My Professor Is My Alpha Mate Review

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate Review

I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon My Professor Is My Alpha Mate by Caroline Above Story. This exciting tale of forbidden romance and supernatural creatures drew me in from the very first chapter.

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In my review, I will provide an in-depth analysis of the key elements that make this novel a compelling read. From the complex character development to the sensual romantic scenes, this book has me eager for the next installment.

TitleMy Professor Is My Alpha Mate
AuthorCaroline Above Story
ReadAmazon | Dreame | Goodnovel
Age Rating18+
ThemesFriends to lovers, Pack
Plot ElementsBetrayal, Shifting, Combat training, Romance
Significant CharactersLila, Scott (Boyfriend), Sarah (Other woman), Professor Enzo
Plot StartLila kisses a stranger after discovering her boyfriend cheating. The stranger Lila kissed turns out to be her professor, Professor Enzo
Author Other StoriesAccidental Surrogate for Alpha

Summary of My Professor Is My Alpha Mate

Lila and Enzo in My Professor Is My Alpha Mate

The story follows Lila, an 18-year-old art student, as she attends the Higala Shifter Academy and discovers that her stern combat professor, Enzo, is actually her predestined mate.

However, their teacher-student relationship makes romance impossible. Lila also possesses powerful supernatural abilities as a rare Volana wolf, which puts her in grave danger. Amidst the clandestine attraction and supernatural threats, Lila and Enzo wrestle with their intense connection.

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The forbidden romance is made even more complicated when a famous pop singer named Bethany sets her sights on Enzo and moves into his packhouse. Lila struggles with jealousy while trying to master her volatile powers.

After a tragic house fire kills a classmate, Lila learns more about her abilities from her mother and tries to grow closer to Enzo. But threats from Enzo’s dark past endanger Lila and force them to acknowledge their forbidden bond.

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Story of My Professor Is My Alpha Mate

From the vivid scene where Lila impulsively kisses the handsome stranger Enzo to later discovering he’s her professor, I was hooked. The push and pull of their attraction despite their teacher-student roles made for intense romantic tension.

Some standout moments were when Lila saved Enzo from a fatal stabbing using her healing powers and their steamy encounter at the school dance. Caroline Above Story excels at writing scintillating romantic scenes while furthering the plot.

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The dangerous threats such as the wolfbane poisoning and the house fire added gripping supernatural conflict. I also enjoyed learning more about Lila’s mother and the abilities she inherited as a rare Volana. Caroline Above Story does an excellent job doling out enticing bits of backstory and worldbuilding at the perfect times to maintain engagement.

The story’s pacing overall flowed well, with the romance and action seamlessly intertwined. The cliffhanger ending definitely left me eager for the next chapter!

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Characters in My Professor Is My Alpha Mate

Lila is a compelling heroine – intelligent, principled, and brave while still believably insecure at times. Her determination to master her abilities and confusion over her attraction to Enzo felt genuine.

Enzo initially seems gruff and emotionless but has hidden depths. His traumatic past and conflict between duty and desire made him intriguing. I enjoyed discovering his caring side, such as comforting Lila after an argument.

Lila’s bold best friend Rachel provided some witty comic relief. I also appreciated the complexity given to the mean girl, Sarah. However, pop star Bethany’s vain personality veered into caricature at times. Showing more of her vulnerable side could have made her more relatable.

The dialogue and inner thoughts effectively reveal the characters’ emotions and motivations. The dual perspectives of Lila and Enzo enhanced the yearning and misunderstandings between them.

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World of My Professor Is My Alpha Mate

The world of shifters and supernatural creatures was well-constructed through details like the Volana’s advanced abilities and the wolfbane plant. I was easily able to suspend disbelief and become immersed in this paranormal realm.

The hierarchical werewolf pack structure headed by elite Alphas and the tensions between wolf shifters, vampires, and other Downworlder creatures made the paranormal world feel well-constructed. The magical elements were blended seamlessly into modern life. The history and full extent of rare Volana wolves’ powers are revealed slowly.

The moon goddess religion and rules about finding one’s fated mate added engaging cultural elements. Descriptions of the academy classes and powers training enhanced the immersive experience.

While the shifter world itself wasn’t wholly original, the specific details and seamless integration with romance and mystery made it captivating. There’s still ample room to expand the mythology and surroundings in future installments.

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Romantic Scenes in My Professor Is My Alpha Mate

Romantic Scenes in My Professor Is My Alpha Mate

From simmering emotional tension to sizzling physical encounters, this novel delivered on the romance in spades. The forbidden teacher-student dynamic amplified the yearning. Caroline Above Story excels at writing scintillating scenes ranging from a stolen kiss to a secret passionate embrace.

A few favorite moments were Lila healing Enzo, their moonlit forest conversation where hidden feelings emerge, and the scorching scene where he pulls her into a darkened hall at the dance. The vivid description and emotions evoked definitely heated up the pages!

The misunderstandings and mistakes preventing them from sharing their desire made the payoff of romantic scenes even more satisfying. I was rooting for these fated mates to finally give in to their obvious attraction and admit their true feelings.

However, the hot chemistry is offset by the slow mate bond character development. Lila and Enzo take the entire book to overcome trust issues, past traumas, and communication failures dragging out the ‘will they, won’t they’ tension. The back-and-forth melodrama risks frustrating readers seeking relationship progression. More quiet intimate conversations and bonding scenes could have balanced the conflicts.

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My Professor Is My Alpha Mate delivered an entertaining and steamy escape into the tumultuous romance between a headstrong university student and her reluctant werewolf professor mate. I became invested in Lila and Enzo’s rocky supernatural love story despite occasionally wanting to shake some sense into them. For paranormal romance fans seeking an angsty slow-burn mate bond, and forbidden teacher/student attraction, THIS IS IT.

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