Full Marks Hidden Marriage ( Chapter Summary )

Full Marks Hidden Marriage

The full name of this novel is Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband. This novel has 2164 chapters and is completed. It is one of the first romance web novels I read and is highly recommended.

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Let’s start the summary.

Full Marks Hidden Marriage Chapter 1

Ning Xi was having a spicy dream about her night with Su Yan when she got drunk and frisky. The nurse woke Sleeping Beauty up and was like “Girl, take your pregnancy test results!”

Ning Xi was waiting for Su Yan to come back from studying abroad. She was pregnant with his baby but they hadn’t talked much because he was off in the middle of nowhere. Ning Xi was feeling nervous about telling Su Yan since he didn’t seem thrilled when she told him the bun was in the oven.

Ning Xi

Ning Xi left the hospital and was about to call a taxi when Ning Xueluo came racing up in her flashy sports car like a red hot chili pepper. Ning Xueluo got all up in Ning Xi’s grill, saying she hoped she’d crash into her and kill the “bastard” baby. Ning Xi was like “Girl, you crazy!”

But then Ning Xueluo dropped a spicy bombshell – the dude Ning Xi slept with that night wasn’t Su Yan at all! Ning Xi was shaken. She realized that the mystery man’s body didn’t match Su Yan’s. Ning Xi felt cold as ice, wondering who the baby daddy really was!

Full Marks Hidden Marriage Chapter 2

Ning Xueluo dropped a bomb on Ning Xi – that drunk night, she spiked Ning Xi’s drink and got random dudes for her. Ning Xi was shocked and grabbed Ning Xueluo, asking why she screwed her over.

But then Su Yan showed up. Ning Xueluo played the victim, saying don’t blame Brother Yan. Ning Xi was so mad she pushed Ning Xueluo.

Su Yan helped Ning Xueluo up and was cold to Ning Xi. He said he couldn’t marry Ning Xi because he loved Ning Xueluo now. He knew the truth all along but lied to protect Ning Xueluo.

Ning Xi was devastated. Her life was a joke – she did everything for Su Yan but he said “I can’t let Ning Xueluo down.” HA! After everything she did!

Ning Xi was so depressed she walked into traffic. Su Yan hesitated to save her because Ning Xueluo stopped him. A car hit Ning Xi and she fell, bleeding from her head.

Full Marks Hidden Marriage Chapter 3

5 years later, Ning Xi is at a bar with her manager Chang Li. Chang Li tells Ning Xi she can’t audition for a big role, even though the Ning family company manages her.

Ning Xi realizes it’s because Ning Xueluo wants the part. Chang Li says the role is decided and will go to Ning Xueluo. She warns Ning Xi not to “rob her role”.

Chang Li gets mad and locks Ning Xi in the storeroom, taking her phone! Ning Xi decides she needs to leave the company.

Then Ning Xi hears a sound – there’s a little boy hiding in the storeroom! The kid is a precious little bun, shivering in fear.

Ning Xi tries to talk to him but Little Bun is too scared to speak. When the light goes out, Little Bun’s teeth start chattering in fear of the dark!

Ning Xi laughs at the cowardly Little Bun. She goes over to comfort him.

Full Marks Hidden Marriage Chapter 4

Little Bun was scared of Ning Xi at first. But after she took a nap ignoring him, he got curious and clung to her like a timid cat.

Ning Xi realized Little Bun had a fever. Uh oh! Chang Li was gonna keep her locked up, so Little Bun needed help.

Ning Xi found a skylight and put Little Bun on a ladder to escape. She told him to get help but the loyal Little Bun refused!

Ning Xi forced Little Bun out the window. As she got off the ladder, she got dizzy and took a tragic fall!

Little Bun was horrified as Ning Xi lay pale and weak on the ground. But have no fear, Ning Xi is tough as nails after everything she’s endured!

She may die, but at least she saved Little Bun, unlike her own child who died 5 years ago. Sob!

Full Marks Hidden Marriage Chapter 5

The owner of Eden Wine Bar was shaking in his boots because Little Treasure, the precious son of the rich Lu family, had gone missing at his bar!

Lu Jingli, Little Treasure’s uncle, was bawling and begging for forgiveness from Little Treasure’s icy dad Lu Tingxiao. Lu Tingxiao kicked him – ouch!

Suddenly Little Treasure returned! Lu Jingli sobbed and crushed him in a hug. Lu Tingxiao pried his son away and followed where Little Treasure pointed.

They arrived at a storeroom door. Little Treasure banged anxiously. The manager freaked out because she locked Ning Xi inside!

She had to open it. They saw unconscious Ning Xi inside! The owner raged but the manager lied she knew nothing.

Little bun Full Marks Hidden Marriage

Little Treasure leaped to protect Ning Xi, not letting anyone near her. He’s attached to the pretty lady who helped him escape!

You can read Chapter 6 on Webnovel. Both Novel and Comic version of this story is available.

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