Genius Daddy in the City Chapter Summary

Genius Daddy in the City Chapter Summary

Genius Daddy in the City by Beneath The Lonely Mountain Tree revolves around Ye Chen, an ordinary man who accidentally travels to the cultivation world and becomes a powerful immortal over 3,000 years. He cultivates profound arts and rises to prominence.

However, Ye Chen is betrayed after reaching the pinnacle of his cultivation. He returns to modern-day earth through a tear in space and time. Five years have passed in the mortal world while he was gone. To his surprise, Ye Chen discovers that he now has a five-year old daughter. He must adapt to city life once more and protect his daughter as enemies from his past in the cultivation world begin hunting for him. All while raising a child on his own as a single father in the fast-paced modern world.

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Book TitleGenius Daddy in the City
AuthorBeneath The Lonely Mountain Tree
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
Tags urban, cultivation, reincarnation, face-slapping, xuanhuan, modern, doting, childcare, op, transmigration, daughter

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Genius Daddy in the City PDF

Genius Daddy in the City PDF

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Genius Daddy in the City Chapter 1

Ye Chen had just returned to his hometown after being away for five years. He was shocked to learn that he now had a five-year-old daughter, Ye Mengmeng, with his girlfriend Su Yuhan. However, Su Yuhan was no longer around and Mengmeng claimed that a “bad guy” had taken her mother away.

While interacting with his daughter Mengmeng for the first time, Ye Chen saw that she was unwell and started bleeding from her nose. His mother Wu Lan then informed him that Mengmeng had leukemia. Ye Chen was deeply saddened by this revelation, having only just met his daughter who was already battling a serious illness. He was filled with regret for not being present during the past five years of her life.

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Genius Daddy in the City Chapter 2

Ye Chen discovered that his daughter Mengmeng had leukemia and needed expensive treatment. His ex-wife Su Yuhan was taken away by her powerful family, the Su family, years ago, leaving Mengmeng in Ye Chen’s parents’ care.

Ye Chen vowed to help Mengmeng and bring Yuhan back. Upon returning home, he found his father Ye Hai in trouble with a local loan shark named Bao Kun, who was trying to cut off Ye Hai’s finger for unpaid debts. Angered, Ye Chen slapped Bao Kun hard twice, shocking everyone present and drawing Bao Kun’s wrath, who ordered his men to kill Ye Chen.

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Genius Daddy in the City Chapter 3

Bao Kun and his men attacked Ye Chen and his father over an unpaid debt from usury. However, Ye Chen easily overpowered all of them and broke Bao Kun’s arm as punishment. He delivered a message to the local crime boss Lin Tai, telling him to apologize by nightfall.

That night, Ye Chen went to Lin Tai’s private club and easily defeated the guards at the entrance. He announced his presence to Lin Tai, demanding he come out to accept his death.

Later that evening, Ye Chen arrived at Lin Tai’s private luxury club in Tiannan City. When stopped by the security guards at the entrance, Ye Chen easily overpowered them, sending the guards flying out of the lobby. All the guests inside the club watched on in shock. Ye Chen calmly scanned the lobby and loudly declared for Lin Tai to come out, so he could accept his death.

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Genius Daddy in the City Chapter 4

Ye Chen arrived at the exclusive Hongtai Club seeking Black Leopard Lin Tai. He easily defeated over a dozen security guards sent to apprehend him, showcasing his formidable martial skills. On the third floor, Lin Tai and martial arts master Wu Changchun observed the confrontation.

While Lin Tai wished to send more men, Wu Changchun believed Ye Chen may be an ancient martial artist and offered to intervene himself. He calmly walked down and introduced himself, asking Ye Chen to stand down and discuss the issue. However, Ye Chen refused and further angered Wu Changchun by disrespecting him. Tensions escalated as the experts realized Ye Chen’s strength and defiance.

Master Wu Changchun, a respected martial arts master, came down to defuse the situation after Ye Chen defeated the club’s security guards. However, Ye Chen continued to act disrespectfully towards both Master Wu and the club’s owner, Lin Tai, further angering them. It became clear Ye Chen was a formidable fighter but his defiance threatened to escalate the conflict.

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Genius Daddy in the City Chapter 5

Master Wu, an expert in wing chun, attacked Ye Chen in a fit of rage. However, Ye Chen effortlessly stopped Wu’s punch and humiliated him with basic self-defense. Despite Wu’s reputation, Ye Chen defeated him with a single slap, sending him crashing through the doors. All present were shocked by Ye Chen’s overwhelming skills.

The confrontation led back to Lin Tai, the local loan shark. It was revealed his underling Bao Kun had extorted Ye Chen’s family, prompting the dispute. After threatening Bao Kun, Ye Chen cut off one of Lin Tai’s fingers as punishment.

Lin Tai yielded, forbidding anyone from opposing Ye Chen from that point on. Ye Chen’s fearsome abilities commanded instant respect and put the entire underworld on notice.

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Genius Daddy in the City Chapter 6

Su Tao and another man discussed their plans at a manor in Beijing. Su Tao expressed his anger towards his sister, Yuhan, for still having feelings for Ye Chen. He had orchestrated injecting toxins into Ye Chen’s daughter, Mengmeng, to kill her within three months and eliminate Yuhan’s last hope. However, the other man warned that Yuhan must be married off within three months.

In Lin City, Ye Chen discovered many toxins had accumulated in Mengmeng’s body due to Su Tao’s actions. To save her, he used one of the three drops of his Heart Blood he possessed. He was determined to go to Beijing in three months to bring Yuhan home and end the Su family if they intervened.

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Genius Daddy in the City Chapter 7

Ye Chen and his father Ye Hai visited Ye Chen’s second uncle Ye Ming’s house to thank him for his help over the past few years. However, Ye Ming’s daughter Ye Wen and wife, Ye Chen’s second aunt, were unwelcoming.

Ye Wen especially seemed to harbor disdain for Ye Chen. Ye Ming offered for Ye Wen to help Ye Chen get a job at her company, which was holding open interviews soon. Ye Wen was furious by this suggestion and vented in her work group chat, implying Ye Chen was unqualified and his family was poor. Her colleagues expressed willingness to intimidate or get rid of Ye Chen if he dared go to the interview.

Ye Chen nodded agreeably to Ye Ming’s offer despite Ye Wen’s obvious reluctance. His father Ye Hai eagerly accepted, hoping it would help Ye Chen find stability. However, Ye Wen’s chat made clear she had no intention of genuinely helping her cousin, and might conspire against him with others at the company. Her disdain for Ye Chen’s background suggested the offer was empty and the upcoming interview could hold unseen dangers.

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Genius Daddy in the City Chapter 8

Ye Chen stops at a hawker stall run by Chen Houzi to browse items. A black irregular item the size of a walnut catches his attention, stirring his Immortal Drift Bottle which allows aging herbs. He buys the item for 200 yuan despite Chen Houzi’s attempts to charge more by fabricating stories. A snobbish voice then demands the item too.

At the stall, Chen Houzi eagerly tries to sell Ye Chen various fake “antiques” from the Qing dynasty. When Ye Chen notices the small inconspicuous black item, Chen Houzi realizes he has spotted a real treasure and makes up a tale about its supposed origins from Mount Tai. After bargaining him down from 500 to 200 yuan, Ye Chen purchases the item that has stirred his Immortal Drift Bottle’s power.

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Genius Daddy in the City Chapter 9

Ye Chen had purchased an unknown item from Chen Houzi, an antique dealer. However, when the powerful and wealthy Gu Shaokun saw the item and offered Chen Houzi a higher price, Chen Houzi was ready to go back on his deal with Ye Chen. Ye Chen reminded Chen Houzi of the rules in the antique trade about honoring a completed sale.

Facing Ye Chen’s insistence on upholding the rules, Gu Shaokun became furious but could not forcefully take the item. After a confrontation where Ye Chen asserted his claim without backing down, Gu Shaokun stormed off, leaving Ye Chen as the rightful owner of the mysterious item. However, Ye Chen’s lack of reaction to Gu Shaokun’s displays of valuable family heirlooms seemed to unsettle the powerful man further.

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Genius Daddy in the City Chapter 10

Gu Yingying, a martial artist from the wealthy Gu family, attacked Ye Chen after he defeated some thugs who were harassing him. However, Ye Chen easily overpowered her with a single kick. When Gu Yingying’s grandfather, the Old Master Gu, witnessed Ye Chen’s ability to attack through the air without physically touching his opponent, he realized Ye Chen must be the renowned Grandmaster Yuan Bupo.

The Old Master Gu shocked everyone by immediately apologizing to Ye Chen and forcing Gu Yingying to do the same. Gu Shaokun protested, not believing Ye Chen was so powerful, but the Old Master Gu slapped him and ordered him to kneel in front of Ye Chen.

Gu Shaokun’s disrespect towards Ye Chen caused the Old Master Gu to slap him and command him to kneel. Though surprised by Ye Chen’s skills, the Old Master recognized him as the renowned Grandmaster Yuan Bupo, shocking all present by promptly apologizing and forcing his granddaughter Gu Yingying to do the same, establishing Ye Chen’s authority over the wealthy Gu family.

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