The Luna and her Quadruplet Pups Chapter Summary

The Luna and her Quadruplet Pups

The Luna and her Quadruplet Pups by Jane Above Story revolves around Jane and Ethan, who were childhood sweethearts but faced difficulties in their marriage due to a lack of trust between the alpha and omega pair. Jane finds out she is pregnant with quadruplets after divorcing her husband Ethan. As an omega, divorce and raising pups alone makes her situation very challenging. She decides to keep the pregnancy a secret and leaves her pack to start a new life.

However, keeping the quadruplets and her identity as an omega a secret proves to be very difficult. Her pups look exactly like their father Ethan did as a child, risking exposure to her situation. Jane must also face her lingering feelings for Ethan, whom she divorced due to not feeling trusted and respected in their relationship. As she raises the pups alone, Jane worries about what will happen if the truth of her identity and the pups’ parentage comes to light in her new home.

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Book TitleThe Luna and her Quadruplet Pups
AuthorJane Above Story
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
Genres Werewolf Romance
Tags werewolf, pack, boss, HE, childhood crush

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The Luna and her Quadruplet Pups PDF

The Luna and her Quadruplet Pups PDF

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The Luna and her Quadruplet Pups Chapter 1

Ethan confronted Jane about her lack of engagement during s$x, demanding to know what was wrong. When Jane still did not respond, Ethan continued roughly taking her while she imagined him with Eve. Jane’s body reacted physically to Ethan despite knowing of his affair with Eve and how little she meant to him now.

Afterward, Jane turned away when Ethan tried to kiss her, bitterly asking if he kissed Eve too when they were done. Angered, Ethan pushed her away, calling her crazy. Jane then challenged Ethan, telling him their marriage wasn’t worth anything and they should divorce. She handed him divorce papers, realizing she needed to finally leave the marriage although it would frighten Ethan.

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The Luna and her Quadruplet Pups Chapter 2

Ethan’s rage towards Jane was palpable as his eyes glowed and claws extended, freezing her in place with fear that he might attack. However, Ethan simply signed the divorce papers and stormed out, allowing Jane to finally feel relief and freedom from her marriage.

Six months later, Jane discovered she was pregnant whilst fainting in the hospital after her mother’s surgery. Though shocked to learn she was carrying quadruplets, Jane loved the babies growing inside her. But after a difficult birth, the nurses informed her that the smallest girl had a life-threatening heart condition and no werewolf features, meaning she likely wouldn’t survive the night without a miracle.

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The Luna and her Quadruplet Pups Chapter 3

Jane cradled her fragile newborn daughter, desperately trying to save her life. Though her doctor claimed there was little hope, Jane learned of a renowned surgeon who could help – but she could not afford him. Resolved to do anything to save her child, Jane made the difficult decision to contact her ex-husband Ethan and reveal the daughter’s existence, despite having sworn never to notify him. Though Ethan was shocked by the revelation, he agreed to pay for the surgery, saving their daughter’s life.

Four years later, Jane has built a successful perfume business and raised her other children on her own. She arrives at the capital city of the Nightfang pack to visit her friend Linda. Jane’s sons greatly resemble their father Ethan, a reminder of the family she lost and her goal to one day reunite with her daughter when she has gained enough power to confront Ethan as a changed woman.

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The Luna And Her Quadruplet Pups Chapter 4

Jane had brought her sons to visit Linda. She was worried about keeping her presence in the city a secret since her sons closely resembled their father Ethan. Linda assured Jane that she had seen Jane’s daughter Paisley, who was perfectly healthy and beautiful. Paisley was still living with Ethan and his mistress Eve, but Ethan doted on Paisley greatly.

Linda was concerned about Jane’s plan to reunite with her family. She warned Jane not to underestimate how much Ethan cared for Paisley, having seen them together. But Jane was determined not to let Ethan or Eve take her children from her again. She believed a mother’s love was stronger than a father’s devotion. Jane had changed greatly since leaving Ethan, carrying herself with the strength and authority of an alpha.

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The Luna And Her Quadruplet Pups Chapter 5

Jane discovers counterfeit versions of her perfume being sold at a boutique. She confronts the owner and sales associates, proving the fakes contain toxic ingredients through scent testing.

This causes an uproar as the fakes are removed. When the boutique owner Eve arrives, Jane offers to strike a deal supplying the real perfumes instead. However, Eve wants to avoid a partnership with Jane, believing her to be Ethan’s deceased ex-wife. Upon leaving, Jane runs into a little girl who bears an uncanny resemblance to her daughter Riley but was told had died.

When Jane steps out of Eve’s boutique, she is distracted by the confrontation and almost runs into a little girl in a pink dress. Upon seeing her face, Jane realizes the girl looks exactly like her daughter Riley, who she had been told died. However, the girl cannot be Riley, meaning one thing – her daughter may actually be alive. The girl smiles and asks Jane to help find her daddy, deepening the mystery of her identity and purpose.

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The Luna And Her Quadruplet Pups Chapter 6

Paisley had wandered away from her minder Frank and gotten lost in the city. She was found by a mysterious woman who comforted her and took her to get pancakes. Though the woman denied it, Paisley recognized her resemblance to the mother she had never met. Paisley begged for the woman to be her new mommy, not understanding that money alone cannot buy people.

Ethan was frantic with worry searching for Paisley when he finally found her with the stranger. He paid the woman a reward to leave quickly, unsettled by her familiar face. When Paisley told Ethan she had been with her mommy, he was confused and concerned that she may be hallucinating in her weakened state.

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The Luna And Her Quadruplet Pups Chapter 7

Paisley told Ethan that she had met her mother Jane that day near Eve’s store. Ethan was shocked yet hopeful, as Jane’s scent was still lingering on Paisley and he never saw her body. He decided to investigate, hoping to reunite with Jane if she was truly alive.

At Eve’s shop, Ethan picked up Jane’s scent trail and sought out Eve for information. However, Eve denied seeing anyone and grew hostile at the mention of Jane. When Paisley reminded her of her goal to find her mother, Eve’s rage grew as she saw the pup as an obstacle to winning Ethan’s affection. Eve resolved that she needed to get rid of Paisley soon.

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The Luna And Her Quadruplet Pups Chapter 8

Jane worries that her daughter Paisley may have revealed her identity to Ethan, putting her and her pups in danger. She finds comfort in spending time with her children, who perform a silly song to cheer her up.

Meanwhile, Ethan visits Cafe Dulce where he and Jane used to go. He is certain he sees Jane working there briefly before she disappears out the back. Hoping for answers, he demands to see the cafe’s security footage and get information from the staff about the mysterious woman.

Ethan’s pursuit of the woman he believes is Jane continues as he questions cafe staff and views their surveillance footage. Jane is fearful that Paisley may have said something to Ethan that revealed she is still alive, putting herself and her other children at risk. She finds solace in being with Ryder, Parker, and Riley, who perform an impromptu song that makes her laugh and forget her worries temporarily.

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The Luna And Her Quadruplet Pups Chapter 9

The waitress at the cafe recounts her encounter with the mysterious blonde woman to Ethan. She provides some helpful details about the woman’s expensive clothes and perfume but security footage does not reveal her identity as she kept her face hidden. Ethan returns home disappointed and searches his closet, finding a wedding photo that shows Linda standing beside Jane as a bridesmaid.

When Ethan pays Linda an unexpected visit at her law office, she is caught off guard. He questions her about why she pretended not to know him previously and also asks about the woman who actually found Paisley, worrying Linda. She manages to divert him by claiming it was another friend, Isabel, but Ethan remains unconvinced. Linda returns home distressed, recounting the encounter to Jane and worried that Ethan may see through her story.

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The Luna And Her Quadruplet Pups Chapter 10

Linda tried to convince Jane that Ethan had changed and cared for her, but Jane was not willing to forgive him for how he treated her in the past.

She told Linda that she had been both mother and father to her children and they were already a family. Meanwhile, Eve was facing removal from her position as CEO of the perfume company for substituting expensive ingredients with cheaper toxins without permission.

She desperately called Elise Carrington, hoping to make a deal with her luxury brand La Louve to earn a win and convince the board to keep her in place. At the mall, Paisley noticed a girl who looked exactly like her across the courtyard, with the same dark hair, green eyes, and matching freckles on their mouths. Thrilled, she pointed out the girl to her father Ethan.

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