Bullied Mate Of The Lycan Kings Chapter Summary

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Bullied Mate Of The Lycan Kings by Deenma revolves around a young woman named Lily who is admitted to an elite academy despite being an outcast in her community. Lily hopes to keep her head down and graduate quietly, but trouble finds her when she learns she is fated to be the mate of four … Read more

Mafia Billionaire’s Forlorn Wife Chapter Summary

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“Mafia Billionaire’s Forlorn Wife” by Devu unfolds the intense and complex love story of Arabella Mancini, the Italian Mafia Princess, and Rhys Mikhailov, a ruthless CEO of a billion-dollar tech empire and head of the Russian Bratva. Their relationship evolves through a series of poignant moments, beginning with Arabella falling in love with Rhys despite … Read more

Owned By Her Triplet Bullies Chapter Summary

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Owned By Her Triplet Bullies by Gory Anna follows Emma Garcia, an orphaned omega constantly subjected to bullying, particularly from the Alpha’s triplet sons and the Beta’s daughter. Emma yearns for her 18th birthday as her ticket out of the pack, but everything changes when she discovers that she is mated to her tormentors, the … Read more

Fated To The Lycan Brothers Chapter Summary

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In Fated to the Lycan Brothers by Saku, Suri Nightingale, a hardworking and determined student, finds her life turned upside down when she is sent to the exclusive Thorne Academy. There, she encounters the powerful and enigmatic Lycan brothers, who seem to have an unusual claim over her. As the plot unfolds, it is revealed … Read more

The Alpha’s Mute Mate Chapter Summary

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The Alpha‘s Mute Mate by Roanna Hinks follows the life of a mute girl named Brooke, who is trapped in a hellish situation with her stepmother and stepsister. Unable to express her emotions or seek help, she yearns for freedom. One day, a mysterious stranger appears, claiming to be her mate and protected by powerful … Read more

The Mysterious Luna Chapter Summary

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The Mysterious Luna by S. Lexi follows the story of Jessica Bradford, who wakes up with amnesia on her 19th birthday. With no memories and a mysterious ID card, she begins her life among humans, unaware of her true identity as a supernatural being. One fateful night, she stumbles upon a werewolf pack, led by … Read more

His Dark Obsession Chapter Summary

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His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse follows Evangeline Rose, an omega without any memories of her past. Raised by the Alpha of the Silver Mountain pack, she keeps her desires hidden, grateful for the life she has. However, when she reaches adulthood, her world is shattered by those she trusts, leading her into the clutches … Read more