The Alpha’s Pen Pal Chapter Summary

The Alpha’s Pen Pal

The Alpha’s Pen Pal by Allie Carstens follows a young Alpha named Wesley Stone and a human girl named Haven Kenway. Wesley’s teacher assigns a pen pal project, and he forms a close bond with Haven through their letters.

Years later, they reconnect when Haven moves to a town near Wesley’s pack. Their initial attraction quickly grows into a passionate relationship. As they uncover Haven’s true identity, they must face challenges, confront hidden dangers, and fight for their love while overcoming the obstacles of their vastly different worlds.

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Book TitleThe Alpha’s Pen Pal
AuthorAllie Carstens
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
GenresDrama, Romance, Werewolf
TagsAlpha, Mate, Pack, Wolf, alpha, HE, fated, d$$$$$$t, drama, bxg, werewolves, campus, pack

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The Alpha’s Pen Pal PDF

The Alpha’s Pen Pal PDF

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The Alpha’s Pen Pal Chapter 1

Haven Kenway, the main character from the book 'The Alpha’s Pen Pal'.

In the middle of a chaotic 6th-grade class at Crescent Lake Elementary in Northern California, a young boy named Wesley reluctantly begins a pen pal assignment. He writes to a stranger, struggling to convey his feelings and not wanting to commit further to the project.

Meanwhile, Haven, a young orphan who dreams of learning ballet, longs for a connection and stability in her ever-changing life. Unbeknownst to Wesley, Haven reads his letter with tears in her eyes, feeling hurt by his words.

Despite feeling hurt, Haven decides to continue the pen pal correspondence to meet her teacher’s expectations. Wesley, though unenthusiastic, also writes back, sparking an unexpected friendship between the two young individuals.

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The Alpha’s Pen Pal Chapter 2

Wesley from the alpha's pen pal

In this chapter, Wesley receives a letter from Haven, an orphan who has just turned nine years old. Haven explains her difficult childhood, moving around frequently and struggling to make friends. Wesley, touched by her story, decides to write an apology letter to Haven, admitting his mistake in his initial response.

Wesley’s mother, Luna Emily Stone, encourages him to take responsibility for his actions by owning up to his mistakes. Meanwhile, Wesley’s sister, Madeleine, joins him while he works on the letter, and in the end, Wesley reads “The First of the Wolves” to her.

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The Alpha’s Pen Pal Chapter 3

In a magical world where gods, goddesses, and humans coexist, Selene, the goddess of the moon, creates her band of warriors. Each warrior is paired with a wolf, providing them with protection, companionship, and a bond that lasts for life.

However, tension between different clans leads to war, as they compete for Selene’s favor. When Eydís, a member of the rival Clan Vígi, meets and falls in love with Karl from Clan Adalwolf, they must face the prejudice and conflict of their clans.

As the two clans come together for a celebration, tensions rise. However, through love and understanding, they overcome their differences, and Selene rewards Clan Vígi with wolf companions, ultimately leading to the creation of the first werewolves, the ancestors of the human-wolf lineage.

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The Alpha’s Pen Pal Chapter 4

Haven from the Alpha's Pen Pal

Wesley writes Haven another letter, expressing deep sorrow and regret for his previous actions, and asks for a second chance to develop a friendship with Haven. Wesley hopes to fill a void in his life, as he feels something is missing, and he believes Haven might be that missing piece.

Meanwhile, Haven’s life has recently improved as she has been taken in by Jack and Shirley, who treat her with love and care. The love and support she receives from them allow her to reflect on the possibility of giving Wesley a second chance.

Haven contemplates the idea of allowing Wesley into her life, as she has never truly had a friend and believes he might bring her happiness and help her heal from her emotional pain. Haven decides to give Wesley a chance and writes a letter back to him, expressing her willingness to forgive him and work on their pen-pal relationship from scratch.

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The Alpha’s Pen Pal Chapter 5

The chapter begins with Haven Kennington, a nine-year-old foster child in a new home. She has been moved nine times before, which has made her cautious about forming attachments. She is currently living in her newest foster home, having been there for the shortest time. Living with her are foster parents Jack and Shirley Stone and their two children, seven-year-old Tommy and fourteen-year-old Mary.

Haven faces difficulties making friends at school and in her foster home. The children in the neighborhood who are her age, in particular, seem reluctant to accept her. One day, while walking to school, Haven loses her nerve and runs off, only to fall and cry.

Feeling vulnerable, she hides behind a bench, where she is found by Wesley Stone, Jack and Shirley’s elder son. Wesley is initially irritated by Haven’s unexpected appearance, but he soon learns about her troubles with both schoolmates and siblings. He makes a promise to her that if she needs a friend, he will be there, being one of the few people who believe she deserves better treatment.

State clearly why you want a transfer – it’s because you want to be in the same class as him in school, and have a greater chance of becoming friends. Wesley adds a condition – he wants to know that she genuinely wants to be friends,

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The Alpha’s Pen Pal Chapter 6

Wesley expresses his happiness and gratitude for receiving a letter from his newfound friend. Despite the challenges of waiting for a response, he is hopeful for their friendship to continue. Wesley’s feedback about the letter shows his appreciation for their growing connection. He also shares some personal information about himself, giving his friend insight into his life and interests.

Wesley talks about his family, consisting of his parents, his siblings, and his younger sister, Madeleine. He describes the dynamics within his family and their relationships with each other, emphasizing the importance of teasing and banter in their interactions.

He also mentions his friends, Reid and Nolan, and describes how their friendship resembles that of brothers. Wesley then addresses various questions from his friend’s letter, providing information about his age, school, favorite color, animal, food, sport, hobbies, and his enjoyment of reading and school.

He acknowledges the possibility of developing a closer bond as they continue to exchange letters.

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The Alpha’s Pen Pal Chapter 7

In this chapter, Wesley Stone receives a letter from Haven, the daughter of his foster parents, Jack and Shirley. Haven shares her favorite colors, food, sports, and feelings about her family. Wesley responds to her letter and wants to visit her over the holidays.

Meanwhile, Wesley’s parents discuss the idea of Christmas gifts for Haven. They eventually find a unique music box with ballet music as a gift idea for her. This chapter highlights the bond Wesley and Haven have built through their letters, their mutual interest in ballet, and the family dynamic of both the Stones and Haven’s foster family.

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The Alpha’s Pen Pal Chapter 8

Haven experiences a day of pampering and girly activities with her mom, which she attributes to a surprise or an adoption-related event. Meanwhile, Haven anxiously awaits Wesley’s letter, hoping that he still remembers their correspondence.

When Mom and Dad arrive home, they lead Haven to a beautifully wrapped Christmas gift in the dining room, revealing her most cherished gift from Wesley: a music box with a rich purple velvet interior and a delicate Nutcracker music box.

The second part of Wesley’s gift is an invitation to a professional performance of The Nutcracker, sending Haven and her parents into emotional hugs.

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The Alpha’s Pen Pal Chapter 9

Once in a while, experiencing a magical evening like the one at the ballet with Mom and Dad creates an unforgettable memory. Haven can still remember the beautiful costumes, the elegant sounds of the orchestra, and the butterflies swarming in her stomach as she watched the pristine and exquisite dancers on the stage.

Memorizing the choreography of the Dew Drop Fairy in Waltz of the Flowers, Haven’s fascination with ballet grew, leading her father to suggest they turn one of the empty bedrooms into a ballet room.

Throughout this time, Haven’s usual days consist of practicing her dance steps, which bring her immense joy. One day, as she dances, her mom and dad come into the room with nervous smiles, interrupting her practice to invite her downstairs for dinner.

As they sit down, Haven can’t help but feel a sense of familiarity with her family and the environment. However, her contentment turns into worry when she learns that her family is keeping a secret, concealing the fact that her father has cancer.

Despite her father’s reassurances that he is taking care of his health, Haven feels a knot in her chest, worrying for her dad’s future, and reluctantly shares her concern.

After dinner, as the family converses, Scott asks Haven about her pen pal named Wesley.

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The Alpha’s Pen Pal Chapter 10

In the cold, white hospital waiting room, Haven sits quietly, observing the damp anxiety of the room. The family members come and go, only to be whittled away by time, leaving Haven alone with her thoughts and growing agitation.

As the sun sets, Haven’s father is left in the intensive care unit and she is forced once more to leave without seeing him. Scott, Haven’s temporary guardian, confirms that her mother will be staying in the hospital for an indefinite period and Haven is left with questions of why things are unfolding this way.

At Scott’s house, Haven tries to find comfort in the familiar, but the silence hangs heavy between them as they each grapple with their anxieties and hopes. Unable to stand the emptiness and uncertainty any longer, Haven bravely breaks away from her temporary family and slips back into the hospital, seeking solace in the presence of her ill father. Unfortunately, she is discovered and escorted out by a police officer.

In the chaos and confusion that follows, Haven believes her actions have led to the unfortunate outcome, and she feels responsible for all that has transpired. As she is lifted into the officer’s arms and taken away, Haven clings to the hope that someday things will return to the way they were and that she and her family will be reunited once more.

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