Alpha King’s Lost Luna by Aubrey Pepper Chapter Summary

Alpha King’s Lost Luna by Aubrey Pepper

Alpha King’s Lost Luna by Aubrey Pepper follows Cassandra Keller, a woman who lost everything in a deadly fire, including her ability to shift into a wolf form. She now lives in the Wild Crawler Pack and runs a clinic with her friend Marley.

The story unfolds as Cassandra is summoned by the Alpha for an emergency involving the son of the Alpha King, who is also Cassandra’s mate who abandoned her five years ago. Amidst this, Cassandra faces personal and pack-related challenges, including a mysterious sickness spreading through the pack.

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The narrative delves into themes of love, betrayal, identity, and the complexities of pack dynamics in a werewolf society.

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Book TitleAlpha King’s Lost Luna by Aubrey Pepper
AuthorAubrey Pepper
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
GenresAlpha, Fated Love, Mystery, Reunion, Soulmates, Suspense, WereWolf
TagsWereWolf, Aubrey Pepper, CASSANDRA

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Alpha King’s Lost Luna by Aubrey Pepper PDF

Alpha King’s Lost Luna by Aubrey Pepper PDF

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Alpha King’s Lost Luna by Aubrey Pepper Chapter 1

Cassandra was summoned by Jasper, one of the Alpha’s guards, to treat a prestigious guest who had been bitten by a viper at the Pack House. She gathered her medical supplies hastily and went with her assistant Marley. Along the way, Jasper revealed the guest was from Anemond, the capital city of the powerful Crescent Pack that ruled the Wegalla Empire.

Cassandra had memories flood back of Anemond, as it was where she was born but also where soldiers had tried to kill her by setting her on fire years ago. She tried to maintain composure. When they arrived, Cassandra and Marley treated the guest, who was very important but whose identity was kept confidential.

Cassandra wondered what brought such a prestigious figure from the empire’s capital to the Wild Crawler Pack’s territory.

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Alpha King’s Lost Luna by Aubrey Pepper Chapter 2

Rayden, the eldest son of the Wild Crawler Pack alpha Gareth, had returned home after serving in the Wegalla Empire’s elite army. Casssandra, the pack’s doctor, and her assistant Marley were called to the pack house to treat a young patient.

They found the house in chaos preparing for an important guest. The patient, a young boy, was in a feverish and painful state from a severe snake bite on his ankle. Sofia Bailey, the pack’s Luna, was worried as previous treatments had not helped.

Casssandra examined the bite marks and noted it strange that no viper had been reported in the forest. She asked if the snake had been caught but Asher Collins, the alpha of the Crescent Pack and king of the empire, said the guards were still searching.

Casssandra recognized Asher, her mate from years ago who had left her pregnant and alone when her home burned down. His sudden reappearance stirred strong emotions in her as she focused on helping the ill boy.

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Alpha King’s Lost Luna by Aubrey Pepper Chapter 3

Cassandra and Marley are summoned to treat the Alpha King’s injured son. Upon arriving, they realize the Alpha King himself is present. Marley speaks out of turn to him, not realizing his identity. Sofia apologizes on Marley’s behalf. The Alpha King questions if Cassandra and Marley are qualified, and Cassandra assures him of her skills.

She says they need to identify the snake to treat the bite properly. The Alpha King sends guards to search for the snake. He warns that if they cannot save his son, he will let the entire pack perish with him.

Cassandra and Marley get to work examining the serious bite, knowing the importance of acting fast to save the boy’s life. Marley voices doubts but Cassandra insists they can handle it, having dealt with worse before.

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Alpha King’s Lost Luna by Aubrey Pepper Chapter 4

The prince had been bitten by a viper and fell seriously ill. Cassandra and her assistant Marley treated the boy, applying salves and brewing teas to reduce his fever and swelling. After hours of treatment, the prince became stable. Marley returned home to her family as the boy recovered.

Cassandra realized the prince must be the son of Asher Collins and his wife Adalyn. Seeing Asher as the caring father stirred emotions in Cassandra, as he had abandoned her years ago. When the prince grew restless, Cassandra changed his sheets with help from servants.

Asher thanked her for caring for his son. As Cassandra tried to take her leave, Asher demanded she stay.

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Alpha King’s Lost Luna by Aubrey Pepper Chapter 5

Cassandra was ordered by the Alpha King Asher Collins to remain in the chamber with his son, who had been bitten by a viper in the forest. She worried about staying alone with Asher but had no choice but to obey.

Cassandra asked to go see her son Finnick, who was waiting for her. Asher demanded that Finnick be brought to the chamber instead. When Finnick arrived, he happily reunited with his mother. They quietly chatted about Finnick’s day playing with Luna Sofia’s son Dominic.

Finnick showed Cassandra a drawing he made of a dandelion. Cassandra noticed Asher watching them and grew uneasy. Finnick then noticed the sleeping prince and felt bad that he was sick. Finnick asked Cassandra who Asher was. Before she could respond, Finnick gasped and pointed out that he and Asher shared the rare gray eye color.

Asher overheard and noticed the similarity as well.

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Alpha King’s Lost Luna by Aubrey Pepper Chapter 6

Cassandra is summoned to the Pack House after the young prince Marco falls ill. She treats him for a viper bite and successfully reduces his fever. When Marco awakes, Asher Collins, the Alpha King, is relieved. However, Marco does not remember being bitten or treated.

Cassandra seeks to leave with her son Finnick, but the Alpha King declares she must return to Anemond, the capital city, with them in two days. He wants to ensure Marco recovers fully and that Cassandra’s herbs are safe. As a commoner, Cassandra is alarmed at the prospect of returning to Anemond, from which she has tried to distance herself.

Finnick senses her unease about returning to the capital’s memories. The chapter ends with Cassandra panicking over facing her past in Anemond once more.

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Alpha King’s Lost Luna by Aubrey Pepper Chapter 7

Cassandra is summoned by the Alpha King Asher to attend to his injuries at the royal palace in Anemond. She is reluctant to leave her clinic and patients in the Wild Crawler Pack. Asher insists and makes it clear it is a royal command.

Cassandra returns home with her son Finnick. He can sense her frustration and asks questions about Asher and their impending trip to Anemond. Cassandra does not want to go but knows she has no choice if she wants to protect Finnick.

That night, Finnick observes that Asher had gray eyes like him. Cassandra has always told Finnick his eye color was like an angel’s wings. Finnick realizes Asher is no angel and wonders if he is a “bad guy.” Cassandra does not answer and simply tries to get Finnick to sleep, uncertain herself about Asher and their situation.

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Alpha King’s Lost Luna by Aubrey Pepper Chapter 8

Cassandra had remained in bed with her young son Finnick, but knew she had to leave. She packed essential supplies for herself and Finnick, leaving a note for her friend Marley explaining she had to flee for Finnick’s safety. Cassandra cared for Finnick above all else.

She was haunted by her past in Anemond under the rule of the tyrannical King Asher Collins. Cassandra feared if Asher learned of Finnick’s identity and lineage, her son’s life would be in danger. Emmett, the previous owner of the home and a respected healer, had saved Cassandra years ago.

Though he had passed away, Cassandra honored his memory by continuing his work. In the middle of the night, Cassandra quietly woke Finnick, knowing they had to escape the Wild Crawler Pack and leave her past behind to protect her son from Asher.

With few belongings and uncertainty about their future, Cassandra and Finnick fled into the forest under cover of darkness.

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Alpha King’s Lost Luna by Aubrey Pepper Chapter 9

Cassandra and her son Finnick fled their home under the cover of night. She feared for their safety from a dangerous man named Asher Collins. While trekking through the dark forest with only a flashlight to guide them, Finnick excitedly chased after a firefly.

Cassandra called out for him but lost sight of the boy in the darkness. She heard Finnick scream and rushed over to find him with half his body trapped in a deep hole between rocks. Fearing for his safety, Cassandra worked to free Finnick from the precarious fall, worrying over his wellbeing in the dark forest alone and injured.

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Alpha King’s Lost Luna by Aubrey Pepper Chapter 10

Cassandra awakens in her bed, injured and confused about how she got there. Her friend Marley explains that the Alpha King Asher Collins found Cassandra in the woods after her encounter with the bear and brought her to the healer’s clinic.

Asher personally oversaw Cassandra’s treatment and carried her back to her home, which surprises both Marley and Cassandra given his usual demeanor. Marley checks Cassandra’s wounds and informs her that her stomach was clawed and her shoulder is sprained, but she will recover.

When Marley questions why Cassandra was in the forest so late with Finnick, Cassandra reveals that Asher had ordered her to come to his pack lands within two days. Cassandra worries for Finnick’s safety and wants to pick him up, but Marley insists she rest and says Finnick is well cared for at the pack house.

Marley will accompany Cassandra when she goes to retrieve Finnick after resting.

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