The Wrong Alpha – A Twist of Fate? (Chapter Summary)

The Wrong Alpha - A Twist of Fate?

The Wrong Alpha – A Twist of Fate? is a popular werewolf romantic novel written by Beth Jackson. The book is completed with 116 chapters and can be read in GoodNovel, AnyStories, Dreame, and Amazon.

I recommend everyone to read this novel on Amazon as it will cost way less. You can read the book on Kindle.

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Summary of The Wrong Alpha A Twist of Fate?

The book is about a girl named Delilah who has been in a relationship with her childhood sweetheart and assumes they are fated mates. Delilah is excited for her boyfriend to turn 17 and meet his Alpha wolf to confirm they are mates.

When he meets his Alpha, fate takes an unexpected turn and he realizes Delilah is not actually his fated mate. This is a painful twist of fate for Delilah, who now has to deal with her boyfriend not being her true mate as expected.

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The Wrong Alpha A Twist of Fate? Chapter 1

Lilah is super excited for her best friend Logan’s 17th birthday tomorrow. She can’t wait for him to shift into his wolf form for the first time and sense his fated mate. Lilah expects it will be her since everyone says they are destined to be mates!

Lilah explains how werewolves first shift on their 17th birthday. She says it’s painful as your bones reshape, but meeting your inner wolf is exhilarating. Shifting gets easier over time.

Lilah talks about how werewolves can sense their fated mate at 17 too, due to an irresistible scent and connection. She says finding your mate is one of the best parts about being a werewolf!

Lilah reminisces about growing up with Logan and how their families expected them to be mates, though they hated the idea at first!

Lilah: in a funny, sarcastic voice “Eww, not my mate! Cooties!”

Lilah explains how she and Logan grew closer and started dating at 14 after he got possessive of her going on a date.

Logan: “Me, only me!” smooch

Lilah can’t wait for tomorrow and to officially be Logan’s mate. She thinks they will be an indestructible couple!

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The Wrong Alpha A Twist of Fate? Chapter 2

Lilah oversleeps on the morning of Logan’s birthday! She was supposed to join him for birthday breakfast but woke up late.

Lilah: “Crap, I can’t believe I overslept!”

She sees a sweet “good morning” text from Logan that makes her smile.

Lilah hurries to get ready so she can go over to Logan’s house. She wants to see his first shift and hear him call her his mate!

Lilah: “Must get ready super quick! Today’s the day I become Logan’s official mate!”

But Lilah is worried she might miss Logan having breakfast with his family.

Lilah: sigh “Well there goes my chance for birthday pancakes.”

She tries to rush out the door but gets stopped by her parents.

Lilah’s Parents: “Wait! Don’t go over there yet!”

Lilah: “Mom, Dad, I gotta go! I need to see Logan shift and be all wolfy!”

Lilah is confused as to why her parents seem weird, but she sneaks out any way to go see her future mate Logan!

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The Wrong Alpha A Twist of Fate? Chapter 3

Logan is passionately kissing a beautiful mystery girl, utterly lost in the moment.

Logan: “Mmm I’m in heaven!”

Suddenly, Lilah walks in and catches them red-handed!

Lilah: gasps “L..Lo..Logan?!”

Logan panics, realizing Lilah has just busted him with his new mate.

Logan: sheepishly “Oh crap, I’m so busted!”

Logan tries to explain to a shocked Lilah, gently moving the new girl off his lap.

The new girl Anya pouts, upset that Logan stopped kissing her.

Anya: “No fair, I was enjoying that!”

Logan shakes his head at Anya, knowing he needs to deal with Lilah first.

He tries to explain to Lilah but she’s clearly heartbroken, having assumed she was Logan’s destined mate.

Lilah: tearing up “But…we were supposed to be together forever!”

Logan feels awful seeing the pain on Lilah’s face. This is definitely not how he meant for her to find out.

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The Wrong Alpha A Twist of Fate? Chapter 4

The Wrong Alpha A Twist of Fate? Lilah

Lilah agrees to let Logan explain finding his new mate Anya.

Logan struggles to explain, feeling guilty about hurting Lilah. He cared for her deeply.

Logan: “I’m so sorry…I didn’t plan for this.”

Lilah is devastated but doesn’t want to make a scene. She just wants to escape.

Lilah: sniffles “I just want to go curl up in a ball and cry.”

Logan kisses Lilah in desperation, wanting her to understand.

Lilah is stunned. She pulls away, realizing Logan isn’t hers anymore.

Lilah: “I can’t do this. We’re not mates, Logan.”

Anya watches uncomfortably, feeling bad for Lilah but also wanting Logan.

Anya: “This is so awkward…”

Lilah walks out, ignoring Logan’s pleas. She’s embarrassed and heartbroken.

Logan calls after Lilah, but she leaves in tears. He collapses in distress.

Logan: “What have I done?”

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The Wrong Alpha A Twist of Fate? Chapter 5

Lilah walks out of the pack house, ignoring everyone. She’s devastated after catching Logan with his new mate Anya.

Lilah realizes now why people were acting awkward around her earlier.

Lilah: “Of course! They knew Logan had a new mate already.”

She feels embarrassed and heartbroken, having assumed she was Logan’s destined mate.

Lilah: “I can’t believe this is happening!”

Anya watches Lilah leave, feeling guilty.

Anya: “I didn’t mean to hurt her…”

Logan calls after Lilah desperately but she leaves in tears.

Logan: “Lilah, please come back!”

Lilah is angry and hurt. She thought she would be Logan’s Luna one day. Now she’s just the “side-lined girlfriend.”

Lilah: sarcastically “Great, now I’m the cast-off girlfriend. So much for fate!”

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The Wrong Alpha A Twist of Fate? Chapter 6

Logan was frustrated after kissing Lilah even though Anya is now his mate. Logan’s dad lectured him about accepting Anya and letting go of Lilah. Logan got angry at his dad’s insensitivity. He stormed out, wanting to escape in his wolf form for the first time.

Logan’s dad: “You have been blessed with a beautiful mate who will work with your mum to become a wonderful future Luna….”

Logan: “Dad please, I can’t deal with this right now.”

Logan left to run in the woods before shifting for the first time on his 17th birthday. He encountered a mysterious wolf who seemed familiar. The wolf stopped Lilah from jumping off a waterfall. Logan then appeared, shouting “Lilah no!”

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