Full Marks Hidden Marriage Novel Review: SuperStar MC + Billionaire Husband + Cute Son

full marks hidden marriage review

Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Husband Free is a beautiful romantic web novel by Jiong Jiong You Yao. The plot explores the life of Ning Xi, her struggles to become an actress, how she destroys her enemies, and how she gets a cute son and a handsome billionaire husband. Not going to lie; face slapping* moments in this story are fantastic and satisfying to read.

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Face Slapping is when someone acting all high and mighty gets called out or embarrassed in front of others.

The novel, with only a few chapters, stands out from the other novels in the same genre. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why this novel, Full Marks Hidden Marriage, is so famous. This novel has got 4.67-star ratings from nearly 48 thousand readers. Not to mention the 448 Million Views, even though this novel has 2164 chapters.

It took me a while, but I did finish this novel. The journey was so incredible.

This story also has a comic adaptation available, but I suggest reading the novel because I found reading the novel more fun.

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Full Marks Hidden Marriage Review

Synopsis of Hidden Marriage

The novel starts with her boyfriend’s betrayal, and then an accident happens where she has to lose the child. Then there is a five-year time skip, and we are introduced to Ning Xi, who has returned from abroad and is trying hard for her dream of becoming an actress. However, her sister is there to put an end to her plan. Luckily, she saves a child who turns out to be the son of a Billionaire. This starts a slow but satisfying romance and many faceslapping moments.

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Story in Full Marks Hidden Marriage

Full Marks Hidden Marriage quickly grabs readers’ attention with a heartbreaking start. This web novel may seem like a typical billionaire romance novel with a rich guy and poor girl falling in love.

However, You can’t be more wrong. The author cleverly uses many cliches and tropes to develop the story. This novel is filled with comedic moments, heartwarming and heartbreaking moments.

comedy moments in hidden marriage

If you are wondering why this novel has the title Hidden Marriage because they both hide their marriage from others.

We have many moments where we cheer for Ning Xi to get together with Lu Tingxiao. There are many more cheering moments, whether for romance or faceslapping moments.

The story also presents various mysteries, such as who is the mother of Lu Ting Xiao’s son; what happened to Ning Xi in those five years abroad. There are also many twists that you couldn’t have expected.

Characters in Hidden Marriage

From the novel’s start, we know Ning Xi has struggled as almost everyone in the family hates her. However, the real betrayal starts when she is schemed on by her sister, and her boyfriend cheats on her. After time skips, we are introduced to the firm and resilient Ning Xi. She is totally badass and knows how to put up a fight. With the help of her hidden husband, She starts to destroy her enemies, and those moments are satisfying to read.

son of Ning Xi in Hidden Marriage

Her son brings a new determination inside her, which makes her all the more determined to destroy her enemies and live a happy life with her husband and son.

The main lead character, Lu Tingxiao, is shown as a cold, emotionless billionaire, as in every romance novel. However, this won’t be the case as the story develops. We find ourselves cheering for him to get together with Ning Xi fast. Lu Tingxio obviously wants to destroy her enemies as he has the power to do so and can make her a superstar, but Ning Xi remains determined to achieve her goals through hard work.

The addition of Lu Tingxiao’s brother adds humor to the story. He is a fun and silly character who also cares for them and wants them to get together soon. He helps Ning Xi whenever possible.

The most frustrating character should be Ning Xi’s sister, who remains till the last of the story. “Just get destroyed already,” I kept thinking. Even though it takes a longer time, her trashing arc is satisfying.


Full Marks Hidden Marriage by Jiong Jiong You Yao is the best romance novel; it has everything from excellent but slow romance, immersive story arcs, and fleshed characters with their motivations to various mysteries as plots twist, which further immerses the readers in the story.

If you are a fan of billionaire romance novels with badass female characters, cute children, and a satisfying romance, then Full Marks Hidden Marriage is the best web novel for you.

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