Pregnant After One Night With The Lycan Review & Chapters Summary

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Kellie Brown‘s supernatural romance novel Pregnant After One Night With The Lycan is a captivating tale of love, betrayal, and self-discovery. Through the eyes of protagonist Tanya, readers are immersed in a world filled with werewolves, romance, and intrigue.

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Pregnant After One Night With The Lycan Review and Chapters Summary

TitlePregnant After One Night With The Lycan (Book 1)
AuthorKellie Brown
GenreParanormal Romance
Rating4.5 (230 ratings)
Available OnAmazon
SynopsisWhen I woke up with a hangover, I found a handsome and naked stranger sleeping beside me. I’m Tanya, a surrogate’s daughter, an omega with no wolf and no scent. Thought he was an ordinary werewolf but turned out to be Marco, the alpha prince, and the most powerful Lycan.

Summary of Pregnant After One Night With The Lycan

Pregnant After One Night With The Lycan Tanya

The story follows Tanya, an omega wolf born on the harvest moon but unable to manifest a wolf form. Mistreated by her family, she catches her boyfriend Brandon cheating and runs away, only to stumble into hotel room 410 belonging to Marco, the second Lycan prince. After a steamy one-night stand, Tanya discovers she’s pregnant with Marco’s child.

Tanya and Marco marry but the road to love is paved with complications. Tanya competes with Marco’s ex Lily while also battling Marco’s Lycan curse and uncovering secrets about her mysterious past.

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Story of Pregnant After One Night With The Lycan

The plot twists and builds tension beautifully. After each conflict, another arises to propel the story forward. For example, just when it seems Tanya has won Marco’s heart, she discovers his enduring feelings for Lily. And later when their relationship stabilizes, the King tries to bribe Tanya into leaving Marco.

Brown captivates readers with these highs and lows, drawing us into the characters’ struggles. The story grows and evolves with purpose, keeping us hooked.

Characters in Pregnant After One Night With The Lycan

Tanya undergoes immense growth. She begins timid and oppressed but through her inner strength and Marco’s love, gains confidence to stand up for herself. We root for her underdog success.

The complexity of Marco’s character also shines. Though harsh at first, his layers peel back to reveal past hurts and a capacity for great love, especially for Tanya. Their chemistry leaps off the page.

Even side characters like Lily have dimension. She schemes relentlessly, but we’re given insight into her motivations and insecurities.

World of Pregnant After One Night With The Lycan

The world of alpha and omega wolves sucks you in. Rules, customs, terminology, and politics are seamlessly woven in without bogging down the story. Brown’s lush descriptions, especially of the palace and natural landscapes, make this mystical realm feel real.

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Romance in Pregnant After One Night With The Lycan

The simmering attraction between Tanya and Marco builds deliciously. Their first night together pops with sensual tension. As their relationship evolves, the steamy scenes amplify in passion. Brown writes desire beautifully.

Beyond the physical, we root for their emotional connection. The reader yearns for Marco to reciprocate Tanya’s love and ecstatically celebrates when he does.

Conclusion to Pregnant After One Night With The Lycan

Pregnant After One Night With The Lycan by Kellie Brown delivers romance, drama, and werewolf mysticism through a heroine’s empowering journey of self-discovery. Brown spins an addictive supernatural soap opera that will leave female readers hungry for the next installment.

Pregnant After One Night With The Lycan Chapters Summary

Pregnant After One Night With The Lycan Chapter 1

Tanya wakes up in an unfamiliar bed, naked and wrapped in the arms of a stranger. She’s startled by the icy blue eyes of the unknown man beside her.

The day before was Tanya’s eighteenth birthday, which turned out to be disastrous. She catches her long-time boyfriend, Brandon, cheating on her with another woman.

Tanya had planned to give Brandon her virginity on her 18th birthday, amplifying her heartbreak. Tanya’s backstory reveals her strained relationship with her father, the Alpha of the Blackhide Pack, due to her status as a female Omega wolf.

Despite being a werewolf, Tanya hasn’t manifested her wolf powers, making her weaker than other wolves. Her family life is difficult, with her father and stepmother treating her poorly. Only her stepsister, Alina, provides comfort.

In a twist, Alina’s watch matches that of the girl with Brandon, hinting at a possible connection. Alina tries to uplift Tanya’s spirits by suggesting they go out and celebrate her birthday by getting drunk.

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Pregnant After One Night With The Lycan Chapter 2

(Still in the flashback )Tanya, after adorning herself in a stunning emerald gown, joins Alina at a lively bar. As they discuss their plans for the evening, including crashing at a nearby hotel due to the likelihood of intoxication, Tanya’s attention is drawn to a large screen.

An engagement between Eric and Lily is displayed, leading to a rush of whispered rumors and conversations. Tanya overhears a conversation revealing a secret: Lily is the fated mate of the second prince, Marco.

Sensing Tanya’s gaze, Marco momentarily locks eyes with her, sending chills down her spine. As the night advances, Tanya becomes disoriented, presumably from her drink, and she hurriedly heads to the hotel, searching for her room.

Entering room 410, she is startled to realize she’s not alone. The tension and intrigue build, hinting at unfolding drama and deep-seated emotions.

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Pregnant After One Night With The Lycan Chapter 3

(Still in the flashback ) Tanya finds herself in a dimly lit room confronted by a shadowy figure. This figure, whose voice demands her identity, reveals himself to be the same man with icy blue eyes she spotted in the crowd earlier.

Struggling to remain conscious, Tanya tries to express her confusion, but she’s overwhelmed by dizziness and ends up collapsing into the man’s arms. Although his face remains expressionless, he mistakes Tanya for someone named “Lily” and comments on her unique scent, likely attributed to the perfume she had applied.

The man apparently inebriated, mistakes Tanya for Lily and is heavily influenced by his sense of smell. Despite the alcohol in his system, the man’s attraction to Tanya is evident, and they share a charged intimate moment. Tanya, although feeling conflicted, becomes consumed by the intense emotions between them.

The narrative then shifts to Alina’s perspective, revealing a sinister plot. Alina impatiently waits outside the hotel, reflecting on her scheme to drug Tanya and direct her to room 401.

This room was meant for a middle-aged nobleman who has long harbored feelings for Tanya. Alina’s motivations for this set-up are tied to Brandon, hinting at deeper layers of intrigue and manipulation in the story.

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Pregnant After One Night With The Lycan Chapter 4

Tanya wakes up next to a stranger named Marco in a hotel room she believes is hers. Marco has cold, powerful eyes that make Tanya fearful, and he questions her presence in the room.

Tanya discovers that she’s in the wrong room (410) instead of her actual room (401) after showing Marco her keycard. She explains her devastating experience from the previous night, revealing she had planned to lose her virginity to her boyfriend Brandon but caught him cheating. She also suspects her drink was tampered with.

A twist reveals that Alina, Tanya’s sister, was involved in Brandon’s betrayal. Alina’s wristwatch was the clue. Alina and Brandon confront Tanya outside Marco’s room, accusing her of cheating and causing a scene in front of other hotel guests.

Marco emerges from his room, interrupting the scene.

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Pregnant After One Night With The Lycan Chapter 5

In Tanya’s POV, we kick off with a real door-slammer, literally. The door to room 401 bursts open and all eyes lock on the tower of a man, Marco. His height? Somewhere between “Whoa!” and “Need an oxygen mask up there?” With his icy eyes, he asks, “What’s the problem?” and sips his whiskey like he’s in some kind of slow-motion whiskey ad.

Enter Alina, our resident drama queen, who’s quick to point a finger at Tanya, screeching, “She cheated on her boyfriend!” As accusations fly, Marco, with the charm of James Bond and the authority of a principal on a power trip, comes to Tanya’s defense, even going as far as calling her pretty. Gasp! And Tanya? She’s blushing like she just remembered an embarrassing text she sent five years ago.

Then there’s Brandon, who, despite having a name fit for a superhero, gets shut down by Marco’s intense energy. Honestly, if “intensity” were a sport, Marco would have a gold medal.

Marco’s eagle eyes shift to Alina. “I presume you’re her sister,” he says, in a tone reserved for those about to spill some major tea. As accusations fly and rooms are inspected, there’s zero evidence of Tanya’s so-called treachery. Brandon and Alina, looking like they wish they had an invisibility cloak, beat a hasty retreat, leaving the hotel’s residents whispering and giggling.

Fast forward a few weeks, Tanya’s back at her perfume shop, mixing scents and trying not to puke on the fragrant bouquets. Her stomach’s doing more flips than a gymnast in the Olympics. After a dramatic exit from the shop, avoiding a run-in with Alina, she buys a pregnancy test. The chapter ends with Tanya anxiously waiting for the results. Oh, the suspense!

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