His Dark Obsession Chapter Summary

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His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse follows Evangeline Rose, an omega without any memories of her past. Raised by the Alpha of the Silver Mountain pack, she keeps her desires hidden, grateful for the life she has. However, when she reaches adulthood, her world is shattered by those she trusts, leading her into the clutches … Read more

Secretary’s Secret Lover Chapter Summary

DALL·E 2024 01 07 18.23.43 A cinematic portrait of an elegant woman with long flowing hair looking upwards with her eyes closed evoking a sense of bliss and tranquility. She i

Secretary’s Secret Lover by Zayla Quinn is a gripping tale of love, betrayal, and redemption. The story revolves around Yvette Thiel, who, in her second year of marriage, finds herself pregnant and overjoyed. However, her happiness is short-lived as she receives a divorce agreement. In a tragic turn of events, Yvette is involved in a … Read more

Blessed Luna Rising Chapter Summary

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Blessed Luna Rising is the first book in the Mystic Series, written by Brianna Marie. The story revolves around Iris Lancaster, a 17-year-old girl who tragically lost her parents at the age of 8 in a rogue attack. Following this tragedy, Iris becomes a packhouse s$$$e under the brutal Alpha of the Silver Mountain pack, … Read more

Shake off the Jerk and Marry the CEO Chapter Summary

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Shake Off The Jerk And Marry The CEO by Erlinda follows Sandra who discovers her fiancé cheating with her best friend and, in a twist of events, ends up in a stranger’s room leading to unexpected encounters. Must Read: The Alpha Claiming His Enemy’s Daughter Review: From Enemies To Lovers Detail Information Title Shake off … Read more

Chasing His Rejected Wife Chapter Summary

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The story of Chasing His Rejected Wife by Rose revolves around a woman who discovers her pregnancy but hides it from her husband due to his lover returning. She must navigate the challenges of her unreciprocated love for him, and the complexities of their marriage as she decides how to handle her pregnancy. Related: The Alpha … Read more

Her Second Chance Alpha By Amber Carpenter Chapter Summary

DALL·E 2023 12 16 20.03.24 Book cover for Her Second Chance Alpha featuring Holly and Jason. Holly has long wavy brown hair and green eyes and Jason has short dark hair and

Her Second Chance Alpha by Amber Carpenter revolves around Holly Winters, an orphaned Omega who faces rejection from her fated mate, Alexander Stone, and discovers her true identity and powers, leading her on a journey of self-acceptance and overcoming obstacles with her new mate, Jason Black. Related: The Alpha King Is My Second Chance Mate … Read more

The Alpha King Is My Second Chance Mate Chapter Summary

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The Alpha King Is My Second Chance Mate by Gaydar Writes follows Quinn Felon who is rejected by her mate, Jeovanni Lum, the Alpha of her pack, causing her immense pain and disillusionment. Jeovanni has an affair with Quinn’s sister, Delilah, leading to his rejection of Quinn. Despite the rejection and betrayal, Quinn continues to … Read more

Winter Rejected By One Alpha Love By Another One Chapter Summary

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Winter Rejected By One Alpha Love By Another One by Deborah introduces us to Winter Firewalker, a young woman destined to be the Queen of all werewolves in five months. Seeking a break from palace life, Winter enrolls in a communication class at a university. There, she meets Nicholas Forrester, the eighteen-year-old Alpha of the … Read more

Forever in the Past and Forever in the Future Chapter Summary

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Forever in the Past and Forever in the Future by Neener Beener follows Kas Latmus, lower than an omega in the Silver Moon pack, who is abused and enslaved. She discovers an unusual transformation on her seventeenth birthday, hinting at a divine heritage. Bronx Mason, a ruthless alpha, claims her as his mate. Can Kas … Read more

Denying the Alpha Chapter Summary

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Denying The Alpha by Teaganjayne is a romantic werewolf story which revolves around Faith, the beta’s daughter in the Crescent Moon pack, who faces betrayal on her 18th birthday when she discovers her fated mate, Declan, the Alpha’s son, with her sister. Struggling with heartbreak and rejection, Faith must find the strength to move on. … Read more