Captive of My Mafia Crush Chapter Summary

Captive of my mafia crush

Captive of My Mafia Crush by author name Aurora Starling revolves around Iris, a college student who turns to stripping to support her boyfriend, only to discover he has sold her to the mob. She is then kidnapped by a ruthless mafia king, who turns out to be her brother’s best friend and childhood crush. The story unfolds as Iris pleads for her life while navigating her complicated feelings towards her captor.

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Book TitleCaptive of my Mafia Crush
AuthorAurora Starling
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
GenresMafia, Aurora Starling, Iris

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Captive of my mafia crush PDF

Captive of my mafia crush PDF

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Captive of My Mafia Crush Chapter 1

Steven, Iris’s boyfriend, is concerned about her working as a stripper, as he wants her to remain “pure.” However, Iris has taken up this job to help support them financially while Steven focuses on his cryptocurrency investments. At the strip club, Iris’s best friend Anthony informs her that the notorious “Mafia King” is rumored to be visiting the club that night, which makes Iris nervous.

When the club’s top dancer, Lily, suddenly collapses, the manager, Pete, forces Iris to work in the VIP room, where the wealthy and dangerous mafia members are. Iris is anxious about this unexpected turn of events, as she is instructed to say “yes” to whatever the mafia bosses demand.

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Captive of My Mafia Crush Chapter 2

The DJ introduces Bambi, the stage name of the narrator, who dances sensually on stage, captivating the attention of the powerful Mafia King in the audience. As she performs, she senses a familiarity in the Mafia King’s gaze. After her dance, another man attempts to solicit her for a private performance, but the Mafia King intervenes, violently removing the man.

The Mafia King then pays Bambi a substantial amount of money for her dance and tells her to leave. Bambi, overwhelmed by the unexpected windfall, shares the news with her friend Anthony, who wishes she would use the money for herself instead of paying off a debt.

Bambi plans to write an email to her old friend Christian, hoping to share her success, but is hesitant to reveal the true nature of her work. However, their conversation is interrupted by two men who claim that Bambi has been “sold” to a Don Bonetti, demanding she hand over the cash.

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Captive of My Mafia Crush Chapter 3

The two men confront Iris, revealing that her boyfriend Steven had sold her to a mafia boss, Don Bonetti, to pay off his debt. They show Iris a video of Steven begging the mobsters, offering Iris as a v$$$$n to be auctioned off.

Shocked and disgusted, Iris tries to resist, but the men threaten her and her friends. When they try to take her away, Anthony creates a diversion by spraying them with champagne, allowing Iris to escape.

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Captive of my Mafia Crush Chapter 4

The chapter follows a young woman who has managed to escape from a dangerous situation at a bar, only to find herself in an even more perilous predicament. As she hides in a closet, she overhears a confrontation between her manager, Pete, and a menacing mobster who is searching for her.

The mobster threatens Pete at gunpoint, forcing him to reveal the woman’s location. Unexpectedly, a mysterious man appears and rescues the woman, forcibly removing her from the closet and carrying her out of the club as gunshots ring out. The woman is confused and terrified, unsure of who this man is and where he is taking her.

As they speed away in a car, the woman realizes to her shock that the other passenger is the Mafia King, a powerful crime boss. Just as the man begins to speak to the woman, the car is suddenly attacked, with the rear window shattering from gunfire.

The woman screams in fear as the chapter ends on a cliffhanger, leaving her uncertain of her fate and the intentions of these dangerous men.

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Captive of My Mafia Crush Chapter 5

The Mafia King, Christian, shields the protagonist Iris from the hail of bullets as their car speeds through the city, desperately trying to lose their pursuers. Iris begs Christian to let her go, offering the money scattered in the car, but he refuses, revealing that he had given up a third of that money for a dance with her.

As Iris pleads for her freedom, Christian recognizes her and calls her by her childhood nickname, “Daisy.” Memories flood back to Iris, and she realizes that Christian is her long-lost best friend from her childhood. Christian assures Iris that he kidnapped her to protect her, not for revenge or because she witnessed something.

Iris is stunned by this revelation, staring at Christian as he tenderly caresses her cheek, promising never to take his eyes off her again.

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Captive of My Mafia Crush Chapter 6

In the chapter, Christian and Iris, childhood friends, reunite unexpectedly at a strip club where Iris works. Christian, who is now revealed to be the Mafia King, has rescued Iris from a dangerous situation involving a man named Riccardo Bonetti. Iris is shocked to discover Christian’s true identity and the fact that he has “kidnapped” her, claiming she is now under the protection of the Romano crime family.

Christian makes it clear that Iris is not going anywhere anytime soon, much to her confusion and uncertainty. As Iris struggles to reconcile the Christian she knew with the powerful and violent figure he has become, she suddenly collapses, pitching forward into Christian’s arms.

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Captive of My Mafia Crush Chapter 7

Christian catches Iris as she stumbles, realizing she is in shock after the events at the club. He carries her to safety, reflecting on how Iris has grown into a beautiful young woman, though he knows her innocence and vulnerability make her a target.

As they reach the penthouse, Christian is determined to protect Iris, even though it may complicate his own dealings. Iris is embarrassed by her reaction, but Christian reassures her, teasing her gently, which prompts a familiar response from her. The summary highlights the central characters, the key events, and Christian’s growing protectiveness towards Iris, as well as her own self-consciousness about her changed appearance.

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Captive of My Mafia Crush Chapter 8

Christian stares intensely at Iris, leaving her feeling flustered. Nico and Frankie search the apartment, and Nico wants to use a metal detector on Iris, but Christian insists on doing it himself. Iris cooperates, slightly distracted by Christian’s closeness as he checks her thoroughly.

Nico makes a suggestive comment, angering Iris, but Christian intervenes. Christian then takes Iris to his room, where he provides her with his own clothes to change into, turning away to give her privacy. Iris is surprised to learn that Nico is Christian’s cousin.

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Captive of My Mafia Crush Chapter 9

Christian and Iris are alone in a hotel room. Iris undresses and changes into Christian’s oversized clothes. She asks him about his lack of response to her emails when he left, and he reveals that his life since then has not been easy and he didn’t want his new life to touch her or their friend Damon.

Iris notices a bruise on her arm, and Christian becomes angry about the “needlessly brutal” treatment she received. He assures her he knows what the men were planning and that he saved her. Iris thanks him, and Christian hugs her but says she is still stuck in this world, which is the last place he wants her to be.

When Christian leaves to get her food, Frankie comes in instead. Frankie reassures Iris that Christian wants her there and not to overthink it. He says Christian has a lot to clean up after the events at the club. Iris reflects on the differences between Christian, Frankie, and Nico, wondering where she fits into this world.

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Captive of My Mafia Crush Chapter 10

The protagonist, Iris, wakes up in the penthouse feeling disheartened about the state of her life. She reflects on the lies she told her ex-boyfriend, Christian, about her job and relationship. Suddenly, a cleaning lady enters the penthouse, startling Iris and Christian.

Nico, Christian’s cousin, had forgotten to cancel the maid service. Frankie, another resident, emerges from one of the bedrooms, excited about the prospect of breakfast. However, Christian informs them that the maid and chef services have been canceled due to Bonetti still searching for Iris.

Iris realizes that Christian is keeping her captive to protect her from Bonetti, the mafia figure. As Christian prepares to leave, Iris questions his actions, but Frankie and Nico are more concerned about the lack of coffee and food in the penthouse.

Christian retreats to his room, leaving Iris to grapple with the reality of her new situation as the captive of the Mafia King.

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