CEO’s Ex-wife Stunned the World Chapter Summary: Love, Ambition, and Power Collide

CEO's Ex-wife Stunned the World

CEO’s Ex-wife Stunned the World by Cathy Colborn revolves around Julianna Reece, who was divorced by her powerful husband Edwin Keaton four years prior. Edwin divorces Julianna to marry his ex-girlfriend Kate.

Julianna is left devastated by the divorce. Four years later, Julianna receives a call that her father has been in an accident and is on his deathbed. She returns home to find that her father wants to pass down the family business, Reece Group, to her. However, her brother Dexter and cousins are opposed to the idea and want to take over the company.

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Upon returning home, Julianna reencounters Edwin. Edwin is engaged to Kate but is still attracted to Julianna. Julianna also meets Hodson, who was her boyfriend after divorcing Edwin. It is revealed that Julianna has two children with Hodson.

Dexter and Kate scheme to prevent Julianna from taking over the Reece Group. Julianna struggles to claim her birthright and rise above her ex-husband and relatives to gain control of the family business as her father desired.

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Book TitleCEO’s Ex-wife Stunned the World
AuthorCathy Colborn
Where to ReadWebnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
Genres Billionaire Romance
Tags Urban, CEO, Original, Cathy Colborn

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CEO’s Ex-wife Stunned the World PDF

CEO's Ex-wife Stunned the World PDF

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CEO’s Ex-wife Stunned the World Chapter 1

Edwin demanded that Julianna sign a divorce agreement, offering her $80 million as compensation after their two-year marriage. When Julianna protested, Edwin coldly reiterated that he never truly loved her and only wanted to remarry his ex-fiancée Katelyn. He coerced Julianna into having one final s$$$$l encounter, calling out Katelyn’s name, in an attempt to humiliate her further. Despite this, Julianna was finally able to accept the end of their unhappy relationship.

Two months later, Julianna discovered at the hospital that she was pregnant with multiples from her last encounter with Edwin. The doctor recommended reducing the number of fetuses due to health risks, but Julianna refused, determined to give birth to and raise the children on her own.

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CEO’s Ex-wife Stunned the World Chapter 2

Julianna returned to the Reece family home after four years of absence. Her grandfather Carsen was on his deathbed in the ICU, with the family searching desperately for Julianna as Carsen’s will dictated she inherit 51% of the family business shares. If she did not appear before his death, the entire inheritance would be donated elsewhere.

Upon her arrival, Julianna was met with hostility from much of the family who saw her as a threat to their own expectations of inheritance. Her ex-husband Edwin had also thought she would disappear for good after their divorce four years prior.

As Carsen took his final breaths upon seeing Julianna, the family was informed of the conditions of his will regarding her inheritance. Though Julianna remained expressionless, tension was clear between her and those hoping to benefit differently, such as her cousin Konnor. She declared her sole priority was ensuring Carsen received a proper funeral, avoiding further disputes for now.

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CEO’s Ex-wife Stunned the World Chapter 3

Edwin spoke to Julianna for the first time since their divorce at Carsen’s hospital, but she remained polite and distant. Katelyn deliberately held Edwin’s arm intimately in front of Julianna, inviting her to their home, but Julianna politely declined and left in her luxury car.

At Carsen’s funeral, Glenn Hodson arrived with Julianna, now wearing sunglasses, in his Rolls-Royce. When they exited the car, two young children also emerged, shocking those present. Questions arose about Julianna’s relationship with the wealthy Glenn and if she would now take over leadership of the Reece Group business.

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CEO’s Ex-wife Stunned the World Chapter 4

CEO's Ex-wife Stunned the World Chapter 4

Julianna attended her grandfather’s funeral with her two sons but without her daughter, who was sick. She was accompanied by Glenn Hodson and hundreds of security guards, with the media swarming around them. When Glenn was asked about his relationship with Julianna, he evasively said they were good friends but neither confirmed nor denied being the father of her children.

Edwin, who was still Julianna’s ex-husband, saw Julianna with her children and Glenn at the funeral. He became very angry realizing that Julianna already had children only four years after their divorce. He suspected that she may have cheated on him during their marriage or got into a relationship with another man right after their divorce. Without waiting for the funeral to end, Edwin left in a hurry, but was stopped by reporters’ questions about Julianna and his relationship with Katelyn.

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CEO’s Ex-wife Stunned the World Chapter 5

Julianna embarrassed Shayla by confirming she would take over the Reece Group as her father wished. At a board meeting, tensions rose as Shayla and her sons Konnor and Leroy opposed Julianna’s leadership. When Konnor threatened to hit Julianna, she defended herself skillfully and left him bleeding. Edwin witnessed this altercation with concern for Julianna’s safety.

The security guards escorted the injured Konnor and the protesting Shayla from the boardroom at Julianna’s command. She excused herself to wash the blood from her hand in the bathroom. Edwin followed her, suggesting further tensions despite her assertion of authority as the new head of the Reece Group by her father’s will.

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CEO’s Ex-wife Stunned the World Chapter 6

Julianna coldly told Edwin that he was in the wrong bathroom and continued washing blood off her hands. When she tried to leave, Edwin grabbed her arm and slammed her against the wall, demanding to know who the father of her child was. Though they had been divorced for four years, Edwin was still possessive over Julianna and domineering towards her.

Julianna sternly told Edwin to show respect and only discuss business matters professionally. Edwin sneered and moved closer, making Julianna tense and uncomfortable given her past treatment during their marriage. Edwin viciously kissed her, but then released her while insulting her.

Enraged, Julianna took off her high heels and violently beat Edwin with them, demanding to know why he was still trying to control her. Edwin was caught off guard by Julianna’s aggressive response, having only known her as meek and soft-spoken in the past.

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CEO’s Ex-wife Stunned the World Chapter 7

Julianna fiercely fought back against Edwin when he tried to provoke her, kicking him in the crotch. Edwin was caught off guard by the attack and overwhelmed by the pain, though he grabbed Julianna’s arm and pressed her against the sink in retaliation, threatening to kill her for daring to strike him.

At the board meeting, Julianna announced that she would inherit 51% of shares in the Reece Group according to her grandfather’s will, allowing her to officially take over as executive director. She also revealed plans to make adjustments to personnel management.

To the shock of those present like Dexter, Quinton, and Leroy, Julianna produced documents showing she had already taken on high-level roles at CI Technology Entertainment, one of Canada’s largest multi-national companies, demonstrating her experience and ability to lead the Reece Group despite their doubts.

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CEO’s Ex-wife Stunned the World Chapter 8

Edwin agreed to Julianna taking over management of the Reece Group from her father Dexter. When Dexter heard this, he was dumbfounded as he wanted Edwin’s help to prevent Julianna from gaining control. However, Edwin sided with Julianna, saying he had no objections. The board members then said they naturally had no objections either and told Dexter to hand over his office to Julianna.

Dexter exploded in anger at Julianna, cursing and accusing her of being disobedient and causing trouble for the family in the past. He remained determined to keep the Reece Group for his two sons. Even if he had to hand it over to his daughter, he would still give it to Katelyn instead of Julianna. Julianna remained composed and coldly told Dexter she had only inherited from her grandfather and if he was dissatisfied, he could talk to her lawyers. She also said she did not want Dexter involved in managing the Reece Group.

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CEO’s Ex-wife Stunned the World Chapter 9

Julianna informed Dexter that she no longer thought it was a good idea for him to remain with the Reece Group, angering him. Edwin mocked Julianna’s ambition to make Reece one of the top 500 companies worldwide. He proposed a gambling agreement where if Julianna achieved profits of 20% or more within three years, she would become chairman, but if she failed, she would relinquish her shares.

Julianna reluctantly agreed to consider Edwin’s proposal. Glenn arrived with Julianna’s children as Edwin left to smoke, surprising her. His appearance interrupted her discussion with Edwin, who viewed Glenn with hostility.

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CEO’s Ex-wife Stunned the World Chapter 10

Alex and Bruce became worried when they saw many people attacking Julianna online. They went to her office to protect her and wanted to see who was bullying her. When Julianna had to go into a meeting, Glenn agreed to stay and watch over the boys.

Edwin arrived and berated Julianna for bringing the children to the office. When he called Alex and Bruce bastards, Alex confronted Edwin to defend his mother. An argument ensued between Alex and Edwin until Julianna intervened and sent the boys away with Glenn. She then continued the tense meeting alone with Edwin, who questioned if she would sign a gambling agreement.

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