My Hockey Alpha Chapter Summary

My Hockey Alpha

The story follows Nina, a teenage girl who has recently celebrated her eighteenth birthday, on the night she finds out her boyfriend, Jack, cheated on her with their mutual friend, Mia, during her birthday party.

Feeling betrayed and seeking revenge, Nina decides to sleep with Jack’s friend Enzo, the hockey team captain. According to his reputation, Enzo never sleeps with the same girl twice.

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However, the tables are turned when Enzo finds himself hooked on Nina, unable to satisfy his desire to sleep with her every night. Despite the whispers of ol’ Nina’s business floating around the school, Enzo continues to pursue her, much to the dismay of other hockey players, teachers, and Nina herself.

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Book TitleMy Hockey Alpha
AuthorEve Above Story
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
GenresErotica, Romance
TagsAlpha, Boyfriend, Mate, S$x, sports, one night stand

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My Hockey Alpha PDF

My Hockey Alpha PDF

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My Hockey Alpha Chapter 1

In the chapter, we see it is the night of Nina’s 18th birthday and her coming-of-age party. It is anticipated that her boyfriend, Justin, would announce their relationship publicly during the party. Nina got ready with her special lingerie and outfit but was still feeling nervous about Justin’s behavior towards them.

However, the party was hard to concentrate on with only Lisa’s body being screwed by Justin in her bed. Nina screamed in shock and disbelief and jumps up from her bed to watch the aftermath. Justin tries to explain, but Nina is not willing to hear him and storms out of the suite, leaving her roommates to follow.

She goes into a bar to drink and curses herself with a distraction when a guy, Enzo, sits next to her and talks to her.

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My Hockey Alpha Chapter 2

my hockey alpha Captain of hockey Enzo image

Enzo hits on Nina and invites her to his dorm room. Nina is intrigued by Enzo’s reputation and agrees to see it for herself. Meanwhile, Enzo is charming, seductive, and flirty with Nina.

Despite her initial shock at Enzo’s bold move, she is attracted to him and decides to follow him to his dorm room. In the dorm room, Enzo removes his clothes, revealing his muscular and well-built physique.

He is attentive, caring, and gentle with the protagonist as he undresses her. By the end of the chapter, Nina ends up having s$x with Enzo and enjoying the experience.

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My Hockey Alpha Chapter 3

After leaving a party early, Nina returns to her dorm, hungover and tired. Jessica and Lori are already asleep, and her room is messy from the party. Nina feels embarrassed and ashamed of what she did the night before, sleeping with Enzo in her room after she yelled at Justin and Lisa.

She worries about the green light she gave to Enzo, and wonders if Enzo felt the same way about her. The next morning, she wakes up with a hangover and groans, ignoring her appearance as she stumbles into the kitchen. Her roommates, Lori and Jessica, start talking about Enzo, and Nina gets anxious.

Focusing on her studies, she tries avoiding the topic, but Jessica becomes increasingly pestery until she agrees to go to a hockey game with her. At the arena, Jessica continues to talk about Enzo and his muscles, making Nina uncomfortable and distracted.

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My Hockey Alpha Chapter 4

The characters are attending a hockey game at their university. The arena is divided in half, with the two universities’ colors represented by burgundy and gold for one university, and blue and black for the other.

The conversation between the girls in attendance mostly focused on Enzo, the star hockey player for the other university. They speculated on how he would lead his team to victory again.

Nina is sitting with her friend Jessica. As they wait for the game to start, Nina notices the cheerleaders performing an energetic dance on ice before the game. Enzo enters the arena, and the crowd cheers at the sight of him. As Nicole sits there, she begins to notice him. She quicken her pace on seeing him, but the conversation between Jessica and Nina stops, and she becomes aware of the fact that hello he doesn’t pay attention to her when they watch games together, and realized that he doesn’t care about her.

The conversation between girls is interrupted by the referee’s whistle, signaling the start of halftime. During this time, the cheerleaders put on their halftime show. Nina is uninterested in the entertainment and finds herself thinking about how much she likes Enzo. She didn’t care about Justin, her current boyfriend, when she watched him.

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My Hockey Alpha Chapter 5

Ella sat on the edge of her bed, staring at the ceiling tiles. It had been another quiet week without anyone new around town. Her last Hookups had lasted for only a few weeks before they drifted apart, and she was determined to do better this time.

She sighed, standing up and pacing the small room. It was late at night and she couldn’t get comfortable with the silence. She pondered over her dating apps, scrolling through the countless faces of potential new order buyers and hoping to find the one that just felt right. Her stomach parked and she felt her heart racing with anticipation. One of them caught her eye, and she clicked on his profile to read more.

A newman named Jack had hit a large sale mainly because of his good reputation as a high-quality producer and his deep knowledge of the industry. As she continued to read more about Jack, Ella felt a tingle of excitement in her shoulders.

She couldn’t believe it. She reached out her hand to press the button to message him, but her fingers hovered over it as she became suddenly afraid of being rejected. Ella sighed and thought she should go to sleep. She turned off the light and crawled into bed.

She lay awake until the first light of dawn, thinking about whether to message Jack or not. Her heart was filled with the thought of being rejected.

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My Hockey Alpha Chapter 6

my hockey alpha pdf

This chapter revolves around the complex relationship between Nina, an average girl, and Enzo, the star hockey player she slept with once.

Nina is struggling to understand why Enzo would want anything to do with her, given his reputation as a playboy and her own lack of interest in him. She questions whether or not she can trust him, given her past experiences with unrequited love.

Despite her best efforts to deny it, Nina admits that she enjoyed their one night stand and is surprised to find herself attracted to Enzo.

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My Hockey Alpha Chapter 7

The chapter is set in a bar on a Friday night, and the protagonist, a werewolf named Enzo, is approached by a female admirer. Initially, Enzo dismisses her as just another average human girl, but her exquisite features grab his attention. Intrigued, Enzo decides to engage in conversation with her.

As they chat, the woman shares her background and how coming to the bar is her regular Friday night routine. She expresses her admiration for sports and Enzo, who is a popular athletic.

Meanwhile, Enzo recounts his father’s instructions, who has purchased a company in the human world, and wants him to be the face of the company. Consequently, Enzo finds himself enrolled in a university to study and become a sports god.

Furthermore, the chapter highlights Enzo’s romantic relationships, including his failed attempts at dating a hot, popular cheerleader named Lisa. The chapter concludes with Enzo reflecting on his experiences and musing about the woman from the bar, whose name is given as Nina, and his thoughts about s*x with her again.

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My Hockey Alpha Chapter 8

Nina arrives at the party, ignoring the strange interactions she had with Enzo and Lisa earlier. She sits with Lori, who hands her a joint to relax. Nina mentions to Lori that she made a mistake by involving herself with hockey guys.

Lori advises Nina against it, but Nina doesn’t give it much thought. The chapter ends with Nina feeling a lot better about the situation by Monday morning.

Nina is on her way to class on Monday morning, but Jessica is late, so Nina leaves without her. She feels a bit bad but wants to start the week off on a high note. As she walks across the quad to the shuttle, she is approached by Justin, who pleads to talk to her.

Nina scolds Justin for cheating with a cheerleader on her birthday, but Justin apologizes and asks for forgiveness. Nina dismisses him. As she continues walking, she hears a motorcycle coming up to her and looks up to see Enzo ride by with a girl on the back. Nina ignores the guy and continues on her way.

As she gets on the bus, she sees Jessica running to catch her. They catch up and prime her about their clinics in school.

After classes, Nina goes to work at a diner to make some extra cash. She spends the evening pouring coffee and interacting with customers. The last person of the night to arrive at the diner is

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My Hockey Alpha Chapter 9

Chapter 3 finds Nina feeling a mix of emotions as Enzo enters the diner. She has a difficult time managing her feelings for him, and is frustrated that he still maintains an interest in her.

The chapter begins with Nina working at the diner, and Enzo coming in to eat. As she pours coffee for another customer, Nina can’t help but notice Enzo and becomes nervous. She feels like she is being followed and regrets ever sleeping with him.

Enzo recognizes Nina, and she takes him by surprise. She briefly catches up with him, and he makes small talk. Nina becomes increasingly annoyed, as she feels Enzo is trying to get her to talk more than necessary.

Phil, the owner of the diner, also notices Enzo’s presence and asks Nina about her treatment of him. Nina becomes more fearful, as she is afraid of her boss finding out she is dating Enzo.

As Enzo and Nina speak, Jessica enters the diner, and she is surprised by Enzo’s presence. She talks with him, and they reminisce about their previous conversations. But the arrival of Jessica forces Nina to start working again, and Enzo manages to distract her by talking about his hockey game tickets.

Nina ignores the tickets and focuses on her work, but she becomes increasingly agitated as she sees Enzo talking to Jessica in an intimate tone.

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My Hockey Alpha Chapter 10

Nina is assigned to the sports medicine internship, but is not enthusiastic about it. She asks the dean of the medical school to be reprimanded, and the dean advises her to try the internship first. Nina is assigned to see Enzo, her ex-boyfriend.

As she goes to meet her internship mentor, Tiffany, she feels uncomfortable and unsure about the internship. Tiffany is incredibly kind, and Nina opens up to her about her awkward situation and her discomfort with the hockey team.

Tiffany tells her that she had similar situations in college, and encourages Nina to give the internship a shot. She reminds Nina that boys should not dictate her actions, and that it is possible to turn a negative experience into a positive one.

Nina still wishes to escape from Justin and Enzo, but Tiffany’s words of encouragement help her to reconsider her attitude towards the internship.

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