finley’s visit, hinting at severe consequences if she fails to meet his expectations.

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Blessed Luna Rising Chapter 3

Blessed Luna Rising PDF characters image

Chapter 3 continues with Iris’ perspective. It’s the night before her 18th birthday, and instead of resting for school, she’s preparing for the arrival of guests at the packhouse. As she gets ready for bed, Iris experiences a sudden, intense headache and hears a voice in her head, introducing herself as Willow, Iris’ wolf. This marks a significant moment for Iris, as she finally connects with her wolf, a milestone in her life as a werewolf.

The chapter then switches to Finn’s perspective. He’s busy at his engineering firm, wrapping up a successful client meeting. Finn decides to head to the Silver Mountain Pack earlier than planned and calls Alpha Arthur to inform him.

He also realizes he hadn’t specified the number of rooms needed for his team, which includes himself, his Beta Leon, and two head trainers, Tyler and Vince.

Back at the Silver Mountain Pack, Iris is instructed by Alpha Arthur to prepare rooms for Finn and his team. She diligently works to ensure everything is perfect, aware of the consequences if she fails.

As she finishes her tasks, a dramatic turn of events occurs when Finn arrives. Iris is suddenly overwhelmed by an intoxicating scent, and before she can comprehend what’s happening, she finds herself pinned against a wall by Finn, who growls “Mine” into her neck. This intense encounter reveals that Finn is Iris’ mate, a revelation that shocks and excites both of them.

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Blessed Luna Rising Chapter 4

Chapter 4 begins with Finley’s perspective. He is preparing to leave for the Silver Mountain Pack with his Beta Leon, and trainers Tyler and Vince. They discuss the training regimen they plan to implement, deciding to first assess the current level of the pack’s warriors before introducing their advanced training techniques.

Upon arriving at the Silver Mountain Pack, they are greeted by Alpha Arthur, his Luna Drea, and their children. Finley is uninterested in the flirtatious advances of Alpha Arthur’s daughter, Rachelle. He firmly informs Alpha Arthur that he is waiting for his true mate and does not wish to be harassed.

The chapter then shifts to the training session, where Finley and his team observe and evaluate the warriors of the Silver Mountain Pack. They plan to tailor a training regimen based on the warriors’ current abilities. After the session, Finley addresses his concerns about Rachelle to Alpha Arthur, who assures him that she will not bother Finley and his team.

The chapter ends with a dramatic encounter between Finley and Iris. As Finley is waiting to be shown to his room, he is suddenly overwhelmed by a powerful scent and an intense reaction from his wolf, Remus. He discovers that the source of the scent is Iris, the Omega responsible for preparing their rooms.

Overcome by the realization that she is his mate, Finley instinctively pins her against the wall, declaring her as “Mine.” The chapter closes with Finley captivated by Iris’s beauty, despite noticing her fear and insecurities.

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