The Alpha’s Curse The Enemy Within Chapter Summary

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The Alpha’s Curse The Enemy Within by Best Writes revolves around Alpha Killian Reid, the most powerful alpha in the north who lives under a secret curse. Only the one chosen by the moon goddess can lift this curse. Sheila is the daughter of Killian’s enemy, Alpha Lucius, and is fated to be Killian’s mate.

However, Killian refuses to accept her as his mate and treats her poorly because he is in love with another woman, Thea. One of these women is the cure to Killian’s curse, while the other is an enemy in disguise. The novel follows Killian as he struggles with his feelings for Sheila while remaining loyal to Thea, not knowing which woman has the power to free him from the curse and which will lead to his downfall.

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Through twists of betrayal and the building of romantic tension between Killian and Sheila, the story explores their complex relationships and the challenges they face in overcoming Killian’s curse.

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Book TitleThe Alpha’s Curse The Enemy Within
AuthorBest Writes
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
GenresWerewolf Romance 
TagsLove-Triangle, Werewolf, Paranormal, Steamy, Obsession, Ruthless, Rejected, Humor

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The Alpha’s Curse The Enemy Within PDF

The Alpha's Curse The Enemy Within PDF

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The Alpha’s Curse The Enemy Within Chapter 1

Sheila finds herself mated to Killian, the Alpha of the rival Crescent North Pack, after her father arranges their union in an attempt to be rid of her. Though mates, Killian rejects Sheila and arranges for her to have her own private chamber, confusing her as mates typically share quarters.

When Sheila questions this, Killian coldly informs her that she means nothing to him. Their interaction is interrupted by the arrival of Thea, whom Killian introduces as his chosen mate. Offended at being cast aside for another, Sheila lashes out and insults Thea, angering Killian. As punishment for her words, Killian has Sheila taken away by his warriors to the dungeon.

Brielle is instructed to prepare a private chamber for Sheila upon their arrival at the Crescent North Pack lands. When Sheila questions Killian about why they will not share the same space as mates, he callously tells her that she means absolutely nothing to him. Their confrontation is interrupted by the arrival of Thea, whom Killian introduces as his chosen mate. Greatly offended, Sheila insults Thea, prompting an enraged Killian to have his warriors take Sheila away to the dungeon as punishment for her words.

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The Alpha’s Curse The Enemy Within Chapter 2

Sheila was trembling with fear as the warriors surrounded her at Killian’s command. Her gaze met Killian’s stony expression, weakening her further. At his order, she was grabbed and dragged away while he embraced another woman.

Sheila was thrown into the dark dungeon, alone with her tears and confusion. When Killian finally came to see her, he coldly informed her of the strict rules she must follow in the pack. She was only to speak when spoken to, stay in her chambers, and stay away from his lover Thea. Her punishment was to remain in the dungeon for the night. Brielle later escorted her to her chambers and explained that Thea was Killian’s favorite, deepening Sheila’s pain.

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The Alpha’s Curse The Enemy Within Chapter 3

Killian was training warriors at the pack’s border when he was contacted urgently by his beta Allen. The Council elder wolves had arrived at Killian’s castle, informing him that they were there to coronate his mate Sheila as the new Luna. However, Killian refused and insisted that only Thea, who he had chosen, could be Luna. The elders declared that the coronation would move forward in two days’ time on the night of the full moon, leaving Killian with no choice but to reject Sheila once and for all to prevent her ascension.

Enraged by the elders’ decision, Killian barged into Sheila’s chambers to deliver the rejection. However, when the time came for him to say the words and reject her as his mate, Killian found himself unable to do so, leaving him in a state of shock and confusion over the development.

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The Alpha’s Curse The Enemy Within Chapter 4

Sheila’s mate Killian had rejected her and taken another lover named Thea. On the night of the Luna ceremony being held in her honor by the Council, Killian came to Sheila’s chamber to force her to attend. Though Sheila defied him at first, Killian was able to compel her with his touch and scent.

Sheila got dressed for the ceremony with Brielle’s help. When Sheila arrived at the ceremony, she did not see Killian or her father there. Feeling hurt, she tried to leave but collapsed into a stranger. Before the stranger could speak, Killian let out a loud growl silencing the air.

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The Alpha’s Curse The Enemy Within Chapter 5

The Luna coronation ceremony was interrupted by the arrival of two uninvited guests. Kaiser, the alpha of the rival Black pack, had come despite Killian’s hostility towards him. He made his introduction to Sheila, recognizing her from his visions, though she was unfamiliar with him.

Their interaction enraged Killian, who was already upset by the entrance of his lover, Thea Chrysler. During the ceremony, when asked to accept Killian as her mate, Sheila began to reject him but was distracted by Thea’s entrance. Filled with rage over Thea and Killian’s history, Sheila declared her acceptance, sealing her fate as the Luna though she knew it meant a life of pain and misery with her unloving mate.

As the ceremony ended, both Killian and Thea stormed out, leaving Sheila feeling ashamed and hurt. With Brielle occupied, Sheila exited alone, only to realize as she walked the empty halls that she was being followed by an unknown presence, heightening her fear of the uncertain future that now lay before her as the pack Luna.

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The Alpha’s Curse The Enemy Within Chapter 6

Sheila finds herself alone in the castle hallways after a celebration ceremony. She feels like she is being followed and becomes frightened, though finds no one there. She then meets Valerie, a mysterious woman who congratulates her but knows details about Sheila that she does not share.

Brielle finds them and insists they return to the party, where Sheila spends the rest of the night bored. After most guests leave, including the Elders, Sheila returns to her chamber, where Killian is angrily waiting for her. He accuses her of wanting attention from other men, referring to her earlier interaction with Kaiser Black. They argue, and their desire for each other increases, culminating in a passionate kiss.

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The Alpha’s Curse The Enemy Within Chapter 7

Kaiser Black jumped from his horse, leaving its reins in the hands of one of the pack warriors. His face showed no expression as he walked through the pack house, quickening his steps as he took a turn into the Alphas’ quarters. He gave a sharp knock on the tall door at the end of the hallway before pushing it open. His eyes scanned the room until they fell on the beautiful woman sitting on a chair while combing her hair.

Kaiser settled into the chair opposite Leonardo, but his words failed to get any reaction from the man at first. “The Luna ceremony for the Crescent North Pack was held tonight. I went there.” Kaiser paused, seeming to consider a thought before continuing. “I saw her.” Leonardo stopped moving, his dark magenta eyes falling on his brother. It was obvious he was having a hard time completing those words.

But Kaiser nodded, nonetheless, “She looks absolutely different, but I can feel it. It’s her.” Leonardo said they couldn’t afford any more mistakes, and that they must keep waiting to have their revenge on everyone who ruined their lives. Only then can they take what is theirs.

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The Alpha’s Curse The Enemy Within Chapter 8

Killian was frustrated after kissing Sheila in a moment of lost control. As the alpha of his pack, he knew he couldn’t act on his feelings for her due to the curse that plagued his family. He splashed water on his face to rid himself of her scent, knowing that claiming Sheila as his mate would endanger her life given he had many enemies.

Though he felt a connection with Sheila, Thea was the one who could help break the curse that caused so much suffering in his pack. He went to Thea’s chamber, seeking her help in preparing for an important ritual during the upcoming Crescent Moon. Thea welcomed him inside, and though Killian’s feelings were conflicted, he gave in to his physical desires in an attempt to forget about Sheila and focus on the task at hand.

Thea opened her door as soon as Killian approached, as if expecting him. He lifted her into his arms and kissed her urgently, needing a distraction from his forbidden feelings for Sheila. Though Thea cared for him, Killian couldn’t fully lose himself in their intimacy as his heart remained conflicted. He knew he had to turn off his emotions and concentrate on breaking the family curse with Thea’s assistance, regardless of his true desires.

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The Alpha’s Curse The Enemy Within Chapter 9

Ryker’s wolf was pacing restlessly within him, sensing something was wrong. When Thea brought him tea, their intimate moment was interrupted by Sheila entering unexpectedly. Shock and hurt filled Sheila’s eyes at seeing Killian and Thea together, though she left without a word.

Overcome with emotion, Sheila fled to her chamber and broke down in tears as Ria comforted her. Filled with rage and rejection, Sheila stormed back to confront Killian, determined to understand why he couldn’t love her as his true mate. When she knocked again and entered his office, Killian regarded her with an unreadable expression while Ryker’s anger grew within him.

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The Alpha’s Curse The Enemy Within Chapter 10

The Luna Sheila had confronted Alpha Killian in his office about feeling confined to her chambers. She demanded more freedom and involvement in pack affairs. Though Killian was cold, he begrudgingly agreed to some of her requests. Later, Ria showed Sheila around the pack lands.

While in the gardens, Sheila heard strange sounds from the woods and became separated from Ria. Three hostile wolves emerged and attacked her. Before they could lunge, Killian appeared in his wolf form and ordered Sheila to shift and run. Confused by her inability to shift, Killian was distracted, allowing the three wolves to launch an attack on him instead.

Sheila’s confrontation with Killian in his office grew heated as she demanded more independence and a role in the pack. Though Killian refused some things, he agreed to let her dine with others and take walks outside the castle.

Later while being shown around by Ria, Sheila wandered from the gardens and was set upon by three attacking wolves. Killian transformed and defended her, but was caught off guard by her inability to shift as he instructed. The wolves took advantage of his distraction to engage Killian in a fight.

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