To Be A Virtuous Wife Review: A Historical Romance Novel

To Be A Virtuous Wife review

Have you ever desired to experience an authentic historical drama that unapologetically portrays cultural traditions? To Be A Virtuous Wife provides this unique viewpoint, immersing you in the intricate fabric of social norms and gender roles in historical China.

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While the storyline may not be entirely original, what sets it apart is the distinct representation of ancient traditions and the male lead, who differs from the usual distant and cold character archetypes.

Let’s delve into this fascinating story.

To Be A Virtuous Wife Review

To Be A Virtuous Wife romance


To Be A Virtuous Wife is a captivating Chinese web novel written by Butterfly’s Shadow Beneath the Moon. Set in ancient China, the tale centers around a contemporary woman transmigrated into the body of Qu Qing Ju, the wife of a prince. The novel follows her journey through the labyrinth of aristocracy, politics, and romance, all while preserving her self-respect and dignity.

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Plot Development

This plot skillfully melds historical, romantic, and slice-of-life elements. It probes into the complex dynamics of ancient Chinese nobility, arranged marriages, and the imperial harem.

The heroine, Qu Qing Ju, must grapple with the rigors of her new existence, managing her husband’s household, and dealing with his concubines.

As previously mentioned, the story accurately portrays ancient China by emphasizing the everyday challenges and politics within the imperial harem.

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The high-quality translation does, however, retain some original historical terms which might confuse readers. The plot tempo can also appear sluggish at times.

Despite these minor hurdles, the novel’s rich and descriptive language coupled with a fascinating insight into ancient life viewed through the protagonist’s eyes is quite appealing.

Although some readers may not consider it a significant aspect (given that it is a romance novel), I personally found the plot to be lacking depth whenever the author shifts the focus toward the Emperor. Numerous events take place, but the author fails to provide adequate explanations for them.

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Qu Qing Ju in To Be A Virtuous Wife

Characters in To Be A Virtuous Wife are detailed, layered creations. Qu Qing Ju, the protagonist, is admired for her composed, shrewd, and practical approach to her new circumstances.

Her relationship with her husband, the prince, undergoes a progressive transformation, demonstrating growth in both characters.

Qu Qing Ju knows what should be done for survival and she doesn’t shy away from anything if it means a smooth and peaceful life. Even when he gets her husband‘s full trust and love, she knows her limits and doesn’t try to misuse them. I liked his part in her.

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Romance in To Be A Virtuous Wife

The evolving romance between Qu Qing Ju and her husband forms the core of the story. It’s a slow-paced, developing romance that echoes the cultural mores of the era. Their witty exchanges and deep emotional bond have resonated with many readers.

The author successfully eschews major cliches, presenting a more nuanced love story.

The romance, which started off as genuine, appears to be somewhat unrealistic towards the end. Although I have some criticism about how it was depicted, I won’t go into detail to avoid spoiling it for readers. Nonetheless, readers will understand what I mean.

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Wrapping up in 123 chapters, To Be A Virtuous Wife delivers a satisfying ending that neatly ties up the various plot elements. Its poignant and beautiful finale has won accolades for capturing life’s fleeting nature and love’s enduring presence.

This historical romance provides a fascinating perspective on ancient Chinese culture, with exceptional writing and translation quality.

To Be A Virtuous Wife is a novel that refreshingly twists the transmigration genre, focusing on authenticity, character growth, and slow-paced romance. Though readers’ opinions may differ on characters and romantic elements, the novel’s distinct viewpoint, captivating plot, and sophisticated writing make it a must-read for those interested in historical romance and ancient Chinese culture.

Note: It is recommended to read this novel at the original translator’s website as the terms are explained there. I have linked to the original site above.

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