Strings of Fate by Kit Bryan Chapter Summary

Strings of Fate by Kit Bryan

Strings of Fate by Kit Bryan revolves around an ordinary waiter who can see people’s fate, including Shifters. Despite having an unidentifiable magic that doesn’t align with any known species, he is marked with a swirling pattern on his arm.

His unique ability to see threads of fate leads him to his rude and pompous Alpha mate, his friend’s twin brother, who barges into his home and orders him around.

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Book TitleStrings of Fate
AuthorKit Bryan
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | AnyStories
GenresWereWolf, Kit Bryan
TagsAlpha, Comedy, Fantasy, Fated, Fated Mate, Romance, Shifter, Truelove, WereWolf

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Strings of Fate by Kit Bryan PDF

Strings of Fate by Kit Bryan PDF

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Strings of Fate by Kit Bryan Chapter 1

Ba pauses for a moment to adjust her uncomfortable high-heeled shoe, which is part of the waitress uniform she finds too provocative for the upscale restaurant. Borderline is one of the few places in the city that allows both normal customers and Magies, making it a suitable job for Ba, who is marked but has no marketable magic skills.

Ba was tested for magic as a child and marked with a delicate swirling pattern around her upper right arm, indicating she has unidentifiable magic. She can see threads of fate, including blue threads that connect people destined to be friends, black threads for fated enemies, and white threads for those fated to save others.

Ba tries to ignore the threads, as they can be distracting. During a busy shift, Ba notices a blue thread drifting from her own chest, leading out the door. Tempted to follow it, she decides to wait, knowing the fated friend will eventually appear.

Ba has never had good friends since her odd marking, and a fated friend is her dream come true. However, she resigns herself to waiting, as leaving her shift would cost her the job she desperately needs.

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Strings of Fate by Kit Bryan Chapter 2

In the chapter, the narrator, who is a server at a restaurant, becomes intrigued by a mysterious blue thread that connects them to a woman named Megan. As Megan enters the restaurant, the narrator realizes she is a Shifter, a supernatural being, and is surprised to see that she is with another man, Tristan, who is also likely a Shifter.

The narrator takes their orders and observes that Tristan has a red thread leading out of the restaurant, indicating he has already found his soulmate. Despite this, Tristan proposes to Megan, and she accepts. The narrator is conflicted, as they believe Megan is destined to be their close friend, and they do not want her to marry someone who is not her true soulmate.

The narrator secretly slips a note into Megan’s bag, warning her about Tristan’s existing soulmate connection. However, Megan does not notice the note, and the couple leaves the restaurant together, arm in arm. The narrator is determined to befriend Megan and help her, despite the uncertainty of the situation.

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Strings of Fate by Kit Bryan Chapter 3

Exhausted from a long shift, the protagonist returns to their cozy but modest apartment, where they find a plate of delicious chocolate chip cookies left by their landlady, Maggie. The protagonist gratefully enjoys the cookies and instant noodles, appreciating the comfort of their small but personalized living space.

The protagonist reflects on their past, having been raised in a Magics orphanage until the age of eighteen, where they did not fit in with the other residents. They then moved around between various apartments before settling in their current building, which is home to a few other tenants, including a newly married couple and a recently divorced man.

The protagonist takes comfort in their fluffy blankets, pillows, and bean bags, as well as their laptop, which they consider their most valuable possession. They share a Netflix account with Maggie, who enjoys watching romantic comedies. As the protagonist settles into bed, they notice that the thread connecting them to their friend, Megan, has faded, indicating that Megan is not nearby.

The protagonist quickly falls asleep, feeling content in their cozy and personalized living space.

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Strings of Fate by Kit Bryan Chapter 4

Waking up to a loud banging on her door, Ryan Gale is surprised to find a tall, muscular Shifter man standing at her doorstep. The man, introducing himself as Bellamy Kane, demands to know if Ryan is the one who wrote a note to his twin sister, Megan.

Ryan, initially flustered, soon realizes that Bellamy is her soulmate, as indicated by the red thread connecting their chests. Bellamy barges into Ryan’s apartment, insisting they need to talk. He questions Ryan about the note she wrote, and she explains that she saw a man propose to Megan, which she believes is not right.

Bellamy is skeptical of Ryan’s magical abilities, which allow her to see the threads of fate. As they discuss Ryan’s powers, Bellamy reveals that Megan is a Shifter, making her a powerful magic user. Uncertain about her newfound soulmate, Ryan struggles to assert herself against Bellamy’s demanding nature.

However, she refuses to back down, determined to treat him as an equal, even if he is unaware of their connection. The chapter ends with Bellamy continuing his interrogation, leaving Ryan to navigate this unexpected and complex situation.

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Strings of Fate by Kit Bryan Chapter 5

The Shifter, Bellamy, is revealed to be the protagonist’s soulmate, much to their dismay. Bellamy scowls at the protagonist, Ryann, for suggesting they become friends with his twin sister, questioning why fate would pair them together. Ryann is frustrated by Bellamy’s unpleasant demeanor, having hoped for a more romantic first meeting.

Bellamy explains how he tracked Ryann down by following her scent, which he found exceptionally easy to trace. Ryann shares her discomfort with Bellamy’s ability to locate her through scent, but acknowledges her own tendency to invade others’ privacy. Their conversation is interrupted by Ryann’s neighbor, Paul, who expresses disgust at Bellamy’s Shifter status and accuses Ryann of disregarding the rules.

Angered by Paul’s insults, Ryann slaps him across the face, defending both Bellamy and her landlord, Maggie, whom Paul had disparaged.

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Strings of Fate by Kit Bryan Chapter 6

Paul swears at Ryan and demands that she never speak to Bellamy again, warning her to find other accommodations. Bellamy intervenes, and his tone and posture change, becoming less hostile. He seems distracted, staring at Ryan’s arm where her sleeve has fallen down.

Ryan wants Bellamy to leave, and after some back-and-forth, she manages to get him to go. Two days later, Ryan is at work covering a lunch shift when she is approached by two burly men who identify themselves as Shifters from the local feline pack.

They inform her that their Alpha has requested her presence immediately, and they insist that she accompany them, despite her protests.

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Strings of Fate by Kit Bryan Chapter 7

Shawn, an Alpha Shifter, kidnaps Ryan and takes him to the Feline Shifter compound, where they meet Bellamy, the Alpha. Bellamy reveals that he is Ryan’s soulmate and demands that Ryan help him locate his sister Tristan’s other soulmate. Ryan firmly refuses, angering Bellamy.

The two engage in a heated argument, with Ryan asserting that Bellamy is not his Alpha and that he has no intention of obeying his demands. Bellamy becomes frustrated, but instead of yelling back, he steps away and paces the room, sighing deeply before turning back to face Ryan.

The chapter ends with the tension between the two soulmates unresolved.

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