[Bergarian Series] Her Forever Chapter Summary

[Bergarian Series] Her Forever

[Bergarian Series] Her Forever by Veronica Fox follows Sadie, a 19-year-old innocent girl with few friends, as she inherits a cabin after her Aunt Maria’s death. Seeking a new life, she moves in and discovers a supernatural world, a mate, and her true self.

Transforming into a strong heroine, she learns she’s the lost princess destined to save a kingdom and realm. In the process, she tames Alpha Seth of the Warrior Pack, a ruthless, tattooed wolf shifter, and together, they navigate the challenges of their unconventional relationship.

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Book Title[Bergarian Series] Her Forever
AuthorVeronica Fox
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
GenresSupernatural, Werewolf
TagsAlpha, Love, Mate, Pack, Warrior, mate, kickass heroine, princess, royalty/noble, sweet, bxg, kicking, werewolves, supernatural, waitress, passionate

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[Bergarian Series] Her Forever PDF

Her Forever PDF

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[Bergarian Series] Her Forever Chapter 1

sadie from her forever novel on dreame

Sadie shares a dream she has about a mysterious man with electric blue eyes and tattoos. His face bears a few scars, and his body radiates an intimidating presence. In the second paragraph, Sadie’s dream man is contrasted with her real-life experience, as she mourns the loss of her Aunt Maria. Maria, who never spoke due to an injury that left her mute, was a source of happiness in Sadie’s life.

As they shared a bond over her love for Maria’s late husband, Jeremy, Sadie dreams of finding love herself, inspired by her Aunt’s deeply felt connection. However, the mystery surrounding the enigmatic man in her dreams remains unresolved.

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[Bergarian Series] Her Forever Chapter 2

sadie wearning funeral dress

Sadie wakes up feeling refreshed after a night of dreamless sleep. She wears the funeral dress from the previous day and takes a shower before packing her suitcase. The Dobson family is warm and supportive, with their daughter Lilly becoming Sadie’s best friend.

Despite her attachment to Maria, Sadie is determined to return to a sense of normalcy. On the other hand, Tobias, another close friend, has a deep crush on Sadie, though she does not reciprocate the feelings.

While Mrs. Dobson wishes for Sadie to stay, she heads to her cottage and decides to visit the lawyer’s office to go over Maria’s will. She learns she now owns a cabin in Pineville Creek but is also given several envelopes with instructions to read upon arriving at the cabin.

Later, she finds out that Tobias has been calling and texts him to meet at Lilly’s house. They agree to hang out, despite some tension, as Sadie prepares for the next chapter of her life.

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[Bergarian Series] Her Forever Chapter 3

As Sadie returns home, she is greeted by her best friends, Lilly and Tobias. However, the joy is short-lived when Sadie reveals that her aunt has passed away and she plans to move to a cabin left to her in her aunt’s will.

This news leaves Tobias disappointed and angry, while Lilly seems indifferent. Tobias confesses his love for Sadie and offers to move back home to be with her, but Sadie hesitates to return his feelings, ultimately breaking his heart.

As she prepares to leave, Lilly and Tobias share the feeling of loss, with all three of them realizing how much they have grown apart in the process.

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[Bergarian Series] Her Forever Chapter 4

In this chapter, the protagonist Sadie discusses her feelings with Tobias about college and their relationship, while Lilly feels hurt by Tobias’ confession. Sadie decides to leave her hometown and move to a cabin in a small town, hoping for a fresh start and new experiences.

On her way to the cabin, she encounters several strange events and meets a mysterious man named Chad, who welcomes her to Pinecreek. The protagonist is excited, yet nervous, about the future and the adventure ahead in her new life.

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[Bergarian Series] Her Forever Chapter 5

Sadie arrives at her new cabin after a drive with Chad. Feeling excited and anxious, she meets a group of Sasquatch men and learns she is in Pineville Creek, the town where her late aunt, Maria, used to live. Sadie feels welcome and is introduced to Mayor Adrien Blane.

At the town’s local diner, she encounters chaos due to a shortage of staff. Despite her lack of intention to work there, Sadie decides to help keep the restaurant running and eventually forms a strong bond with the staff, Rebecca and Lela.

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[Bergarian Series] Her Forever Chapter 6

Sadie arrives in a new town and begins working at the local diner. She must adapt to the unique customs of the town and make new connections with its inhabitants. The town appears to be mostly made up of werewolves, with its leader, Mayor Adrien, overseeing the diner.

Despite initial challenges, Sadie’s positive attitude and dedication to helping at the diner endear her to the townspeople, including the mayor. As she bonds with the people, particularly a young boy named Max, she discovers her special qualities, such as her natural dance skills.

Sadie also experiences her first nightclub visit, which proves to be an unexpected and exciting adventure. Throughout the story, Sadie navigates friendships, personal growth, and the complex world of werewolves.

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[Bergarian Series] Her Forever Chapter 7

In this chapter, Rebecca struggles to work at the Diner as an intern, as she has to take care of it while the assigned waitresses call in sick. She’s bitter towards the werewolves who she believes should have helped.

Sadie, a human, steps in and helps Rebecca without taking any payment, just for the joy of it. Nathan, an alpha male werewolf, becomes obsessed with Sadie, despite her innocence and lack of experience with boys.

He is determined to get close to her and even has ambitions to become a couple. Sadie, on the other hand, is uncomfortable around Nathan and other men, but she agrees to spend time with them for the sake of Rebecca’s friendship. They head to Sadie’s cabin for a night, but Nathan’s playful behavior leaves Sadie uneasy.

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[Bergarian Series] Her Forever Chapter 8

Sadie struggles with her self-confidence and insecurities about her appearance while getting ready for a night out with her friends, Rebecca and Lela. They encourage her to wear a white dress she bought online, but she is hesitant, worrying that she isn’t as confident as they are in the clothes they wear.

However, Sadie eventually puts on the dress and begins her night out at a club called Club Moon. Nathan and his friends, Ethan and Marco, are also present. Nathan admires Sadie, even calling her “special,” and considers her to be a “little fox” due to her features and speed.

During the night, Sadie enjoys the company of her friends, even dancing for the first time in public. Nathan remains close to Sadie, comforting and guiding her throughout the evening. Despite their enjoyment, they soon encounter Rebecca expressing concerns about Nathan’s intentions.

She reveals that Sadie has never felt romantic interest towards anyone before, and even despite Nathan’s care and attention, Sadie is overwhelmed and asks to go home.

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[Bergarian Series] Her Forever Chapter 9

Sadie and Lela go to a club in a small town, where Ethan, a handsome and charming man, introduces his new girlfriend, Raylina. While Lela is excited for Ethan, Sadie becomes intrigued by a mysterious man with piercing features, whom she finds herself drawn to despite his sad demeanor.

Gathering the courage to approach him, Sadie is devastated when the man uses cruel language to reject her. This heartbreaking encounter humbles Sadie and shakes her confidence.

Meanwhile, Nathan, a good friend and fellow waiter, expresses frustration with the man’s treatment of Sadie. Despite his annoyance and the heartbreak Sadie endured, Nathan wishes to comfort and protect her.

The situation reveals Nathan’s desire for Sadie, despite knowing she may have found her mate in another. As he watches over her, Nathan contemplates the challenge he faces in trying to win her heart and navigate the complex dynamics of their relationships and desires.

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[Bergarian Series] Her Forever Chapter 10

In a locus of powerful werewolves, Alpha Seth, who is 125 years old, grapples with the absence of his mate. He trains relentlessly to curb his mounting frustration, yet he remains unfulfilled.

Meanwhile, Sadie, a werewolf under Alpha Adrien’s pack, eats into her emotional pain through energizing morning runs. One of these runs takes an unexpected turn when she faces a majestic, huge wolf, setting the stage for an impending adventure.

The twist of the recurring names ‘Seth’ and ‘Caspian’ tease at a potential mate-exploration narrative, while Sadie’s bold encounter introduces a potential encounter unfolding on the horizon.

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