The Alpha & Beta’s Regret Chapter Summary

The Alpha & Beta’s Regret

The Alpha & Beta’s Regret is a story by Jennifer Francis. The story follows Luci, who was once the concubine of Alpha Rafe and Beta Jack. When they return home after being Marked and Mated to other women, Luci’s heartbreak leads her to the lake where she hears a seductive voice calling her.

She strips and enters the water, ultimately surrendering to a mysterious entity named Alari. Luci becomes a Siren, a double shifter with a sad love ballad in her mind, and her wolf Kali rejoices in their newfound connection. 

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Book TitleThe Alpha & Beta’s Regret
AuthorJennifer Francis
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
GenresDrama, Werewolf
TagsAlpha, Beta, Pack, Wolf

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The Alpha & Beta’s Regret PDF

The Alpha & Beta’s Regret PDF

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The Alpha & Beta’s Regret Chapter 1

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In this chapter, Luci is excited to see her Alpha and Beta return after being away for two weeks. She knows they’ll be r***** her body once they arrive, as that’s always been their routine. She’s been their only lover for just over a year, and they’ve both always been satisfied with her.

Luci was born as a wolf and though she was initially considered wolf-less, she shifted in front of her parents and Kali her wolf when she arrived in this pack. Luci finds out she’s pregnant with twins, and she’s thrilled to tell her Alpha and Beta the news.

However, things take a turn when Luci sees that both her Alpha and Beta have returned with a woman in their arms, both of whom are now marked and mated. Luci feels heartbroken, knowing that she’s lost them both to other mates.

She sinks to her knees on the landing upstairs, waiting anxiously for them to come back. When they don’t show up, Luci realizes that they’ve already found their mates. She’s’ devastated, feeling like her world has come crashing down.

Just as Luci is feeling like everything is lost, a soft, melodic song begins to be played in her mind. She follows the song out to a nearby lake, where she finds herself drawn in by the comforting feeling

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The Alpha & Beta’s Regret Chapter 2

The Alpha & Beta’s Regret Chapter 2

The chapter focuses on the battle between the Black Forest Pack and the rogues that attacked them at the western and southern borders. Rafe, the Alpha of the pack, is stationed at the western border with Ian, his Delta, and Jack, his Beta, is stationed downtown.

They are fighting off the rogues, who have come in waves since 12 hours ago, and nobody knows why or who is behind it. The rogues are not trying to get into the pack but are testing the pack’s battle responses. Rafe is one of the largest Warriors in the pack and manages to drag a rogue into the packhouse cells for interrogation. On the eastern border, Jack has stationed himself and is boosting the patrol with his men.

Rafe is impressed with Jack’s leadership and dedication to the pack’s safety. Despite the pack being a large one, they are lucky that it is impregnable, and most packs in the area are smaller than the Black Forest Pack. The battle lasts from two in the morning until the afternoon, with Rafe and his men taking turns fighting the rogues.

They lose several patrollers and rogues manage to penetrate the packhouse’s defense but soon retreat once they are injured or realize that they are outnumbered. The pack is fortunate that they have a strong pack territory.

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The Alpha & Beta’s Regret Chapter 3

In Chapter 3 of “The Alpha & Beta’s Regret,” narrated from Jack’s perspective, the aftermath of the pack’s invasion is explored. Despite their efforts, they couldn’t extract any useful information from the captured rogue, who remained silent under interrogation.

This rogue, later discovered not to be a rogue but a member of another Alpha’s pack, refuses to divulge his leader’s identity. Meanwhile, Rafe, another pack leader, is infuriated upon learning that two of his northeastern border patrolmen were drugged and incapacitated during the rogue’s attack.

The chapter delves into the security breach at the packhouse. An intruder, dressed in black and skilled in stealth, infiltrated the packhouse undetected amidst the chaos of the attack. This mysterious figure meticulously searched through the rooms, including the Alpha and Beta suites, indicating that he was looking for something specific.

However, the ground floor remained untouched, likely due to the risk of being caught. Despite reviewing camera footage, Jack and Rafe couldn’t identify the intruder or determine his motives. The intruder’s tracks were followed to a road far from the pack, suggesting a well-planned escape into the human world. This raised concerns about a potential insider assisting the intruder.

The chapter also touches on personal tensions and past relationships within the pack. Jack and Rafe’s former lover, Luci, is mentioned, whose absence deeply affects them. The witches, tasked with magically searching the packhouse for any traces or objects left by the intruder, curiously avoid Luci’s room, which remains a place of comfort for Jack and Rafe.

The security breach leads to heightened security measures, including increased border patrols and the installation of motion sensors, to prevent future incidents. This invasion exposes the vulnerability of the pack, particularly the safety of the Luna, women, and children, prompting a thorough review and enhancement of their security protocols.

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The Alpha & Beta’s Regret Chapter 4

In Chapter 4 of “The Alpha & Beta’s Regret,” narrated from Rafe’s perspective, the focus shifts to a few years after the previous events. Rafe reflects on a massive attack on their pack and draws parallels to a similar attack on a small Gypsy pack.

He identifies Alpha Victor of the Bloodless Moon Pack as the orchestrator, recognizing Victor’s build and tactics from the earlier intrusion into his pack. Rafe concludes that Victor’s initial target in their packhouse was Luci, their missing concubine, whom Victor had intended to abduct for himself.

The chapter also explores the strained dynamics within Rafe’s pack, particularly the tension between Rafe, his co-leader Jack, and their respective mates, Melissa and Maria. The dual leadership and Rafe’s refusal to dismiss Jack cause friction with Melissa, who wishes for a more traditional pack structure.

This tension is exacerbated when Melissa and Maria insist on visiting their father’s pack, leaving at a crucial time when their presence is needed for integrating new members.

The witches, Hannah, and her sisters add a layer of mystique and cryptic knowledge, hinting at deeper undercurrents affecting the pack’s stability. The chapter ends with Rafe’s frustration over the unresolved issues in his relationship with Melissa and the overall disharmony within the pack leadership.

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The Alpha & Beta’s Regret Chapter 5

Rafe and his pack encounter a group of rogues after being alerted to a potential attack. The rogues belong to the Bloodless Moon Pack, led by Alpha Victor. The rogues are searching for Luci, their missing concubine. They realize that Victor knows she is not in their pack anymore, but they are unsure if he is aware of her whereabouts.

As the battle begins, Rafe and his pack find themselves distracted by the ongoing struggle. His Gamma would later be the one to not only kill Victor but also take part in the unexpected plot to reclaim each other’s Alpha and Mate bond. The three Mates defend their pack and keep the Alpha’s safe.

When the battle is over, Rafe and Jack, alpha and beta of the pack respectively, realize that the gypsy princess should be in their pack and ask her and her sisters to stay. They would soon discover that their pack is unique in the sense that it is a dual-reigning pack. The chapter ends with Rafe, Jack, Giannah, and the new addition to their pack, still searching for their missing concubine.

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The Alpha & Beta’s Regret Chapter 6

Operative Bali is a human female who has been recently rescued from the clutches of the vampire king, Nehemoth. Though she has no memory of her childhood or life before being taken, she has been infected by Nehemoth’s vampiric blood and is now searching for answers and help to regain her humanity.

She meets Agent Luci in the Fallen World, where the world is in shambles and overrun by vampires and other supernatural entities.

As they work together to uncover the truth about Bal’s past, they also encounter a group of Alpha wolves who have been in a secret conference with Agent Rafe, an Alpha Wolf operative.

Agent Luci realizes that the Alpha Wolves gave Nehemoth the keys to the Fallen World in exchange for his help in eliminating their biggest threats, the Lupine Pack and the Werewolf Alliance. Luci also discovers that Rafe was forced to accept Nehemoth’s proposal in order to save her and her brother, who were being held captive by the vampire.

As they prepare to leave the Fallen World, Luci confronts Rafe about the situation. She demands that he reveal what he knows about Nehemoth and the Alpha Wolves, and she threatens to turn him over to the vampire. Rafe finally agrees to help and tells her the truth about the Alpha Wolves. 

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The Alpha & Beta’s Regret Chapter 7

The chapter begins with Rafe sitting in his office and feeling hollow and weak. His feelings towards the twin wolves are complex, as they are both women but Rafe cannot bear to share his women with Jack.

Despite their extreme fighting abilities, the twin wolves refuse to mate with either of them and instead choose to be lovers. The theme of competing ownership and mate bonding in the chapter is prevalent, as the twin wolves do not want to share their (in Rafe’s case, alluring) bodies with him or Jack.

This differentiation among the pack’s wolves generates tension within the group, as the only wolves who are allowed to mate with the twins are women, but none want to mate with them. Rafe’s feelings towards the twins are also amplified by the fact that they are difficult to get along with, making it even harder for both of them to pair up.

Rafe’s emotional turmoil is a result of this rejection, as he is sexually drawn to the twin wolves and wants to mate with them, but they do not want anything to do with him.

The chapter then moves to the discussion of the pack’s involvement in a fight between hostiles at the human city’s border. Rafe’s Alpha Patrolman is there, and they are facing off against an Alpha with over a hundred warriors. Rafe is itching to join the

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The Alpha & Beta’s Regret Chapter 8

Luci, standing outside her hut, reflects on the aftermath of a recent battle, feeling relieved as her headache recedes. She prepares strawberry pancakes for her sons, acknowledging their bravery during her vulnerable state.

Despite being only half-blooded Alpha, Luci considers both her sons as Alpha due to their strong bloodlines. Observing the lake, she senses no immediate danger but remains wary of future threats, especially from Victor, who she knows will eventually return, drawn by the power he sensed during the battle. She is confident, however, in her own and the lake creature’s protective abilities.

Luci’s day continues as she escorts her sons to school and heads to her job at the local gym. Her life has changed significantly; she has grown taller and stronger, and her scent has altered since Alari’s arrival. Although she occasionally encounters members of the Black Forest Pack, she manages to avoid recognition.

Luci’s thoughts drift to her family, questioning her lineage and the truth about her biological father. Despite this, her focus remains steadfast on her children, whose presence fills her with immense love and satisfaction. She picks them up from school, content with their normal human life and the simple routine they have established.

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The Alpha & Beta’s Regret Chapter 9

Luci starts her day outside her hut drinking her morning coffee, recovering from the battle the previous day. The boys were staying with her unconscious body, which surprised her as they were always well-behaved and brave. However, Luci isn’t surprised that Alari, her Alpha-blooded friend, is happy about her current state.

Luci has breakfast with the boys, who are excited about going to school. She then proceeds with their schooling, with their shifter bloodlines in mind. Luci’s keen eyesight is focused on the lake where the boys were attacked yesterday, but there’s no sign of anyone after the attack. She sighs, admitting to herself that being helped by Victor might not happen again anytime soon.

Luci reflects on Victor’s potential reaction to the attack, considering how powerful he would be if he found out who Luci was. Despite her initial concern, Luci smiles as she watches the boys head off to school. She then heads to her job at the local gym, greeting her boss and catching up on the other gym-goers.

As she walks to the gym, Luci considers her pack and her past. She wonders who her Alpha father is, since Victor is not her biological father. She wishes she knew more about her Alpha father, as he would likely have

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The Alpha & Beta’s Regret Chapter 10

Jack was not convinced that the thing in the lake had killed Luci. He was skeptical and had some doubts about the situation. The strange thing was that the wolf thing that came out of the lake resembled Luci too much.

Jack researched double shifters and found out only that they shifted between forms to some extent, not the other way around. Possibly Luci was a double shifter, but her form shifted to another, combining into one enchanting form.

So, he pondered the idea that Luci was quite possibly a double shifter who was willing to take dangerous risks for her loved ones. The man who found Luci in the lake was not a shifter. He was traumatized and broken, and he told Rafe that one of the reasons for his failure was the lack of access to designated routes, which proved again that the double-shifters were exceptional in their shifter abilities. The revelation of nonshifters was also implicit in their existence.

After Luci’s disappearance, April and Hailey began to act suspiciously, and Jack and Rafe discovered a pattern when they felt Rafe’s instincts. They suspected that Hailey and Luci were engaged in something mysterious and that something was amiss. Jack confirmed their suspicions, and they decided to confront April and Hailey. They both acted

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