Arranged To The Alpha Chapter Summary

Arranged To The Alpha

Alpha Blake is determined to find a suitable bride, someone close in age, intelligent, beautiful, and a v$$$$n. His mom and sister take on the challenge and successfully find Natalia Adams, who meets all his criteria. Initially skeptical, the Alpha is eventually captivated by her striking resemblance to the woman in the picture.

Upon their first meeting, an immediate connection forms between them, sparking a new world of possibilities in their lives.

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Book TitleArranged To The Alpha
AuthorLS Barbosa
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
TagsAlpha, Luna, Mate, Mother, alpha, contract marriage, arranged marriage, mate, luna, bxg, werewolves, ABO, enemies to lovers, v$$$$n

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Arranged To The Alpha Chapter 1

Natalia is hesitant to marry a billionaire she has never met, arranged by her mother and his lawyer. The wedding is a paperwork ceremony, as she never wanted a wedding. Her power as an element manipulator puts her family in danger, leading them to believe she is better off married to someone rich.

The mansion she enters after the ceremony is void of a warm welcome, and she learns that everyone, including Blake, the man she married, has some role in her life. As Alpha and Blake’s marriage is mostly a business deal, they must navigate their new relationship and the challenges that come with it.

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Arranged To The Alpha Chapter 2

In this chapter, Blake, the Alpha, and his second beta, Ryan, encounter a rogue wolf trespassing in their territory. Blake’s wife, Natalia, reveals her ability to manipulate elements when the rogue attacks.

Blake struggles with the revelation that Natalia is an element manipulator and questions their marriage. Their encounter leads to a confrontation with Natalia’s parents, who remind them of their parents’ truth.

As Blake walks away, his chest clenches, hinting at his hidden desire for a Luna who is presumed dead.

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Arranged To The Alpha Chapter 3

Natalia paces around the yard, processing the revelation that her new husband Blake is a werewolf. She confronts Blake’s father, who insists that her husband’s actions are natural for a werewolf.

Despite her attempts to adapt, Natalia struggles with the knowledge that Blake once had a mate and wonders why he married her instead.

During dinner, Blake humiliates Natalia in front of the family, prompting her to refuse his apology and resolve that she will make him pay for his disrespect.

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Arranged To The Alpha Chapter 4

In this chapter, Blake struggles with the sudden changes in his life. After losing his mate, he is forced to marry a stranger, a woman named Natalia, who is an elemental manipulator.

His parents want to move to one of the villas within the compound, which Blake permits. He also has difficulty adjusting to his new responsibilities and the expectations placed on him as the Alpha of the pack.

Throughout the chapter, Blake’s relationships with his family and new wife are strained, and he finds solace in the company of Sasha, a woman who offers him physical comfort and appreciation for his power.

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Arranged To The Alpha Chapter 5

Natalia wakes up to the sound of her alarm, deciding against joining her “honeymoon” and attending work instead. She gets dressed and heads out, only to be stopped by Rosalyn. Natalia politely declines the invitation to wait for Rosalyn’s son and leaves the house, deciding to take a cab to Starling Inc.

Natalia arrives at work and instructs her assistant, Kylie, to fix the errors in the paperwork. She then plans a meeting for later in the day and orders food for herself. Blake, the Alpha, enters her office unannounced, prompting Natalia to firmly assert her independence and remind him of their initial encounter. She reiterates that she is not afraid of him and refuses to bend to his will as his mate.

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Arranged To The Alpha Chapter 6

Blake struggles to reign in his anger towards his unpredictable mate, Natalia, who challenges him, something not even a fellow alpha would dare to do. As the tension grows, Mason steps in, urging Natalia to walk away.

Blake grabs Natalia’s arm, threatening her while demonstrating his immense strength. When Natalia attempts to retaliate, Blake’s wolf, Ares, warns him to stop hurting her. This deters Blake temporarily but forces him to reconsider his actions. Afterward, they are expected to join dinner. In the second part of the text:

Jordan’s antagonistic behavior appears as a result of Blake’s recent actions. The situation is further complicated by the empty seats at the table, indicating a possible distance between Blake and his parents. Disregarding Jordan’s childish actions, Blake decides to deal with any dissatisfaction from others in a different manner.

However, he finds his attention diverted when he feels a mysterious spark. The plot escalates when Natalia, who is usually calm and wouldn’t initiate such situations, slaps Blake. She vocalizes her disagreement with their relationship, asserting she doesn’t consider him her mate.

This sudden outburst makes Blake ponder over the unexpected situation, further deepening the plot.

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Arranged To The Alpha Chapter 7

Natalie begins her day receiving breakfast from a distant Blake, who doesn’t want her in their shared dining room. This tension doesn’t hamper her spirits, as she smiles when getting in her new car and reflects on the peaceful week she’s had.

However, her calm is disrupted by an urgent call from Amanda about surprise investor visitors. Despite initial fears, the investors turned out to be cordial, enjoyed the prepared meeting, and even signed a contract with Natalie’s company.

As the day wraps up, Jordan informs Natalie about her brother Blake asking about her. This leads Natalie and Blake to a private conversation, during which Blake voices concerns about their fake marriage causing rumors and affecting his businesses.

Though she understands his concerns, Natalie asserts that they, after all, both agreed their marital status was only on paper. Blake then confides in his struggles to handle his loss, drawing Natalie into a deeper understanding of their arrangement.

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Arranged To The Alpha Chapter 8

In this chapter, Blake struggles with mixed emotions and longing for his lost love as he navigates a complicated relationship with Natalia. Facing inner turmoil, he takes a walk in the forest, only to discover a rogue wolf, Nyx, on his territory. The two engage in a confrontation, with Nyx attacking Blake and draining his energy.

As Blake’s condition worsens, Natalia steps in to protect him and calls for help from Mason. With Blake’s life hanging in the balance, the events of the chapter raise questions about loyalty, forgiveness, and the power of love in shaping one’s destiny.

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Arranged To The Alpha Chapter 9

Natalia tries to keep Blake awake after he’s injured, asking him to identify himself by choosing a number and a color. When Mason helps dress the injured Alpha, they hear strange noises and see new trees and a smell of fire.

Blake suddenly attacks Natalia, but Mason stops him. They take Blake into the house, and the couple discovers that he’s been bitten by another Alpha wolf, causing him to be unstable. Despite the risks, Natalia decides to help Blake by giving him the serum, saving him from the poison.

As they help him, they come to understand that Blake’s behavior is due to the painful effects of the bite.

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Arranged To The Alpha Chapter 10

In the chapter, Blake, an injured wolf in werewolf form, is approached by Natalia who wants to help him. Despite his growls and the warning from his wolf, Blake, Blake, Natalia manages to calmly and courageously approach him.

She assures him that she won’t harm him and wants to help administer a serum to counter the poison in his system. The situation becomes emotional as Natalia takes the risk of putting her hand under Blake’s muzzle and pushing a needle in, shifting him back to human form.

Natalia then calls for help, urging others to bring clothes and assist in keeping him warm. Surprisingly, Natalia who has been denied by Blake, is the one person taking the risk to save his life despite his injury and weakening state. Blake is moved to a room where Natalia injects the serum into his arm.

The pack members, including Blake’s betas Mason and Ryan, join in to help out with his recovery. They put an IV on him and a Wolf’s Veil to control his shifting. Natalia, despite Blake’s growing exhaustion and increasing fever, stays by his side, vowing to ensure his safety throughout the night.

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