Chasing His Rejected Wife Chapter Summary

Chasing His Rejected Wife Chapter Summary

The story of Chasing His Rejected Wife by Rose revolves around a woman who discovers her pregnancy but hides it from her husband due to his lover returning. She must navigate the challenges of her unreciprocated love for him, and the complexities of their marriage as she decides how to handle her pregnancy.

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TitleChasing His Rejected Wife
ThemesLove-triangle, Second chance, Kickass heroine, Powerful, Boss, Drama, bxg, City
ReadAmazon | Dreame

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Chasing His Rejected Wife PDF

In Chapter 1 of “Chasing His Rejected Wife,” our protagonist grapples with a whirlwind of emotions.

Chasing His Rejected Wife Jessica and aiden

Leaning against a clinic wall, she is in disbelief over her unexpected pregnancy, her thoughts swirling between confusion and the need to confront Aiden, her husband. Inside the clinic, she clutched the ultrasound photo, a black and white mass representing both hope and turmoil.

Rushing out, she texts Aiden, a man known for his impatience and lack of warmth. As she joins him in their Mercedes, the air is thick with unspoken words and emotional distance. Her love for Aiden is unrequited, her heart aching as she recalls their only intimate night – marred by the shadow of his mistress, Elisa.

The chapter ends with her contemplating revealing her pregnancy, dreading the impending storm it might unleash on their already fragile marriage.

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Chapter 2 delves deeper into the complexities of their relationship. Aiden, a man she finds impenetrable, leaves her attempts to communicate about her pregnancy interrupted by a call from Elisa, deepening her feelings of invisibility and hurt.

The narrative then takes us through a flashback, revealing the bitter roots of their marriage – a union orchestrated by Aiden’s dying father, Julian, who knew of her feelings for Aiden but not Aiden’s indifference.

Their wedding night further solidified the cold reality; Aiden saw their marriage as a sham, a temporary arrangement borne out of familial obligation, leaving our protagonist trapped in a loveless, controlled marriage. Her isolation is palpable as she reflects on their current life, living more like strangers than spouses.

The chapter closes with Aiden’s curt dismissal of her attempt to discuss her pregnancy, heightening the emotional chasm between them.

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In Chapter 3, the protagonist’s vulnerability is laid bare during a stormy night. Alone and scared, she succumbs to childhood fears of thunderstorms, seeking solace in ice cream and television. Her solitude is interrupted by Aiden’s unexpected return.

Chasing His Rejected Wife

Mistaking him for a burglar, she confronts him with a remote control, an act that only deepens her embarrassment. Aiden’s indifference to her fears and the stark reality of their loveless marriage weighs heavily on her.

The chapter harks back to a tender memory of Aiden comforting her during a storm in their youth, a stark contrast to the present.

As Aiden inquires about what she wants to tell him, her hesitation captures the emotional distance and the unresolved tension surrounding her pregnancy.

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In Chapter 4, the protagonist, grappling with the complexities of her unexpected pregnancy and a failing marriage, decides to fly to Wisconsin for work. She strategically plans her departure to avoid confronting Aiden with her pregnancy.

As she prepares for Julian’s funeral, she’s pained by Aiden’s unresolved resentment towards his late father, further strained by his forced marriage to her. Her emotional turmoil is compounded when Aiden casually mentions he won’t be delivering a eulogy at his father’s funeral.

Amidst her internal struggle, she’s unable to reveal her pregnancy to Aiden, her fear and uncertainty holding her back.

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Chapters 5-6 unveils the deep emotional chasm in the protagonist’s marriage. Her world is rocked when she finds Elisa, Aiden’s lover, in their home, exuding comfort and familiarity with Aiden.

Chasing His Rejected Wife Julian and Aiden

As they prepare for Julian’s funeral, the protagonist is painfully aware of her outsider status, underscored by Elisa’s presence and her morning sickness. Vincent, Aiden’s friend, becomes concerned about her health, unknowingly amplifying her anxiety about revealing her pregnancy.

Aiden’s indifference to her well-being is evident, as he casually offers Elisa a shirt to wear after a minor accident.

The protagonist’s internal struggle is intense, torn between her love for Aiden and the painful reality of their marriage.

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Chapter 7 heightens the protagonist’s distress. As she prepares for the funeral, she discovers that the ultrasound picture is missing from her purse, adding to her anxiety.

The chapter portrays her emotional journey to Skye Manor for Julian’s funeral, filled with memories and the painful realization of her impending loss. Her feelings of isolation are intensified by the presence of Aiden and Elisa, whose relationship casts a shadow over her own.

The chapter concludes with a poignant moment, as she reflects on the loss of Julian and the uncertain future of her pregnancy and marriage, symbolized by the missing ultrasound picture.

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