Her Billionaire Husband Chapter Summary

Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband by Julia Ray revolves around Veronica Murphy, a young woman who saves a wealthy man named Matthew from a car accident and demands a $100 million reward. Matthew is the richest man in the city and offers her the money, but Veronica rejects it and just wants the initial promised reward.

Conflict arises between Veronica and Matthew’s family, the Larsons.

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Book TitleHer Biliionaire Husband
AuthorJulia Ray
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
Genres Billionaire Romance
Tags Kickass Heroine, Forced Love, Disguise

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Her Billionaire Husband PDF

Her Biliionaire Husband PDF

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Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 1

Veronica Murphy rushed into the hospital emergency room carrying an unconscious man she had rescued from a burning car wreck. The injured man begged her for help and offered her a payment of 100 million if she saved his life. At the registration counter, the cashier recognized Veronica as looking exactly like Tiffany Larson, the director’s daughter, and promptly arranged for a doctor.

Veronica smiled bitterly, as she and Tiffany were biological sisters but lived very different lives. Abducted at birth, Veronica was sold several times before being adopted, but her adoptive parents recently suffered injuries requiring expensive medical treatment. Veronica’s biological parents offered to pay for the treatment if Veronica donated bone marrow to their leukemic son and avoided being seen in public due to her resemblance to Tiffany.

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Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 2

Veronica, a ninth-degree black belt in taekwondo, was overpowered by Matthew after drugging him. She struggled against him but realized the drug made him too strong. Matthew forced himself on her throughout the night, raping her repeatedly until she passed out from the pain.

The next morning, Veronica awoke sore and sticky in Matthew’s bed. She took a shower and went to find him for an explanation. Instead, she found Matthew’s secretary Thomas, who told her Matthew had left and she must take a morning-after pill or die.

Thomas already knew her name, showing Matthew had done a background check. Upon realizing how ruthless Matthew was, all of Veronica’s courage disappeared and she was seized by terror.

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Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 3

Veronica meets Elizabeth, who wants Veronica to bear a child for her family in exchange for money and support. Veronica refuses, finding the proposal inappropriate. Meanwhile, Tiffany arrives early for a meeting with Matthew at a restaurant. When Matthew arrives half an hour late, Tiffany graciously says he is punctual and that she was simply early.

The two share a brief interaction, with Matthew observing Tiffany’s appearance but saying little.

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Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 4

Matthew offered Tiffany a large compensation for saving his life, but she declined, instead asking that he give preference to her father’s construction company for projects. Matthew’s grandfather and secretary Thomas had brought Matthew’s fiance Elizabeth to the family estate, hoping he would marry her.

Tiffany’s heart fluttered when seeing Matthew, and she tried to play hard to get as her friend Rachel advised, acting innocent while saying she enjoyed helping people. Tiffany was well-regarded in their social circle for her beauty and talents.

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Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 5

Veronica had been brought to the King’s Residence against her will. She tried to leave but Elizabeth said she had Veronica’s parents transferred to the Kings’ private hospital. When Veronica confronted her about using coercion, Elizabeth laughed it off and said it was fate that brought Veronica and Matthew together.

She had originally tried to set up Matthew with another woman but he ended up sleeping with Veronica instead due to Elizabeth drugging Matthew. Veronica realized the cruel twist of fate that led to her encounter with Matthew. When Matthew arrived, Elizabeth tried to introduce him to Veronica but he interrupted to introduce his own girlfriend Tiffany instead.

Veronica recognized Tiffany’s figure, feeling further aggrieved by the situation.

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Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 6

Tiffany was shocked when Veronica slapped her twice across the face after she called her “sis”. Veronica threatened to tell Matthew Kings the truth about Tiffany’s background unless she paid 50 million. Tiffany was left speechless with anger. Meanwhile, Elizabeth told Matthew that she saw Veronica’s blood on the bed sheet after they slept together, indicating Veronica was a v$$$$n before.

Matthew thought Veronica had designs on him but wanted to offer her a compensation payment instead. Elizabeth did not believe Matthew and said he must marry whoever gets pregnant first within the next two months. Matthew was taken aback by Elizabeth’s demand.

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Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 7

Elizabeth invited Veronica to stay with her for a few days at the King’s Residence. While Veronica was unsure at first due to offending Matthew, Elizabeth insisted and said Matthew should take responsibility for bullying Veronica. She also reassured Veronica that her adoptive parents were receiving the best medical care.

Over the next three days, Veronica kept Elizabeth company by doing physical exercise, gardening, baking, and playing chess. On the fourth morning, Veronica thanked Elizabeth for her hospitality before departing. Elizabeth said Veronica was outspoken yet kind, and told her to visit again if able.

She had her chauffeur drive Veronica into the city, but Veronica had the driver stop at a drugstore where she thanked Elizabeth again before leaving on her own.

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Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 8

Veronica felt terrified by Matthew’s cold demeanor, sensing he was like a demon. When he leaned close to whisper, his breath sent chills down her spine. Matthew proposed “solving” whether she was pregnant by cutting off her womb, leaving Veronica frightened and backing away in shock.

She pleaded with him not to, refusing to lose her ability to bear children. Matthew then called to arrange a hysterectomy, but Veronica grabbed his phone and ended the call, angrily confronting his defiance of the law due to wealth. Matthew took back the phone and left, threatening to try cutting off her womb.

Desperate, Veronica knelt and tearfully promised to abort any pregnancy to keep her womb, deciding to do anything to prevent Matthew from mutilating her.

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Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 9

Veronica goes to Tiffany and Rachel’s home demanding compensation for saving Matthew’s life. Rachel refuses to let her in but Veronica forces her way through the gate. Tiffany is annoyed to see Veronica there and argues she is the one who saved Matthew.

Veronica requests 100 million as payment but Tiffany and Rachel will only offer 100,000 on the condition that Veronica leaves town. They question if she has any proof since footage of the incident was deleted and a ring was stolen. Veronica implies she does have evidence, angering Tiffany and Rachel.

A confrontation ensues with Veronica demanding fair payment for her role in saving Matthew while Tiffany and Rachel try to minimize her involvement and get her to leave without gaining recognition for her actions.

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Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 10

Veronica felt hostility from the Larson family and knew confronting them now would only make things worse. She took a deep breath to calm down. Rachel and Tiffany approached Veronica with an offer of $1 million to surrender her food delivery platform and leave Bloomstead with her foster parents.

Veronica was unimpressed, calling it an attempt to “purchase” control of the Kingses company. Tiffany grew angry but Rachel remained condescending. Rachel then offered $2 million, the maximum amount, in exchange for the app but still requiring Veronica and her parents to leave town.

Veronica refused, saying that was a dealbreaker. Seeing she was prepared to leave empty-handed, Tiffany hastily agreed to the $2 million deal. However, Veronica showed no joy, instead demanding the funds be direct deposited and labeled as compensation for her previous bone marrow donation to Randy Larson.

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