Accepting My Twin Mates Chapter Summary

Accepting My Twin Mates

Accepting My Twin Mates by Unwise Owl revolves around Evie, who was born a rogue and looked down upon by the elite pack that took her in. Despite showing no signs of shifting, the Alpha and Luna had hoped she would become a strong warrior. At 23, Evie is labeled a wolfless Omega and serves the pack house.

Until a few weeks before winter’s full moon, a voice appears in her mind. Returning from a training trip, the twin Alpha heirs Astennu and Badru are hit by Evie’s intoxicating scent. Their eyes lock on the one she-wolf they had secretly admired for years but never paid attention to – Evie. The twins are now older and wiser, but can they make amends for their arrogant youth misdeeds? And how can Evie resist the powerful mate bond driving her Alphas insane with desire?

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Book TitleAccepting My Twin Mates
AuthorUnwise Owl
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
GenresDrama, Werewolf
TagsAlpha, Mate, Pack, Twins, Warrior, polyamory, fated mate, kickass heroine, drama, werewolves, pack, enemies to lovers, self discovery, slow burn

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Accepting My Twin Mates PDF

Accepting My Twin Mates PDF

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Accepting My Twin Mates Chapter 1

Accepting My Twin Mates pdf

Evie wakes up late for her morning duties in the pack house kitchens. As she rushes to get ready, she thinks back to how she has no wolf spirit like other werewolves. She lives in the Omega quarters with her only friend Lucy, who has been unwell since her first shift. When they arrive at the kitchen, the head housekeeper Janet reprimands Evie for being late and gives her extra cleaning duties. As Evie carries out breakfast, some warriors accidentally knock into her tray, covering her in yogurt and humiliating her in front of everyone.

Lucy tries to defend Evie when Janet scolds her, but Janet dismisses Lucy. Despite feeling unwell, Lucy insists on continuing her duties for the day. Evie worries for her friend’s health as Lucy has only seemed to deteriorate in the months since her first shift. The chapter is told from Evie’s point of view as an omega werewolf without a wolf spirit living in the pack. Her morning goes poorly and leaves her feeling embarrassed in front of the pack.

After being scolded by Janet, Evie helps serve breakfast but has a tray knocked into by some warriors, spilling yogurt all over her and the floor. This causes her further humiliation in front of the gathered pack members. As an omega without a wolf, Evie faces more difficulties and prejudice within the strict pack hierarchy.

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Accepting My Twin Mates Chapter 2

Evie works as a cook in the pack kitchen. When her supervisor Janet yells at her, Evie snaps and tells Janet to clean up a spilled tray herself. Surprising herself with her boldness, Evie leaves to clean up. Her friend Lucy finds her and jokes about her appearance, covered in yogurt. They laugh together.

The Luna of the pack, Qamar, asks to see them. She puts Lucy in charge of planning a welcome home party for her sons, the Alpha twins, who are returning soon. Evie is asked to assist Lucy and also to play piano at the event. Qamar warns Evie not to embarrass the pack again as she once did by playing an inappropriate song. Lucy and Evie then spend hours planning menus for the party.

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Accepting My Twin Mates Chapter 3

Evie trains with Tamlyn, the Gamma, and notices she is performing better than usual. This gives her hope that her wolf may finally emerge after all these years. However, she tries not to get her hopes up too much after so many disappointments. They discuss the upcoming party to welcome the twins back from their time away. Tamlyn mentions she thinks Evie’s secret crush may be reciprocated, though Evie refuses to believe it.

Tamlyn and Evie have a close friendship and can be blunt with each other. They joke about the twins, who Tamlyn says are getting their acts together. However, she expresses displeasure with Finley Jacobs, who will be returning with the twins and taking his place as future Beta. Finley has always been arrogant and disrespectful.

At the end of their training, Tamlyn pries details from Evie about helping plan the upcoming party. She tries to set Evie up with her past hookup Adrian or even pursue her alleged secret crush. But Evie insists neither possibility is feasible, refusing to acknowledge or believe Tamlyn’s claims about her secret crush possibly being returned.

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Accepting My Twin Mates Chapter 4

Evie wakes up to find her wolf, Evva, communicating with her for the first time. Evva explains that they are not ready to shift yet as something is missing. Evie excitedly tells her friend Lucy about getting her wolf through mind-linking. Lucy seems upset about an experience mind-linking and Evie wonders what Lucy is hiding from her. At the stables, Evie runs into Luna who is annoyed when Evva growls at a comment made about Evie. Evva defiantly does not want to show deference to Luna.

Evie covers Lucy’s shift at the stables and spends time with her favorite horse, Heru. When Luna sees Evie at the stables she is surprised but permits Evie to take Heru on a ride. As Evie rides, Evva makes inappropriate comments about wanting to ride some of the men in the pack, much to Evie’s embarrassment. Evva acknowledges that with Evie’s previous hookup partner now unavailable, they need to “ride something.”

Back in Evie’s room, Lucy comes to hear about Evie’s experience connecting with Evva. Evie tells Lucy that Evva says they are not ready to shift yet as something is missing. Lucy thinks this is strange as others usually shift right after connecting with their wolf.

They discuss Evie being able to mind-link now and Lucy warns her to be careful about broadcasting private thoughts to many people, sharing her own embarrassing experience.

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Accepting My Twin Mates Chapter 5

Evie POV

The party preparations were almost complete, with only fresh items like cakes left to prepare. Lucy was closely watching the other kitchen staff bake according to her recipes. Evie had convinced Lucy to see the shifting specialist again about her lingering symptoms. The doctor prescribed medication containing pain relief and diluted wolfsbane that would suppress Lucy’s wolf temporarily while her body adjusted to new hormone levels.

While wolfsbane was known to inhibit the link between human and wolf sides, causing pain, the amount in Lucy’s medication was safe and the painkillers managed any discomfort. It subdued her wolf so she couldn’t shift.

Evie suspected Lucy was hiding something big related to her symptoms. That night, Evie confronted Lucy and wouldn’t leave until she got the truth. Lucy revealed that Finley was her mate, confirming what Evie had worried was true.

Lucy explained that the next day after her first shift, when she had said she was tired, she had rejected Finley as her mate. Rejections were considered one of the most painful experiences for werewolves and Evie was stunned that Lucy had rejected her mate.

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Accepting My Twin Mates Chapter 6

Lucy confides in Evie about her failed attempt to reject Finley as her mate, revealing he has been abusing their broken bond connection to hurt her. His actions have worsened Lucy’s shifting sickness. Evie is furious with Finley and wants to help Lucy end the bond permanently. She suggests speaking to the Alpha and Beta to force Finley’s acceptance of the rejection.

Evie spends the night comforting Lucy. The next day, Janet tasks Evie with delivering laundry to the Alpha wing. When Evie enters the twins’ bedrooms to close the windows as requested, she is overwhelmed by their distinct scents which she realizes are her mates. Astennu smells of sweet tree sap while Badru carries scents of cinnamon and nutmeg. When Evie exits Badru’s room, she finds the twins watching her intensely at the end of the hall.

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Accepting My Twin Mates Chapter 7

Astennu and Badru are twin brothers returning home from a trip to their pack in Idaho. They are eager to return to their home in Washington after being away for several weeks. Astennu is particularly homesick and misses his horse Heru.

Badru dozes off in the backseat, sketching as usual. Their friend and future beta Finley drives and antagonizes Badru for fun. Astennu reprimands Finley, tired of his immature behavior.

Upon returning home, Astennu hopes to find his mate. He has saved himself for her despite Finley’s constant pushing to be more promiscuous. Astennu secretly hopes his mate may be Evie, a rogue-born woman in their pack who he feels deeply drawn to but has also hurt in the past.

As identical twins, he and Badru will likely share a mate bond with the same woman. Their long lives leave many years to find her before they fully take over leading their pack as alphas.

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Accepting My Twin Mates Chapter 8

Evie has just received her wolf and is releasing pheromones that draw the twins Badru and Astennu to her. They rush home sensing something is different and pick up on Evie’s scent. Their wolves become restless to find the source.

They learn Evie is at their home and run upstairs, nearly knocking each other over in their haste. They find Evie bursting out of Badru’s bedroom with a look of mixed emotions. When they see her eyes, they know she is their mate. Evie seems to realize this as well.

The chapter is from Badru’s point of view and gives insights into his relationship with his twin brother Astennu. Badru is more impulsive while Astennu is more planned and cautious.

They have avoided the advances of Catalina Rivera at Opal Sun where they stayed, as she was only interested in them for their status as allies to her father’s pack. The chapter establishes the growing bond between Evie and the twins as their true mates.

On the drive home with their friend Finley, tensions rise as Finley prods the twins about past relationships. Astennu has remained celibate waiting for his true mate while Badru feels regret for past decisions. As they near home both twins sense something is different and pick up on an intoxicating new scent, which is revealed to be Evie at their home.

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Accepting My Twin Mates Chapter 9

Evie realizes that Astennu and Badru are her mates, which sends her into a panic. She locks herself in Badru’s room but the twins try to get her to open the door to talk. Evie decides to escape through the window but realizes it is locked. She jumps down and runs into the snowy woods despite being poorly dressed for the cold weather. Evva, her wolf, thinks this is a foolish plan since the twins will hunt her as their mate.

While locked in the room, Evie argues with Evva about whether to confront the twins or keep running. Evva insists they need to face them but Evie is determined to flee. She struggles to open the stuck window until realizing it is locked. With the twins breaking down the door, Evie climbs out and drops to the ground, taking off into the forest despite Evva calling her previous suggestion sarcastic.

As Evie runs through the snowy woods trying to escape, she realizes how foolish her plan is as her feet grow numb and her body chills in her thin clothing. Evva points out that as alphas, the twins are made to hunt and as their mate, Evie is essentially their prey, questioning how far she expects to get running from them.

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Accepting My Twin Mates Chapter 10

Badru and Astennu chase after Evie as she runs from their family home into the forest. They catch up to her and a fight ensues, with Evie managing to kick Badru in the groin and headbutt Astennu in the nose, injuring them both. Badru insists on a timeout to deal with the pain in his groin. Astennu tends to his bloody nose with snow and convinces Evie to return with them, promising just to talk. They shift into wolves to give Evie a ride back as she is cold, with Evie choosing to ride on Astennu’s back.

Back at the house, Astennu tries to persuade Evie to let Badru carry her up the trellis to his window, but she insists on climbing herself. Badru continues making crude jokes and advances, angering both Evie and Astennu. Astennu punches Badru’s arm, tired of his behavior, and offers to help Evie climb up instead to talk to her properly.

Inside, the intense feelings from the newly formed mate bond between Evie and the twins are overwhelming them all. Astennu finds Evie breathtakingly beautiful but is battling his urges due to past guilt, while Badru is unashamedly aroused. Their wolves are equally enthralled by Evie’s potent scent and the tingles from the bond.

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