Extremely Steamy: My Triplet Alpha Stepbrother Mates (Chapter Summary)

My Triplet Alpha Stepbrother Mates

Giselle Swan is forced to join the Dark Sapphire pack with her mother, Vera Smith, and her new husband, Alpha Riley. Giselle faces challenges when she discovers her triplet stepbrothers Kevin, Riven, and Stefan, the Famous Triplet Alphas, are her mates.

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TitleMy Triplet Alpha Stepbrother Mates
ReadWebnovel | Amazon
GenreContemporary Romance
WarningExtremely Mature Content (18+ only)

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My Triplet Alpha Stepbrother Mates Chapter 1

Giselle Swan

Giselle moves in with her billionaire mom Vera in Texas after a nasty custody battle where mommy used her riches to sway the judge. Giselle bids farewell to her loving poor dad Fin and heads to the airport. She dreams about meeting her future mate while on the plane. Three hunky triplet stepbrothers – arrogant Kevin, brute Riven, and flirty Stefan – welcome her with a sarcastic sign at the airport. The hot but silent drive to the pack house has Giselle dreading living with the bully triplets again. She’s shocked to find a huge mansion pack town with a castle university guarded by stone walls.

Alpha Riley and Vera excitedly welcome Giselle. Shy cutie sibling Caleb also greets her warmly. Alpha Riley declares Giselle is like a daughter with equal status to his sons. He jokes she could compete with them and be the Luna. The triplets fume with anger at their Daddy’s words. They offer to give Giselle a tour, making her smell trouble brewing.

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My Triplet Alpha Stepbrother Mates Chapter 2

triplet stepbrothers Kevin, Riven, and Stefan

The triplets aggressively corner Giselle in the kitchen, warning her not to overstep. They say she doesn’t belong in their elite pack. Stefan makes suggestive remarks, arousing Giselle before Kevin pulls him away.

Caleb shares gossip about his frustrated brothers seeking mates. The triplets overhear and threaten Caleb.

Giselle is impressed by her luxurious new bedroom. Caleb kindly helps her settle in.

Vera dotes on Giselle at dinner. Giselle remains distant, correcting Vera that her real father is in Arizona.

Late at night, the shirtless triplets knock on Giselle’s door, catching her off guard. They tease her obvious attraction to their fit bodies.

The triplets continue exerting their power and s$$$$$$$y over Giselle. Tension builds between the alpha heirs and their new stepsister. Caleb provides some comfort but can’t fully stand up to his d$$$$$$t brothers. Giselle feels isolated yet intrigued living with the powerful and mysterious triplets.

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My Triplet Alpha Stepbrother Mates Chapter 3

The chapter starts steamy as Giselle has a wild e$$$$c dream about the shirtless triplets kissing and touching her all over. She’s shocked awake, aroused from the racy wet dream about her d$$$$$$t stepbrothers.

Over the next month living with the Smiths, the arrogant triplets continue exerting their power over Giselle, especially the rude Riven. She feels isolated yet intrigued by the mysterious brothers.

At Giselle’s glamorous 18th birthday party, the triplets are captivated by her beauty in a figure-hugging black dress. As the clock strikes midnight, Giselle sneaks away from the crowds to endure her painful first transformation into a white wolf in the forest.

Exhausted and trembling, Giselle returns to see Riven kindly helping guests leave. Catching his heavenly cherry blossom scent, she’s intensely drawn to him before running inside.

Riven steadies Giselle after she stumbles, both feeling the sparks of mate recognition. Giselle flees his calls, but moving inside she feels the same instant connection with Stefan’s rosy scent.

Before Stefan can react, Giselle backs into Kevin’s hard chest, surrounded by his rich vanilla aroma. The triplets simultaneously recognize Giselle as their fated Luna mate and call out “Mate!” in unison.

After a month of simmering tension, the triplet Alphas have finally found their shared mate in their new stepsister Giselle right on her 18th birthday.

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My Triplet Alpha Stepbrother Mates Chapter 4

The triplets are shocked to discover Giselle is their fated mate. She flees their advances, overwhelmed. Alpha Riley orders his sons to give Giselle space to process it.

Giselle confides her confusion to her mother Vera, who selfishly suggests rejecting them since she’s married to their father. Hurt, Giselle realizes Vera is still the same mean woman who abandoned her.

Waking from another steamy dream, Giselle finds Stefan in her room insistently trying to pleasure her. She’s embarrassed he’s heard her m$$$$$g their names for a month. Stefan continues aggressively pursuing Giselle despite her protests.

The triplets struggle to accept their hated stepsister as their Luna mate. Giselle is upset by her mother’s advice and Stefan’s inappropriate behavior. She remains uncertain if she can embrace this sudden mate bond with the overbearing triplets.

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My Triplet Alpha Stepbrother Mates Chapter 5

The chapter continues the steamy romance as Giselle wakes to find Stefan aggressively pleasuring her against her protests. He insists on satisfying her after hearing her m$$n for them for a month. Stefan expertly eats Giselle’s p**ssy and fingers her, bringing her immense pleasure as a v$$$$n. She surrenders to the sensations, begging for more.

Stefan denies her orgas** at first, promising to f**ck her with his tongue until she c**ms hard in his mouth. He drives his long tongue into her tight p$$$y, gr**ping her br**asts simultaneously. Giselle screams in ecstasy, experiencing her first explosive orgas**. Stefan eagerly laps up her juices, praising her heavenly taste.

In her satisfied haze, Giselle brazenly begs Stefan to f**ck her hard with his massive c**ck. Stefan refuses, wanting to take her v**rginity together with his brothers, though he promises to be her first. A s**xually empowered Giselle falls asleep exhausted and sore from Stefan’s oral talents.

The next morning, anxious Giselle awaits who is knocking softly on her door – one of the demanding triplets again? She swallows hard, conflicted between fear of their dominance and undeniable lust after Stefan’s passionate encounter. Giselle is blossoming into the triplets’ shared mate but still struggles with their forceful advances and c$$$y entitlement to her body.

The romantic tension builds as Giselle starts enjoying the triplets’ skilled seduction and loses her v$$$$n inhibitions. The insatiable brothers impatiently wait to claim their fertile Luna, but don’t want to push her too far. Giselle must soon choose whether to fully accept her fate as the triplets’ shared mate.

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My Triplet Alpha Stepbrother Mates Chapter 6

Giselle has a heartfelt talk with her understanding father, who advises her to keep an open mind and give the triplets a chance to prove themselves despite their past bullying. He encourages her to make her own choice for happiness.

At the family breakfast, the triplets vie for Giselle’s attention. Flirty Stefan pulls his chair too close, while serious Kevin surprisingly asks her to sit with him. When Riven arrives, an awkward tension fills the room.

Alpha Riley tells Giselle they’ll respect her decision. Confident Stefan declares she’ll accept them soon as her mates. Shy Kevin speaks up that they want her as their Luna. Giselle is shocked by their intensity.

As breakfast continues, Stefan and Kevin start stealthily touching Giselle under the table, making her very uncomfortable. She tries subtly moving away and closing her legs, but the brothers persist in groping her right there at the family table.

Flustered Giselle knocks her knee, drawing attention. The triplets compete for her affection aggressively, ignoring her visible distress. Giselle is conflicted, wanting to consider her father’s advice but unsure if the entitled brothers will change their domineering ways.

The focus is on the emotional tension as Giselle struggles with the triplets’ inappropriate advances. Their family is blind to what’s happening under the table. Giselle must find the courage to set boundaries with the demanding triplets who feel entitled to her body.

My Triplet Alpha Stepbrother Mates Chapter 7

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