Alpha Markus Chapter Summary

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Alpha Markus by Emm E. Goshal follows Celeste, the Alpha daughter, who was orphaned at age 8. She has lived in hiding as an omega for 11 years. During a full moon party, she realizes Alpha Markus is her mate.

Joining his pack changes her life, but secrets threaten her newfound peace. She must face enemies targeting her Aztec bloodline.

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TitleAlpha Markus
ReadAmazon | Dreame
AuthorEmm E. Goshal
GenresShifter, Mate, Kickass Heroine, Luna, Werewolves, Abuse, Special Ability, Weak to Strong, Neglected

Alpha Markus Chapter Summary

alpha markus and celeste

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Alpha Markus Prologue Chapter

Celeste in Alpha Markus

The prologue is told from 11-year-old Celeste’s point of view. She witnesses the brutal takeover of her pack by the rival Alpha Geoff and his pack. Despite feeling her father’s death through their mind link, Celeste pushes through the crowd to see for herself.

She finds Alpha Geoff standing over her father’s body, holding his severed head. Her mother Luna is on her knees in despair. Alpha Geoff declares he now controls their pack and that Luna belongs to him.

When Celeste’s mother sees her in the crowd, she sends Celeste a private message to stay hidden and keep her gifts a secret. Celeste then has a vision of her mother committing suicide, which then occurs. Alpha Geoff orders all unmated females and young males to be taken, and the rest of the pack killed.

Celeste is carried away and protected by her father’s gamma, Lucian. He tells her to lie about her identity and say she is his daughter if questioned. Lucian promises to try to save Celeste but then sacrifices himself by jumping off a cliff to escape, as Celeste cries on the cliff edge. She is later found unconscious by unknown people.

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Alpha Markus Chapter 1

The chapter begins 11 years after the events of the prologue. Celeste wakes up in her small room at the Packhouse, where she has been living as a s$$$e since she was a child.

She communicates mentally with her wolf Kara, who encourages her to have faith in her gift and their strength. Celeste remains skeptical as her premonitions are unreliable and cause her pain.

Through flashbacks, it’s revealed Celeste concealed her true identity and lineage when brought before Alpha Geoff after her family was murdered. She has posed as the orphaned daughter of the former Gamma to survive.

Celeste reflects on the fate of the children taken after the attack. Many go missing after reaching adulthood, believed to be killed or turned into rogue werewolves if not mated. She worries this will be her fate next year.

Kara believes in their power but Celeste wants only to escape with her life. They practice a secret “backup plan”. Celeste continues her daily life of servitude at the Packhouse as an Omega, hiding her shifting abilities and true nature.

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Alpha Markus Chapter 2

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Celeste wakes before dawn to begin her daily tasks in the Packhouse. She prefers this time alone without harassment from the residents. After cleaning and preparing an enormous breakfast spread, Celeste begins prepping for upcoming meals.

Cooking is her favorite duty, bringing her joy despite the circumstances. While working, Celeste hears the household stirring and quickly finishes to escape upstairs. However, she is summoned to the kitchen by an Omega with a message – Alpha Geoff has called a meeting.

Dreading the usual threats of violence, Celeste hurries to the kitchen. Alpha Geoff announces his daughter Sandra has recently shifted into her wolf form. Unmated alphas and betas from surrounding packs are coming to see if they are Sandra’s mate during the next full moon.

Celeste suspects none will want the cruel Sandra as a mate. She is given charge of the visit’s meals to impress. Celeste selects a helper while planning delicious menus. She relishes her solitary afternoons tending the Luna’s garden, finding rare moments of peace in the magical space. But her duties controlling the visit leave no time to escape to her secret sanctuary.

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Alpha Markus Chapter 3

Celeste is exhausted from the double duties and lack of sleep preparing for the important visit. She has little time to escape to her sanctuary garden. Her premonitions are causing painful migraines without time to recover.

Celeste is too tired to let her wolf Kara run free, angering Kara but also making their connection unstable. She worries her secret will be discovered if her control slips. Planning the extensive menu helps take Celeste’s mind off her strain.

The other omegas will be served so Celeste can focus on cooking with her helper Maya. Tested dishes have gotten good reviews so far. Strangely, no one has beaten the omegas in a week to cover upcoming marks during the visit.

New clothes are given though Celeste’s revealing her bust more makes her uneasy. The day of arrival comes but Celeste is exhausted. She checks in with Kara who is eagerly awaiting the events, though Celeste feels more hesitation about what is to come.

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Alpha Markus Chapter 4

The chapter introduces Markus, the Alpha of the Spirit Moon pack. He is reluctant to attend the gathering at Blood Moon pack but his Beta Gillian insists he needs a break.

Markus’ wolf Atlas agrees they need recon on the Blood Moon pack due to rumors of cruelty. Markus is skeptical of finding a mate there and avoids the bond because of his father’s painful past.

Gillian struggles to control his wolf Otto’s anger towards the Blood Moon pack’s treatment of women. They hope to find proof to build allies against Blood Moon.

Markus learns there will be 12 pack leaders coming, hoping for high-rank mates for the Alpha’s daughter. But few unmated females exist in the Blood Moon pack since the Alpha culled potential threats.

As their arrival nears, Markus wonders if the sun ever shines on the females trapped within Blood Moon territory. He is determined to uncover the truth of their situation.

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Alpha Markus Chapter 5

Markus arrives at the Blood Moon pack territory, which seems as cruel as its Alpha. The Packhouse is crowded with unmated warriors. Markus tells his guards to protect the servant girls from harassment.

At dinner, Markus politely greets Alpha Geoff and his daughter Sandra. The appetizers and main course are delicious but Markus dislikes Geoff taking credit.

He hears a delicate voice from the kitchen and is entranced. The lava cake dessert has everyone enraptured. Geoff gets drunk as Sandra unsuccessfully flirts.

Markus and Gillian excuse themselves, smelling tempting scents from the kitchen preparing for tomorrow. Markus wants to discreetly gain information from the malnourished staff, offering sanctuary in return.

Gillian agrees to try speaking with the kitchen staff. In summary, Markus examines the territory and pack dynamics at dinner. The amazing food piques his interest in its source, seeing a potential opportunity.

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Alpha Markus Chapter 6

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Celeste and Maya prepare breakfast for the warriors and guests. Celeste is thankful the girls get leftovers. Beta Gillian speaks to some frightened girls but Luna Luisa interrupts.

Gillian requests another meal from Celeste to appease Luna. Celeste wonders what he asked the girls. For lunch, she serves buffet pasta and sandwiches. The guests seem to gather at once for the meal.

Celeste cleans and begins dinner – appetizers, salads, beef wellington, and sides, desserts including fig tarts haunting her scent memory. She spots appreciation over dessert and then smells the intriguing cologne again.

As Celeste starts prepping for the post-run celebration, the full moon will rise in 3 hours for Sandra to hopefully find her mate. In summary, Celeste toils tirelessly to feed all amid Gillian’s strange behaviors, still wondering the source of the captivating scents.

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Alpha Markus Chapter 7

Markus is envious of Gillian’s second helping and calls Celeste pretty. Gillian senses she is not his mate. They discuss their pull towards mates.

At lunch, Alpha Rhett steals Markus’ targeted extra plate but promises the lava cake recipe. Dinner’s dishes please everyone and Markus again smells Celeste’s haunting scent.

In the kitchen, only Maya is working. Markus asks after Celeste but Maya says she has a headache. Maya will give Celeste Markus’ request for the dessert recipes.

Markus is surprised to learn Celeste and Maya don’t participate in runs due to not having shifted yet. He praises Celeste’s cooking to Maya before leaving for the moonrise.

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Alpha Markus Chapter 8

Celeste has a migraine vision of Sandra before shifting to relieve it. She smells Markus’ cologne on Maya.

At the moonrise, Celeste feels the moon’s glow. Sandra suddenly attacks her and Maya, breaking Celeste’s bones. Kara pleads to shift but Celeste refuses.

Sandra kicks and beats Celeste more in a rage about not finding her mate. As Celeste fades, she smells Markus’ scent again and locks eyes with him, feeling a snap with Kara identifying him as her mate before losing consciousness.

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Alpha Markus Chapter 9

During the moonrise ceremony, no one is Sandra’s mate, dismaying the Alpha family. Markus runs with Atlas and senses something will change.

They arrive back to Sandra violently assaulting Celeste and Maya. Markus locks eyes with Celeste and claims her as his mate. Atlas attacks Sandra in defense.

At the hospital, Gillian and Markus attend to Celeste and Maya. The Alpha arrives but Markus refuses to back down on Celeste being his mate. Maya tells of the abuse and neglect.

Markus gains guardianship of Maya from the council. He remains with Celeste until she recovers, bonding deeper through their connection. Maya opens up with Celeste as her inspiration.

In summary, Markus asserts Celeste as his mate against resistance and works to protect her and Maya, growing closer to Celeste through their newly realized bond despite her injuries.

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Alpha Markus Chapter 10

Celeste wakes up in the hospital room, which has been made more comfortable. She sees Markus and Maya eating with guards.

Markus is overjoyed Celeste has woken up. The doctor examines her and says she’s healed enough to travel soon. Celeste panics about leaving, not understanding her connection to Markus.

Markus explains to Celeste privately that they are mates due to the bond formed on the night of the full moon. He assures her she will not be hurt. Celeste admits her real age is 19, not 17 as others believe.

Markus confirms Celeste is now the future Luna of his Crescent Moon pack. He wants to take her back to his lands, for her safety and so he can resume his duties. Celeste is overjoyed to leave her abusive past behind.

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