A Secret Alpha Mate Chapter Summary

A Secret Alpha Mate

A Secret Alpha Mate by Aurara Archer follows Isla, a girl orphaned at four after her rogue parents died attacking another pack. Taken in by the Silver Moon pack, one of the most prominent in the werewolf world, Isla counts herself lucky despite the harsh conditions faced by omegas like herself in the pack. As an omega, she endures almost s$$$e-like treatment and is deprived of basic freedoms.

Her life takes a dramatic turn when she turns 18 and her wolf spirit awakens, warning her of imminent danger. Isla is faced with a crucial decision: to stay in the pack and risk everything or follow the rogue path of her parents, a route she had sworn never to take.

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Book TitleA Secret Alpha Mate
AuthorAurora Archer
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
GenresDrama, Werewolf
TagsAlpha, Mate, Omega, Wolf, revenge, alpha, mate, goodgirl, self-improved, luna, drama, bxg, werewolves, pack

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A Secret Alpha Mate PDF

A Secret Alpha Mate PDF

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A Secret Alpha Mate Chapter 1

Isla wakes up feeling cold and lost. She had a dream that she had previously only remembered in bits and pieces, but now it comes much more frequently and is much more vivid. Abigail, her closest friend, checks on her and reminds her that it has been a while since she last had the dream. Isla remembers Abigail covering for her mistakes as a kid and reminding her of all the things she has learned under her mentorship. Isla quickly gets ready and heads downstairs for a morning meeting.

She tries to hide behind the other omegas and avoids eye contact with Meghan, the new head omega, who seems to be taking pleasure in singling her out for deep cleaning duty. During the meeting, Meghan antagonizes Isla for seemingly no reason. Later, while on cleaning duty, Meghan pulls Isla aside and becomes physical, berating her.

Abigail intervenes and scolds Meghan for taking things too far. Isla, however, stands up to Meghan and defends herself. Meghan threatens to make Isla clean the Alpha’s bathrooms alone, but Isla remains calm and determined to do her job. The chapter ends with Isla walking away from the meeting with her head held high.

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A Secret Alpha Mate Chapter 2

Isla is tasked with cleaning the bathrooms on Alpha’s floor, but she feels uncomfortable every time she’s there. Seth, 20 years old, is an Alpha’s son who constantly annoys Luna and drinks excessively. Seth’s training three times a day scolding in front of the staff and other pack members, makes him dislike being a member of his family. Luna occasionally takes Seth’s side, but Alpha remains stern towards him.

Alpha Benjamin believes that Seth needs training to earn his title, which makes him feel disrespected. Isla is astonished by her appearance, she has gained weight and her hair has deepened to auburn, and has a wave in it, pleasing her greatly with her appearance. She completes her cleaning in one of the Alpha’s rooms and by the time she’s done, it’s past one in the afternoon.

Isla enters Hailey’s bathroom and uses modern products. Ashley and two girls, whom she is previously acquainted with, join her, and they get to work in laughter, bonding over their shared situation. Later, Isla enjoys a brief conversation with Seth, during which she sends him off to dinner and insists on finishing his bathroom. When Ashley asks Isla if she’s sure she can handle the rest on her own, Isla reassures her with confidence. When Isla reaches the last bathroom,

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A Secret Alpha Mate Chapter 3

image of Isla and Seth, the main characters from "A Secret Alpha Mate"

The protagonist is punished for Meghan’s misplaced jealousy by being chained to a pole in the packhouse. She is completely hopeless and empty, feeling humiliated and at the mercy of others.

Isla is ordered to go to her room, but during the journey, she is approached by Seth and he tries to force himself on her. She is lucky she is not a rogue or a dog in her eyes. She is then ordered to go to her room and soon finds herself alone, left to her thoughts and fears.

As she lays down on a bed of grass, she sees the light from Seth’s room and feels panic rise as she realizes he knows she is alone and vulnerable. She tries to remove the chain from the pole but is unable to. She also cannot mindlink with any other pack members as she is not yet eighteen.

In conclusion, Isla feels completely hopeless and at the mercy of others. She is punished for Meghan’s jealousy and is left to her own devices. The situation is dire and she is scared for her safety.

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A Secret Alpha Mate Chapter 4

Isla has been captured and is being held in a tight-fitting cage, in front of a packed house. As she sits in fear and desperation, she is confronted by Abigail, who manages to break her down from tears, fear, and anger. Abigail starts to explore the situation and uses the opportunity to talk to Abigail.

They share a moment and eat food. At night, Isla falls asleep and wakes up the next morning with calming feelings. She will be working with Meghan today, and Isla tries her best to avoid Meghan. During the assignment, she is told that there will be no input from any ranked members, which brings a great sense of relief to Isla.

She thinks that everything went well until she finds out that Meghan has booked the guest rooms for a party. The Alpha and Beta will be present at the party, so Isla must ensure the rooms are deep cleaned and properly set up. Isla also discovers that the reason she had least talked to any ranked members is that their duties are included in her tasks. The story concludes with more anticipation and uncertainty around the upcoming party.

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A Secret Alpha Mate Chapter 5

The packhouse the omega crew returned to seemed to be the same as usual – bustling with activity from dawn to dusk. On the first day, Isla finds herself put to work in the kitchen preparing for the weekend. She loves her job and takes pride in the work she does. Although the omega crew doesn’t get much free time, the kitchen duties give Isla a sense of purpose and passion.

She takes advantage of her free mornings to go for a walk outside and get some fresh air. The sky is about to light up and the seasons are changing. The omega crew isn’t allowed much time outside; they work from sunrise to sunset every day. A lot of them don’t have a chance to connect with their wolf forms, which is a shame.

Isla finds out that Abigail has been shifting, which is surprising to her. She doesn’t know much about her omega sisters, but she hopes they’re able to connect with their wolf forms. This is something she wants to be able to do, as she longs for the connection with nature that the alphas get to experience. Even though Isla has been with the omega crew for a while now, she’s still new to the pack and doesn’t know how to go about changing things. As she sets out on her morning walk, she wonders if it’s even possible to

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A Secret Alpha Mate Chapter 6

In this chapter, the protagonist accidentally drops a tray of food, causing a mess and attracting the attention of the Alpha and Luna. Hailey, the Alpha’s daughter, is initially furious and threatens to kick the protagonist out of the way. However, before Hailey can make a move, John, a stranger, steps in to defend the protagonist.

The Alpha, recognizes John’s voice and questions the protagonist about the incident, which he maintains was an accident. Luna also intervenes, reminding the Alpha of the consequences of attacking a pack member.

The Alpha, hearing from multiple sources, eventually concedes that it was a mistake and apologizes for the protagonist’s pain. John, seeing a chance to be with the protagonist, gently leads her away and to the kitchen. The protagonist is grateful and apologetic but also vows to be more careful in the future.

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A Secret Alpha Mate Chapter 7

In this chapter, Hailey storms out of her father’s office after he fails to meet her expectations and punishes the omega who attacked her. Her mother scolds her for her outburst but also uses the opportunity to express her jealousy towards the other omega, Meghan, who is the lead omega of the pack and needs to be frequently met with. This prejudice against Meghan makes Hailey even more angry, and she storms out of the room.

Meanwhile, Julianna, who is in a romantic relationship with Benjamin, approaches her mate to try and comfort him after Hailey’s enormous outburst. Julianna, however, expresses her feelings of frustration towards the pack, as she has become more of an annoyance to Benjamin than an attraction. She then storms out of the room.

Benjamin, still feeling hurt and disappointed by Hailey’s ignominious attitude, calls upon his mate, Meghan, to visit him in his office. She senses his upset mood and approaches him, seductively. Bennington leans back and groans as Meghan takes his length into her mouth, and he eagerly accepts her comfort.

Hailey, out of jealousy, is swayed by her mother’s prejudice towards Meghan, and she storms back into her father’s office to take out her anger on her father.

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A Secret Alpha Mate Chapter 8

In this chapter, the focus is on the relationship between two characters – Meghan and her Alpha. The two have been in a private relationship shouldering the responsibility of power plays in the pack. Meghan wants to please her Alpha and as a result, is forced to confront her feelings towards her Omega, Isla – an uneasy situation.

She tries to keep her Alpha unaware of Isla’s presence, but Isla comes too close when she gets into an altercation with another member of the pack, Hailey, resulting in her being disciplined. The chapter explores Meghan’s struggle with jealousy towards Isla and her Alpha’s reaction to the situation.

The ending of the chapter takes a turn when Meghan suggests staging an incident during an upcoming party to minimize Isla’s presence in the pack. The content of the book chapter highlights the themes of power play and relationship dynamics surrounding the characters, with Meghan exploring the difficulties of her position as an omega and her Alpha’s expectations of her.

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A Secret Alpha Mate Chapter 9

In the kitchen, John takes Isla to see a doctor, and Abigail is worried about her condition. It turns out that Isla’s wrist is sprained, and they are trying to find someone to help her with healing. John and Abigail start looking around the kitchen for an omega, and it soon becomes clear that nobody can help Isla.

To make matters worse, Meghan storms into the kitchen and begins to berate John and Abigail for being in the kitchen. She is furious that John allowed it to happen and that Abigail failed to attend to Isla’s needs. Meghan quickly waves off John’s concerns, saying it’s none of his business, and Abigail tries to apologize, but Meghan is too angry to hear her.

Tom and Peyton, another omega couple in the pack, come to Isla’s aid and offer to help her. John and Abigail are taken aback by this sudden show of support, but they quickly rally and help out. Tom bandages Isla’s wrist and Peyton searches for healing oils and treatments.

As the kitchen becomes more busy with the party preparations, Abigail and John take a break in the omega room together. They reflect on the day’s events and discuss how difficult it has been for Isla, particularly being treated as an outsider.

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A Secret Alpha Mate Chapter 10

The next few days go by in a whirlwind. There are extra tasks to be completed and the day starts early and ends late. Omega females are hopeful to meet a pack member they haven’t met before, or maybe an omega visiting to help another pack’s Alpha. Everyone is on their best behavior in hopes of being chosen for the dinner and party.

On Friday, the roommates are woken up by loud knocks on their doors hours before they usually wake up. The sun is still pitch black, and they groggily get out of bed, and Abigail hands Isla a steaming cup of coffee. Abigail has saved a special gift for her 18th birthday and hands her a beautifully wrapped present.

Isla is delighted to receive a new book, Pride and Prejudice. She is excited to read a different genre and feel like she has dreams that might come true, even if just for a few moments a day. She thanks Abigail and they hug, Abigail tells her that she remembers the first time Isla told her about her birthday, the only memory she had. She loves Isla and cherishes their friendship.

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