The Alpha Who Saved Me Chapter Summary

The Alpha Who Saved Me

The Alpha Who Saved Me by Stacy Rush revolves around Quinn Night, a young female wolf shifter. Quinn is the last surviving member of the Dark Moon pack after it was attacked three years ago. She now lives in the Silver Moon pack, led by the alpha Declan Silver. Quinn spends her time training hard so she can get stronger and take revenge for her fallen pack someday. She also forms a close connection with Declan, though relationships between alphas and pack members are typically forbidden.

During her pack’s coming-of-age celebration, Quinn’s world is turned upside down. She unexpectedly reunites with her childhood friend Spencer, who she believes had also died in the attack. Meanwhile, tensions rise between Declan and his cousin Gavin, who has taken a troubling interest in Quinn.

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Secrets from the past are also revealed that change Quinn’s understanding of what happened to her original pack. She must decide where her loyalties truly lie and what her next steps will be for justice and her future in the new pack.

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Book TitleThe Alpha Who Saved Me
AuthorStacy Rush
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
Genres Werewolf romance
Tags Romance

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The Alpha Who Saved Me PDF

The Alpha Who Saved Me

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The Alpha Who Saved Me Chapter 1

Quinn is the sole survivor after her pack, the Dark Moon pack, is attacked by the rival Desert Sand pack. Alpha Declan of the neighboring Storm River pack finds Quinn in the underground saferoom three years later. Though she called for help, by the time the Storm River pack arrived, it was too late to save Quinn’s family. She watched through surveillance cameras as her mother and brother’s bodies lay just outside the saferoom door. Declan brings Quinn back to his territory for safety.

Quinn learns that her aunt, uncle, and three cousins who had visited for her birthday were also killed as they tried to flee in an SUV. Seeing their bodies outside causes Quinn to faint. Alpha Declan orders his beta, Carter, to take Quinn to pack some things. Carter will then escort her to stay in the room next to Declan’s mother for protection. Quinn is now left alone as the only surviving member of the Dark Moon pack after the brutal attack.

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The Alpha Who Saved Me Chapter 2

Quinn and her best friend Cici go skinny dipping in a lake on Quinn’s 18th birthday. While swimming, Cici plays a prank by pulling Quinn underwater. They laugh and joke together. Quinn expresses uncertainty about finding her mate now that she is of age. Shifter wolves can find their soulmates or mates, once they turn 18 through a distinct scent only they can detect. Not all wolves find their destined mate.

Later, Quinn runs into the pack Alpha Declan’s sister Lila, who insinuates something had been going on between Quinn and Declan. Quinn denies this and goes to speak with Declan. He surprises her by saying he has never seen her as a sister. At dinner that night, Quinn thanks Declan and his mother for taking her in and rebuilding her pack town after her parent’s death. Declan says he just wants Quinn to be happy.

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The Alpha Who Saved Me Chapter 3

Quinn gets ready for her 18th birthday celebration with the help of her best friend Cici. Cici does Quinn’s hair and makeup, making her eyes pop. When Quinn puts on the dress that was picked out by Amelia, she is stunned by how beautiful it looks. Her back is bare and the dress shows off her toned muscles from her recent training.

Before they leave, Declan gifts Quinn with a pair of diamond earrings that belonged to her late mother. Quinn is overcome with emotion seeing the special earrings. However, their celebration is interrupted when Lila arrives uninvited. Quinn confronts Lila and has the security guards remove her. Though worried she may get in trouble, the group laughs off the incident and toasts to Quinn. Her birthday is put back on track and they enjoy a lively ride back home singing along to the radio.

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The Alpha Who Saved Me Chapter 4

Quinn attends a party where Amelia plans to introduce her to eligible males. Many unknown wolves have been invited, much to Quinn’s surprise. She dances with several males, including Gavin Davis who is Declan’s cousin. Gavin takes a liking to Quinn and asks her out, though she explains she cannot pursue anything until meeting her true mate. Declan watches Quinn closely and appears displeased as he approaches her and Gavin, who quickly makes his exit. Quinn braces herself for what Declan wants as he strides towards her with a determined expression.

Quinn’s friend Cici escorts her around the party and encourages her to socialize. One male, Gavin Davis, catches Quinn when she trips on the uneven ground. They chat and Gavin asks Quinn for a dance. During the slow dance, Gavin’s hand drifts too low and he apologizes, though tells Quinn he hopes to see her again. Quinn agrees to friendship but explains she must wait for her true mate, worrying this will lead to heartbreak. Gavin understands but notes he has already waited five years for his mate to appear.

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The Alpha Who Saved Me Chapter 5

Quinn attends her 18th birthday party where she has an argument with the alpha Declan. She avoids him for the rest of the night as various males vie for her attention. Later, Declan apologizes and explains he was jealous of how his cousin Gavin was looking at Quinn. He warns her to be careful around Gavin.

Quinn cuts the birthday cake with Amelia after Declan disappears to deal with his ex Lila. While sneaking away to the bathroom, Quinn hears a crash coming from Declan’s office upstairs. She finds Declan amidst destroyed furniture, panting heavily. Without warning, Declan pins Quinn against the wall and kisses her passionately. Quinn is stunned at first but gives in, having never been kissed before, especially not by the alpha.

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The Alpha Who Saved Me Chapter 6

Quinn Night celebrates her 18th birthday with a small dinner party hosted by Alpha Declan of the Storm River pack. She has lived with Declan’s pack for the past three years after her birth pack was attacked. During the party, an unwelcome guest named Lila arrives uninvited, claiming to be Declan’s girlfriend.

This causes tension, as Declan had only been intimate with Lila and saw her as nothing more. Quinn becomes upset and briefly leaves the room. Later, when Lila refuses to give up Quinn’s seat at the table, Quinn handles the situation by having security remove Lila from the private party.

The others laugh at the ordeal, and Declan apologizes to Quinn for the disruption. He realizes he needs to fully end things with Lila. The party continues with toasts to Quinn and Declan, though he finds himself developing new feelings for the woman who has become like family.

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The Alpha Who Saved Me Chapter 7

Quinn grows frustrated with Declan’s behavior at the party and confronts him, noting that she did not ask for the celebration. When Declan grabs her wrist, she pulls away and questions his anger towards her. Declan realizes his mistake and apologizes, explaining that he was upset with his cousin Gavin for the way he treated Quinn. He admits to being worried about Gavin overstepping boundaries with her.

Declan then argues with Lila, the pack omega, about her possessive behavior towards him. Lila has misunderstood their relationship and believes they are mates. Duke, Declan’s wolf, intervenes and asserts Quinn’s higher status as a rightful alpha from another pack. Lila throws a positive pregnancy test at Declan, claiming the child will make her the new Luna since it is his heir. This shocks both Declan and Duke.

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The Alpha Who Saved Me Chapter 8

Declan is stunned to learn that Lila, his mistress, is pregnant. As her pregnancy was unintended and she was supposed to be on birth control, Declan knows that as the presumed father he will now be forced to make Lila his mate. Filled with anger, Declan runs from Lila in his wolf form and destroys his office.

When Quinn finds Declan, he kisses her passionately in the heat of the moment. Though they both feel a strong attraction, Quinn reminds Declan that she has a mate waiting for her elsewhere. She comforts Declan and helps clean up his office. They discuss the situation, and Quinn tells Declan not to formally make Lila his mate until he confirms he is the father through a paternity test.

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The Alpha Who Saved Me Chapter 9

Declan had gifted Quinn her dream car for her birthday. Overcome with emotion, Quinn attacked Declan in the garage and they began making out. Thinking of her future mate, Quinn still couldn’t get enough of Declan and his touch. He placed her on the hood of the car where they pleasured each other until completion.

After reading the letter from her deceased mother, Quinn decided to take her new car for a drive with her friend Cici. Quinn showed Cici around her old hometown which was now rebuilt by Declan. When they arrived at the packhouse, Quinn was surprised to find that Declan had provided her with a house key. Upon entering, Quinn was overcome with memories of finding her mother and brother dead after the attack on her old pack. Cici then let out a scream from the front of the house, causing Quinn to come running. When she turned to see what Cici was staring at, Quinn was shocked by what she saw at the front door.

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The Alpha Who Saved Me Chapter 10

Quinn runs into the packhouse and finds her old friend Spencer, who she thought had died in the massacre of their pack years ago. He reveals that he was away at the time and that there are actually twenty-five other survivors from their pack still alive. They catch up while their friend Cici takes notes on rebuilding their new pack.

Quinn and Carter hear Declan and his mother Amelia arguing loudly. They discover that Lila has tricked Declan into thinking she is pregnant with his child to claim a place as his mate, though Carter doubts the validity of the pregnancy. Amelia then demands that Declan sign a contract marrying Quinn off to another wolf named Gavin, revealing that Declan has feelings for Quinn. Shocked by this revelation, Quinn flees the house in her wolf form and runs into the woods.

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