His Dark Obsession Chapter Summary

His Dark Obsession

His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse follows Evangeline Rose, an omega without any memories of her past. Raised by the Alpha of the Silver Mountain pack, she keeps her desires hidden, grateful for the life she has. However, when she reaches adulthood, her world is shattered by those she trusts, leading her into the clutches of a beast—the ruthless and dangerous Alpha Prince. Desperate to escape, she finds herself trapped with no apparent way out.

As recurring nightmares intensify, foreshadowing a terrifying truth, Evangeline must uncover the mysteries plaguing her life before they consume her. Fate weaves a tangled web between the prince of darkness and the orphan omega, their worlds on a collision course. Secrets, lies, and a forgotten curse come into play, forcing them on a journey fraught with passion, hatred, and temptation. Amid a forced union, old flames, and manipulation, Evangeline finds herself immersed in a game beyond her control. Will she overcome the challenges or fall victim to those around her?

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Book TitleHis Dark Obsession
AuthorMoonlight Muse
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
TagsAlpha, Kickass, Love, Mate

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His Dark Obsession PDF

His Dark Obsession PDF

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His Dark Obsession Chapter 1

image of Evangeline from His Dark Obsession

Eighteen-year-old Evangeline, an omega in a werewolf pack, is disheartened when she fails to shift on her birthday, a crucial milestone for a werewolf. As the weakest member of the pack, Evangeline’s options are already limited, but her inability to shift only worsens her situation. Feeling useless, she grapples with the disappointment of Alpha Aeron’s son, Sinclair, and fears he is disgusted by her. Despite her inner turmoil, Evangeline tries to maintain a facade of gratitude during her birthday party, organized by her caring grandmother, Philomena. However, Evangeline’s hopes of Sinclair’s presence are dashed, and she is left heartbroken by his absence.

During the party, Evangeline is approached by a group of older she-wolves, some of whom are higher-ranked than her. They inquire about Sinclair’s whereabouts, making it clear that they are interested in him rather than Evangeline herself. Feeling inadequate and humiliated, Evangeline excuses herself from the conversation, unable to bear the snide remarks and judgmental glances directed at her. Hurt by Sinclair’s broken promise and the indifference of others, Evangeline leaves the party disheartened and in pain.

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His Dark Obsession Chapter 2

Sinclair from His dark obsession web novel

Evangeline, an Omega, enters the bathroom feeling disappointed that Sinclair, the person she’s been waiting for, isn’t there. She examines herself in the mirror, reflecting on her appearance and insecurities. Just as she is about to leave the bathroom, her nemesis, Celia, enters with her friends and begins to bully Evangeline about her weight and status as an Omega.

Evangeline endures the bullying silently, fully aware that she is adopted by Alpha Aeron and does not want to upset him. Celia continues to taunt Evangeline, demeaning her and making vulgar suggestions about her relationship to Sinclair. Eventually, Celia and her friends leave when another woman enters the bathroom. Evangeline forces a smile and leaves the bathroom, heading towards the garden for some fresh air.

As Evangeline walks, she overhears a conversation between Grandmother Philomena and Alpha Aeron about Evangeline. They discuss Sinclair’s interest in her and express concern over his emotional attachment. Grandmother Philomena insists that Evangeline needs to be removed, and Alpha Aeron reluctantly agrees. Evangeline listens in terror, realizing her world is about to come crashing down, just when she thought her birthday couldn’t get any worse.

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His Dark Obsession Chapter 3

Grandmother Philomena and Alpha Aeron discuss potential women for Alpha Sinclair to choose as his Luna. Evangeline overhears the conversation and feels hurt and confused, wondering why her grandmother dislikes her. She contemplates leaving before being forced out by Alpha Aeron. Evangeline recounts how Sinclair found her in a bloodied town years ago and how she was adopted into their pack. Feeling devastated and alone, Evangeline runs into the garden where Sinclair finds her. Though she knows they can’t be together, Sinclair kisses her passionately, but the intensity becomes too much for Evangeline, and she pushes him away. Sinclair becomes angry and demanding, questioning her behavior. Evangeline realizes that Sinclair only wants her for her body and feels used and betrayed. She understands that to him, she is just a submissive Omega.

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His Dark Obsession Chapter 4

Evangeline is feeling hurt and foolish after an encounter with Sinclair, the man she thought she loved. Sinclair admits that he sees her as nothing more than a side companion because she is an omega. Nevertheless, the softened look in his eyes confuses Evangeline. Just as she starts to question her reaction, Grandmother Philomena interrupts their conversation, offering Evangeline a way to escape the painful situation by taking her to a ball the following evening.

The next day, Evangeline wakes up exhausted and filled with uncertainty about how Sinclair will respond to their previous encounter. She decides to spend the day cleaning the mansion to avoid him. While cleaning, she catches sight of Sinclair training shirtless in the gardens. Overwhelmed by the events of the previous night, Evangeline contemplates her feelings for him. Suddenly, Grandmother Philomena calls for Evangeline, scolding her for her messy state. She insists on having a beautician fix her up for the ball, reminding Evangeline that despite being an omega, she should still act like a lady. Feeling the weight of her disappointment, Evangeline obediently heads to her room, desperate to escape her judgmental eyes.

As the chapter ends, Evangeline wonders if her actions have turned Grandmother Philomena against her and if she will ever be able to escape being seen solely as an omega.

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His Dark Obsession Chapter 5

At the Alpha of Alphas’ ball, Evangeline arrives as Grandmother Philomena’s guest and assistant. As they navigate the castle, Evangeline can’t shake the feeling of unease. The arrival of Alpha King Ambrose Vilkas and his queen causes everyone to lower their heads, and Evangeline steals a glance at the Luna, who exudes an aura of strength. The announcement of the Vilkas princes follows, but the absence of the third prince, known as a monster, is a relief to many. Just as Alpha Ambrose is about to speak, the doors swing open with a loud bang, revealing Zedkiel, the most powerful and feared of the Vilkas sons. Evangeline feels paralyzed with fear as she recognizes him as the man from her nightmares.

As Zedkiel descends the stairs, exuding dominance, everyone averts their gaze, but Evangeline is unable to break her stare. His cold indifference is palpable, but she remains transfixed until he finally looks away and continues through the room, his menacing aura leaving the entire room in silence. Terrified, Evangeline realizes that Zedkiel is the man who haunts her nightmares.

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His Dark Obsession Chapter 6

Evangeline finds herself attending a grand ball with her formidable grandmother, Philomena. However, her thoughts are fixated on Zedkiel Vilkas, a d$$$$$$t figure who commands respect and fear from everyone present. Caught in her musings, Evangeline incurs her grandmother’s wrath, who reprimands her for her lack of manners. As Evangeline tries to apologize, she reflects on her growing attraction towards Zedkiel and the unsettling connection between him and the man from her recurring nightmares.

At dinner, Evangeline is seated at a table with other important omegas, but her mind remains preoccupied. When questioned by Lucia, one of the omegas, about who she belongs to, Evangeline realizes that her grandmother may see her as a gift to the royal family. Frightened by the prospect, Evangeline’s fears intensify when she witnesses Zedkiel violently confront and harm Sinclair. Desperate to protect Sinclair, Evangeline bravely pleads for his release, only to face Zedkiel’s terrifying wrath herself. As the Alphas and royals watch in fear, it becomes apparent that Zedkiel’s power holds an intimidating sway over all.

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His Dark Obsession Chapter 7

Evangeline finds herself in a difficult situation when her grandmother offers her as compensation to Prince Zedkiel for insulting him. Evangeline pleads with her grandmother and Alpha Aeron to save her, but their attempts are futile. As Zedkiel claims her as his own, Evangeline feels helpless and alone, realizing that no one cares about her. She desperately tries to speak up for herself, but Zedkiel silences her and threatens to harm her if she defies him again.

Fearing for her life, Evangeline searches for a way to escape. She discovers a window in Zedkiel’s room and decides to climb down the castle wall, determined to run away from Dark Falls. Eventually, Evangeline reaches the Welhaven manor, her former home, and prepares to leave. Emotional and torn, she says goodbye to the place that no longer wants her and steals a car from the staff quarters to make her escape. With the rain pouring down, Evangeline is resolved to save herself from Zedkiel’s clutches before he can harm her further.

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His Dark Obsession Chapter 8

Evangeline finds herself lost and desperate to escape from a dangerous situation. With no phone and her captors likely searching for her, fear and betrayal consume her. Evangeline drives through treacherous conditions, her panic heightened by the heavy rain and poor visibility. Determined to avoid going back, she pushes the limits of her driving skills, but ultimately loses control of the car.

As the car hurtles down a mountainside, Evangeline braces for the worst. Miraculously, she survives the crash, although she is injured and trapped in the wreckage. Panic sets in as she realizes the car is on fire, and she frantically tries to free herself. In her desperate state, she calls out for help, only to be confronted by the man she was trying to escape from.

The mysterious, beast-like man taunts Evangeline, reveling in her fear and vulnerability. He asserts his dominance and hints at the darkness that awaits her. Despite her pleading, he shows no mercy, promising to break her both physically and mentally. Overwhelmed and terrified, Evangeline succumbs to the darkness, unsure of her fate.

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His Dark Obsession Chapter 9

Zedkiel gazes down at the woman who tried to escape him, questioning the healer about her condition. Despite her disobedience, he feels a strange pull towards her, even though he believes it’s unlikely that he has a fated mate. Zedkiel plans to take her as a way to torment his rival, Sinclair, who desires her. He is intrigued by her innocence and is determined to make her his own.

Meanwhile, the healer explains that she hasn’t healed because she hasn’t shifted into her wolf form or doesn’t have a wolf at all. Zedkiel becomes angry and dismisses the healer, focusing his attention back on the woman. He grabs her jaw, causing her pain, and warns her not to try to run again. He lets go of her, knowing she is too weak to escape, and notices her multiple injuries. When she pleads to be released, Zedkiel threatens her, reminding her that he is a ruthless monster and that her life is in his hands.

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His Dark Obsession Chapter 10

Zedkiel is confronted by a woman who pleads with him not to harm those who discarded her. Feeling angered and intrigued by her, Zedkiel storms out of the room for some fresh air. Flashing back to a dinner with other alpha heirs, Zedkiel’s anger grows when Sinclair insults him about not being chosen as the future ruler. The flashback reveals Zedkiel’s disappointment during his Blood Ritual, a ceremony where the next king is chosen. Moving forward, Zedkiel’s father warns him about the dangers of drawing attention to himself. Disregarding his father’s concern, Zedkiel affirms his strength as a Lycan and dismisses the importance of family. Hungry for power, he leaves to let out his savage nature.

Tension and intrigue continue to build around Zedkiel. The woman’s plea resonates with him, stirring both anger and fascination within him. Flashbacks to a dinner with other alpha heirs show his frustration at not being chosen as the future ruler. Despite his father’s warning, Zedkiel believes in the power of the Lycans and dismisses the significance of family and acceptance. His hunger for power grows, and he heads out to unleash his fierce and savage nature.

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