Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again Chapter Summary

Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again

Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again by Brother Ling follows Qiao Nian, who discovers her true affluent lineage after living as a fake daughter in the Qiao family for 18 years. As news spreads, the elite families eagerly anticipate her downfall. However, they are surprised to learn that Qiao Nian’s biological parents are not impoverished teachers but a professor and a wealthy brother who willingly bow before their grandpa.

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In this captivating tale filled with secrets and romance, Qiao Nian’s transformation from a fake daughter to a powerful figure challenges societal expectations. As she embraces her true identity, she defies her haters and deftly navigates the realm of wealth and influence. Alongside her top brother and devoted partner, she faces the scrutiny and envy of the elite, ultimately triumphing over adversity and finding love

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Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again PDF

Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again PDF

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Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again Chapter 1

Qiao Nian prepares to leave her adoptive family’s home, as her biological parents are supposedly coming to pick her up. However, her adoptive brother Qiao Chen questions the legitimacy of their arrival, speculating that they may be paupers.

Qiao Nian is hurt by this comment, as she recently discovered that she is only a foster child adopted by the Qiao Family to serve as a blood bag for Qiao Chen, who suffers from a rare blood disease. Qiao Nian’s anger is further fueled by the revelation that her identity was only exposed to save Qiao Chen’s reputation at her birthday party.

The chapter concludes with Qiao Nian receiving money from her adoptive father as she prepares to leave for Luohe County, fearing that her education and prospects will be severely affected.

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Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again Chapter 2

Qiao Nian, a disobedient child, cuts ties with the Qiao family. Despite their attempts to persuade her, Qiao Nian refuses to accept any belongings or money. Angrily, the Qiao family watches her leave.

Meanwhile, Jiang Li waits in a car, being reminded of the pressure to bring Qiao Nian home to marry Ye Wangchuan. Concerned about their compatibility, Jiang Li anxiously observes Qiao Nian approaching. He is captivated by her fair skin and cold demeanor, acknowledging her undeniable beauty.

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Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again Chapter 3

The protagonist, Qiao Nian, reflects on her complicated relationship with the Qiao family. While speaking to a friend on the phone, she reveals that she was used by the Qiao family to treat her sister’s illness and was then subsequently abandoned when she was no longer beneficial to them.

Despite this, Qiao Nian remains composed and decides to search for her biological parents to discover her true identity. Meanwhile, Qiao Nian meets Jiang Li, her cousin, who assists her with her belongings. Qiao Nian finds Jiang Li familiar but is unable to recall where she has seen him before. Ready to reunite with her family, Qiao Nian agrees to go to Waterside Loft with Jiang Li and another friend joining later.

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Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again Chapter 4

Qiao Nian evades Jiang Li’s help with her bags as they head to their car. Confused by her actions, Jiang Li opens the backseat door for her. Qiao Nian, who has no memory of her biological parents, posted her information online, leading to contact from someone who knows her parents are teachers in Luohe County.

As Qiao Nian enters the car, she realizes it is an expensive model worth two million yuan. They are joined by Ye Wangchuan, Jiang Li’s friend, who appears aloof but wears beaded Buddhist bracelets. Qiao Nian shyly greets him, surprised by his meek response. During the ride to Waterside Loft, Jiang Li tries to make Qiao Nian feel comfortable, while Ye Wangchuan remains silent but leaves a strong impression.

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Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again Chapter 5

Qiao Nian from Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again

Qiao Nian finds herself in Waterside Loft, where she encounters a familiar yet shocking group of people – her biological family and the influential Fu family. Qiao Weimin confronts her presence, questioning why she has followed them to the restaurant and causing trouble.

Despite Qiao Weimin’s frustration, Qiao Nian remains silent as a man, Grandpa Ye, unexpectedly supports her by preventing Qiao Weimin from offering her money. This surprises Qiao Nian as she dislikes physical contact, but under the watchful eyes of her family, she acquiesces and enters a private room. The Qiaos are shocked by the apparent disparity in status between the two rooms.

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Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again Chapter 6

Qiao Chen’s family accompanies him to the private room at Waterside Loft and is surprised by their ability to afford it. Inside, Qiao Nian meets the man who claims to be her biological grandfather and his emotional reaction convinces her of his sincerity.

Old Master Jiang introduces Qiao Nian to her father, Jiang Zongjin, a professor at Tsing Hua University. She tentatively calls him dad, which brings him to tears. Qiao Nian is also introduced to her second uncle, aunt, and elder sister with varying reactions. The family shares a meal where Qiao Nian opens up about her past.

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Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again Chapter 7

Qiao Nian, having dropped out of school for a year, shows little interest in high school or university. When asked about her choice, she hesitates before agreeing to attend Rao City High School. Though she didn’t want to stay in Rao City, she notices Old Master’s eagerness and nods. Ye Wangchuan offers to take care of her while staying in Rao City.

The mention of this catches Qiao Nian off guard, leading her to avoid eye contact with him. Meanwhile, in another room, the family discusses Qiao Nian’s situation, but Qiao Chen’s worries settle as she is reassured about her plans. The chapter concludes with the guests leaving and Qiao Chen confiding in Fu Ge about her slight headache.

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Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again Chapter 8

Qiao Chen reassures Fu Ge she is fine, suffering from a long-standing issue that fresh air will resolve. Fu Ge expresses concern and blames himself for not knowing. Qiao Chen, feeling comforted by Fu Ge, mentions seeing her sister at Waterside Loft and wonders if she couldn’t find a train ticket. Fu Ge speculates it’s possible while Qiao Chen worries about their strained sisterly relationship.

Fu Ge reassures Qiao Chen of his love and responsibility for her. Qiao Chen finds solace in Fu Ge’s coldness towards her sister. They encounter Qiao Nian at Waterside Loft, stunning Fu Ge. Qiao Weimin, Tang Wei, and Old Master Jiang join them, surprising the Qiao family with the Jiang family’s presence, indicating a difference in social status.

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Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again Chapter 9

Chapter 9 introduces the Jiang and Tang families as the most powerful families in the inner circle. Old Master Jiang, the esteemed figure of the Jiang family, returns to see his granddaughter, Qiao Nian, who captures everyone’s attention with her exceptional beauty. Tang Wei, impressed by Qiao Nian’s looks, engages in a polite conversation and gifts her a bracelet.

The surprise meeting between Qiao Nian and Old Master Jiang causes astonishment among the Qiao family members, especially Qiao Chen, who question their connection. As Qiao Nian leaves with Old Master Jiang, the family remains in shock. He Yujuan, unaware of Qiao Nian’s background, speculates that Old Master Jiang is just a teacher, not understanding the real story.

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Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again Chapter 10

Qiao Nian receives a call and reveals her desire to go somewhere. Although Jiang Xian wants her brother to drive Qiao Nian, Old Master Jiang asks Wangchuan instead. Jiang Xian tries to dissuade him, but Wangchuan offers to drive Qiao Nian.

This angers Jiang Xian, who wants to spend time with Wangchuan. Tang Wanru also suggests Jiang Li drive Qiao Nian. Despite this, Wangchuan insists on driving her, causing frustration among the others. Qiao Nian tries to avoid confrontation as she accompanies Wangchuan to her destination, Jiangnan View Road.

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