Their Warrior Luna by Lisa Thomas Review: She is Like No ONE

Their Warrior Luna by Lisa Thomas

Their Warrior Luna by Lisa Thomas is a werewolf romance novel about a fierce and determined protagonist and her journey to fight against injustice and fears. Embark on an enthralling journey alongside the spirited and inspirational protagonist, Harley Ashwood, and witness the enchanting world of the Clearwater pack.

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This book is a remarkable blend of fantasy, romance, and suspense that promises to keep you engrossed from beginning to end.


Their Warrior Luna by Lisa Thomas Review

Their Warrior Luna by Lisa Thomas Review

The Intriguing Plot

Harley Ashwood, our resilient sixteen-year-old heroine, begins her journey in the nightmare of high school. Her life changes dramatically when two boys reject her as their mate, leading her down a path of self-determination and power discovery.

After a decade away, Harley returns to her pack, The Clearwater, in the wake of her parents’ tragic demise. She must face her past, confront the boys who disregarded her, and fend off threats from rogues and vampires, all while wrestling with her feelings toward her erstwhile companions.

The second part of the series introduces a new protagonist.

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Vivid and Engaging Characters

Lisa Thomas goes to great lengths to develop her characters. Harley’s transformation from a shy girl to a brave warrior is as motivating as it is mesmerizing. The twins, Axel and Atlas, add a layer of tension and complexity to the plot. Harley’s relationships with them are wrought with emotion and bittersweet moments, keeping readers invested in their intertwined destinies.

Memorable Chapter Highlights

Their Warrior Luna is filled with unforgettable moments that add depth and excitement to the narrative. Chapter 8, for instance, sees Harley confronting Axel and Atlas in an emotionally charged showdown.

In Chapter 6, we witness Harley’s prowess in combat against the rogues, showcasing her strength and courage.

The chilling glimpse into Harley’s past in Chapter 5 offers readers a taste of the hardships that shaped her into the warrior she becomes.

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The Thread of Romance

The romantic undercurrent in Their Warrior Luna is as captivating as the action-packed plot. Harley’s intricate relationships with Axel and Atlas unfold amidst trials of rejection and heartbreak, adding an element of poignant sweetness to the story. Harley’s resilience fans the flame of romance, ensuring we remain riveted by their complex relationships.


In conclusion, Their Warrior Luna by Lisa Thomas is a compelling exploration of love, power, and resilience. The book skillfully intertwines elements of fantasy and romance, offering more than just a typical werewolf tale.

The story emphasizes the strength and spirit necessary to navigate adversity and personal growth. This enthralling read is a must for lovers of paranormal fiction, romantics at heart, and anyone looking for an emotional thrill ride.

Step into Harley’s world and let her adventures whisk you away into a realm as compelling as it is captivating.

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Their Warrior Luna Chapter 1

In Chapter 1 of Their Warrior Luna, we meet Harley, an intelligent and special werewolf teenager who is transitioning from years of homeschooling to a high school filled with supernatural students. On her first day, she struggles to navigate the social landscape of this unique school, full of an array of stereotypical groups and the pervasive smell of sweet perfume.

Despite skipping her junior and freshman years due to a test requested by the alpha, Harley finds herself out of place, exacerbated by her struggle to control her inner wolf which surfaced six years earlier, a secret known only to her and her family. She faces typical high school challenges, like finding her locker and dealing with her older brother Denny’s friendly teasing, but also uniquely supernatural ones, like keeping her early surfaced wolf a secret and the frenzy the Alpha Grimm’s twin sons, Atlas and Axel, create in her.

As Harley prepares for her first class, she’s filled with apprehension and dread. However, she soon finds herself seated next to Axel, which leads to an uncomfortable reunion. Despite this, she successfully manages to get through her first class without drawing too much attention to herself. A stop in the bathroom afterward reveals the gossip culture of her new school, adding another layer of complexity to Harley’s new environment.

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Their Warrior Luna Chapter 2

In Chapter 2, Harley grapples with her emotions and the complexities of high school life, particularly dealing with Alpha Grimm’s twin sons, Atlas and Axel.

The chapter kicks off with Harley finding herself at the receiving end of Atlas’s help at her locker, leading to a surprising burst of defiance from her side. Her efforts to fit into her new environment are humorously hampered by a trip and fall incident, serving as an ice-breaker for the chapter’s light-hearted tone.

The narrative shifts gears as Denny, Harley’s brother, joins her for lunch and warns her about the twins’ impending wolf transitions. The siblings’ camaraderie shines during lunchtime, further adding a layer of familial warmth to the chapter.

However, Harley’s tolerance for the blonde girl’s flirtations with Atlas reaches its breaking point, resulting in a heated confrontation. Harley’s spunky attitude takes center stage as she retorts back, leaving the readers rooting for her.

The chapter concludes on a dramatic note when Harley accidentally walks in on Atlas in an intimate situation with the blonde girl, leaving her in a turmoil of repulsion and fascination.

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Their Warrior Luna Chapter 5

In Chapter 5 of “Their Warrior Luna”, we delve deeper into Harley’s everyday life and the aftermath of a heart-wrenching tragedy.

Harley begins her day wrestling with a terror-stricken dream and panic-inducing thoughts of the Grimm twins. To distract herself, she turns her focus on the routine tasks, embodying her warrior spirit by training the pack, alongside her friend Andrew.

We get a glimpse into Harley’s bond with Byron and Andrew, her best friends, and integral parts of her life since the incident that brought her into the Evergreen pack. Their banter, company, and support showcase a deeper level of trust, underlining Harley’s strength and resilience.

Despite her strength, we discover Harley’s vulnerability – her dormant wolf. As a consequence of a mysterious incident, Harley’s inability to shift manifests her struggle to keep her fear and anger in check.

Midway through a dinner celebration, Harley’s peaceful evening shatters with a phone call from her brother Denny. A wave of dread washes over Harley as she learns of her parents’ demise in a rogue attack.

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Their Warrior Luna Chapter 9

In Chapter 9, Harley wakes up to her friend Denny calling her for training. They get coffee, interact briefly with Nathan, and then go to their training field. There, they meet two girls who have caused Harley pain in the past.

The day’s training consists of a rigorous exercise known as the “devil’s mile”. Harley performs exceptionally well, driven by her anger towards the girls and the boys who broke her heart. She ends up running farther than the others and is found by Denny and Drake, who are impressed with her.

The chapter concludes with a tense moment as Harley is left alone with the boys she has a complicated past.

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