Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter Summary

Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me

Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me by Yvonne Hargraves revolves around a woman who saves a powerful CEO’s life during an accident. The CEO, out of gratitude, insists on marrying her to repay the favor despite her being considered ugly and worthless by society. In reality, the woman is far from ugly and comes from a secretive background. She had only returned to her home country under a false identity to investigate her mother’s mysterious death from ten years ago.

As the story unfolds, layers of the woman’s secrets are gradually revealed which changes people’s perspective of her. It is uncovered that she possesses a tougher character than initially assumed. During her investigation of her mother’s death, she starts to connect more with the CEO’s family and friends who may hold clues. However, others wish to keep her in the dark and prevent her from learning the truth about her mother’s demise.

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Book TitleObsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me
AuthorYvonne Hargraves
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | BravoNovel
Genres Billionaire Romance
TagsRevenge, Mystery Solving, Billionaire, Doctor, D$$$$$$t, Possessive, Sweet

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Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me PDF

Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me PDF

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Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1

Arielle Moore was stranded on an uninhabited island after the ship she was on sunk. She had been shaving wood to build a simple boat to signal passing ships. While working on her boat, it began to heavily rain. She then discovered an injured and unconscious man lying by the rocks.

The man she found was handsome but pale, with an injury on his waist. His blood was mixing with the seawater, creating the image of a sunset in the water. Arielle had lost contact with her family ten years ago after being kidnapped. She had just found the Southalls and was about to learn the truth about her mother’s death and kidnapping when a group attempted to kill her, causing the shipwreck that led to her being stranded on the island.

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Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 2

Shandie Southall was surrounded by socialites at her lavish birthday party, buttering her up and praising her designer dress and upcoming acting role. They remarked on how easy it was for her to find fame and success due to her wealthy father. Concealing her glee, Shandie excused herself to check on the cake.

When Shandie returned to the mansion, she nearly collided with her mother Cindy. In a hushed voice, Shandie asked if her cousin’s men had returned yet, expressing her worry that others might find out on her twentieth birthday about her family’s dark secret, that they had a girl who was kidnapped by human traffickers.

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Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 3

Vinson pressed Arielle to take back her wish to leave, but she refused, questioning if he thought himself a genie. Their interaction confused onlookers like Shandie and Cindy. Henrick interrupted to greet Vinson, surprising the guests who did not know he was coming. Cindy closed her eyes, dreading what would happen next.

When Henrick noticed Arielle, his face fell into a frown. He turned to Shandie and angrily told her to remove the “beggar” from the party. Though pleased by his reaction, Shandie hesitated to reply. Arielle interrupted, announcing to Henrick that she was his daughter Sannie, much to everyone’s disbelief.

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Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 4

Arielle tried on the dress and heels Shandie had provided for the dinner party. Shandie knew the expensive dress would not fit Arielle’s figure and the high heels would be difficult for someone unfamiliar with such shoes.

She looked forward to the guests reactions and wanted to embarrass Arielle to show she was just a country bumpkin not worthy to be Shandie’s sister. Before leaving for the party, Shandie told Arielle to come down once ready and left thinking of how everyone, especially Vinson, would see how hideous Arielle appeared in the ill-fitting clothes.

Arielle replied she would be ready soon while dreading the party. Shandie hoped the event would highlight Arielle’s awkwardness and put her in an unfavorable light compared to Shandie. Her plan was to humiliate Arielle and damage her standing with the guests through clothing intended to make Arielle appear foolish and uncomfortable.

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Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 5

Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 5

Arielle lowered her head as she walked down the stairs in a Jimmy Choo dress, accentuating her legs and attracting the attention of all the guests. Shandie noticed how perfect Arielle’s legs looked and saw that the male guests were swooning over her, including Vinson who could not keep his eyes away.

She began to panic, wondering if inviting Arielle was a mistake, but tried to reassure herself by thinking the guests would not be impressed by Arielle’s face. However, to Shandie’s surprise, Arielle reached the bottom of the stairs with steady, confident steps in her high heels without any signs of wobbling, frustrating Shandie’s hopes that she would fall.

As Arielle walked down the stairs in her dress and heels, her beauty stunned the guests and fueled their imaginations. While Shandie was taken aback by Arielle’s perfect legs, she began to panic about the attention the male guests and Vinson were giving her. Hoping Arielle would fall, Shandie was disappointed when Arielle descended steadily without any trouble in her high heels.

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Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 6

Shannie had become pale and disheveled during her performance. Cindy rushed on stage out of worry for Shannie and nudged Arielle aside, unintentionally sending her tumbling off the edge in her high heels. However, Arielle reacted swiftly to protect her head and brace for impact.

To her surprise, a strong hand supported her back and another wrapped around her waist, carrying her safely off stage. After being set down, Arielle turned to see her savior, greeted by a cold, perfectly sculpted face. Frowning, the man questioned why she wore such dangerous high heels and if she was trying to fall to her death.

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Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 7

While Arielle was speaking with some socialites who approached her in a friendly manner, Shandie woke up upstairs. She saw her mother Cindy holding her hand tightly with a worried expression, while her father Henrick looked distracted and uncaring for her recovery. Feeling aggrieved that her father no longer loved her because of Arielle, tears streamed down Shandie’s face.

Cindy comforted her daughter, able to sense her heart aching. Meanwhile, although Arielle could see through the socialites’ intentions of befriending her only for self-interest, she pretended to be ignorant and nodded with an innocent expression, saying she would love to make friends in Jadeborough. While the socialites enthusiastically chatted with Arielle, unaware of her true perceptions, Shandie cried to her mother about how it was all because of Arielle that her father didn’t love her anymore.

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Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 8

Shandie asked around for Vinson but was told he had left already. She questioned another socialite who had seen Vinson talking to Cindy, though his bodyguards were present and the conversation did not seem friendly. Vinson had walked away after saying something, and Cindy chased after wanting to continue but was stopped by the guards.

The socialite assured Shandie that Cindy, a country girl, could not possibly have a real connection to the prestigious Nightshire family. Shandie should not feel discouraged, as she was the only one in Jadeborough worthy of Vinson according to the socialite.

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Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 9

Arielle decided to look around her room in the dark, using only her phone flashlight. She soon heard a strange hissing sound coming from her bed, only three feet away. Shining her light in that direction, to her horror she saw an angry cobra staring at her with piercing green eyes.

The cobra had been waiting for her, and if she hadn’t gotten up due to the noise, it would have bitten her. Suddenly, the cobra launched at Arielle’s neck. Thanks to her fast reflexes from training, she was able to dodge the cobra’s attack just in time.

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Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 10

The housekeepers entered Shandie’s room when they noticed a large snake glaring and hissing at them from the corner. Its flared neck indicated it was ready to attack, instantly petrifying the housekeepers who stumbled back in a panic and fled the room screaming.

Henrick and Cindy arrived to Shandie’s room next and also retreated upon seeing the writhing snake, afraid of getting bitten. Cindy turned green and shakily asked why there was a snake and for someone to kill it, but the housekeepers exchanged apprehensive looks, none wanting to risk dealing with the venomous cobra alone.

Janet, who took her time coming to the room, was now paralyzed by fear upon realizing this may have been the same snake she released in Arielle’s room. The housekeepers refused to kill the snake out of fear of its venom while Cindy demanded someone take action, but all remained immobilized at the thought of confronting the threatening serpent.

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