The Billionaire’s Twins Play Matchmaker Chapter Summary


The Billionaire’s Twins Play Matchmaker by E.T. Watson revolves around Macey, who was born into a modest family with her father being a Vietnam War veteran. After her parents’ passing, her father’s friend Augustus, a wealthy business tycoon whom he had saved during the war, arranged for his son Julius to marry her which she agreed to as she liked Julius when young.

However, over time people found it strange for a girl of humble beginnings like Macey to marry a wealthy man like Julius, which impacted Julius and he began physically abusing her. Faced with mistreatment, Macey left with the twins she had with Julius and settled in Paris, receiving support from Augustus.

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Surprisingly, it was Augustus who provided unwavering support to Macey during this challenging period by helping her disappear from New York without a trace and financially supporting her return to education. The story revolves around Macey raising her twin children in Paris with support from Augustus and the children later play matchmakers between their parents in trying to reunite them years later.

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Book TitleThe Billionaire’s Twins Play Matchmaker Novel [Lost Love Series]
AuthorE.T. Watson
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
Genres Billionaire Romance
Tags billionaire, lost loves, matchmaker, arranged marriage, heir/heiress, blue collar, bxg, lighthearted, addiction, civilian, fiction

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The Billionaire’s Twins Play Matchmaker PDF

The Billionaire's Twins Play Matchmaker PDF

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The Billionaire’s Twins Play Matchmaker Chapter 1

Macey stumbled back after Julius slapped her at his father’s birthday party, where he had grown angry after drinking heavily. Their marriage had become loveless over the past six months as rumors circulated calling her a gold digger. Seeing Julius flirting with other women at the party, Macey rushed off in tears.

Returning home, Macey found divorce papers Julius left for her to sign. Although shocked, she signed them and left her wedding rings behind. She also burned the papers confirming her pregnancy before departing the luxury condo she shared with Julius, taking only a few belongings and cash. With her new circumstances frightening but freeing, Macey boarded the last bus of the night, determined to start her life over for the sake of the child.

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The Billionaire’s Twins Play Matchmaker Chapter 2

Julius was frustrated with his self-proclaimed fiancée Katherine Trent who was pressuring him to change wedding venues and hire a famous photographer against his wishes. He was reminded of how he ended up in this situation years ago when he got drunk at a party and Katherine aggressively kissed him, leading her to now claim they were engaged.

Julius kept a folder of documents related to his disappearance of his ex-wife Macey six years ago, including photos tracking her movements until she vanished without a trace. The photos also showed she was pregnant with his child. He still hoped to one day find her and explain himself.

Julius unlocked the bottom drawer to reexamine the papers from six years ago. On the night of her disappearance, he came home drunk and in a rage to find she had left, taking only her purse and phone. He tracked her phone to a trash can down the street, realizing she had discarded it. Surveillance footage followed her to a bus stop, after which she disappeared. Julius saw test results confirming she was pregnant and a sonogram estimating the baby’s development. He continued to replay his planned speech for when he found Macey again, hoping he would have a chance to apologize for his mistakes and ask her to return home.

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The Billionaire’s Twins Play Matchmaker Chapter 3

March was concerned about his brother Julius, whose marriage had collapsed six years ago when his wife Macey disappeared. Every year around the anniversary of her disappearance, Julius’s mood and drinking worsened as he struggled with guilt and depression over her absence. At the family birthday party, their nephew Jude interacted with them and helped lighten the mood momentarily. However, Julius remained troubled over Macey.

The party dynamics were tense as Augustus openly rejected his other son Julius’s girlfriend Katherine, much to her frustration. He doted on his daughter-in-law Rose and grandson Jude instead. During this time, Augustus received a surprise Skype call from his twin grandchildren in Paris. They played the piano and sang him a birthday song, delighting him. It seemed he had convinced his wayward daughter-in-law, who was the twins’ mother, to return home with the children after five years abroad.

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The Billionaire’s Twins Play Matchmaker Novel [Lost Love Series] Chapter 4

Sylvia Adwin, the curator of Gray Studio Gallery, encountered Katherine who wished for renowned artist M. Gray to photograph her wedding. However, Sylvia informed Katherine that M. Gray does not accept commissions.

Though Katherine threatened to shut down the gallery, Sylvia remained unfazed. Elsewhere, Macey arrived in New York with her twins Aria and Caden. They were greeted by Stephen and learned of a party Augustus was throwing in their honor that evening.

Augustus had arranged for them to shop exclusively at Saks, where Macey and the twins found dresses and outfits for the upcoming event.

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The Billionaire’s Twins Play Matchmaker Novel [Lost Love Series] Chapter 5

Macey had brought Aria and Caden to the party at the Baccarat hotel to reunite them with their grandfather Augustus. She arrived late to avoid attention and left the twins at a table to find Augustus. Meanwhile, Julius was drinking at the bar, hoping to forget his past failures. He thought he saw Macey in the crowd but lost her.

At their table, Aria and Caden encountered Katherine, who roughly grabbed Aria’s arm and slapped Caden when he defended his sister. The confrontation drew a crowd as Katherine’s actions were unprovoked. When the onlookers did not side with her, Katherine called for security to remove the twins, heightening the tensions.

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The Billionaire’s Twins Play Matchmaker Novel [Lost Love Series] Chapter 6

Julius and March witnessed an altercation between Katherine and the twins, Caden and Aria. They were shocked to see Augustus embrace the twins as his grandchildren. When the twins called their mother, Macey appeared. She scolded Caden for his injury and slapped Katherine for harming her son.

That evening, Julius saw his father dining with Macey and the twins. He observed Macey tenderly serving and caring for Caden and Aria. March convinced Julius that confronting their father and demanding answers should wait until tomorrow, as not to scare the family. Julius agreed to get the truth from his father the next day about Macey and his children.

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The Billionaire’s Twins Play Matchmaker Novel [Lost Love Series] Chapter 7

Julius and March confronted their father Augustus about knowing Macey’s whereabouts for the past six years. Augustus revealed that after Macey left Julius, he had his assistant Stephen follow and bring her back to the family home as her pregnancy put stress on her body. She stayed with Augustus for three weeks until she was stable.

When she expressed wanting to leave and start over in Paris, Augustus arranged for her to live in the city, enroll in school, and receive medical care, visiting them often. He showed them a photo album chronicling Macey’s pregnancy and the birth of the twins, Caden and Aria.

Julius was enraged that his father had known all along but kept it from him while he desperately searched. Their argument was cut short as Augustus had to leave for a luncheon, warning Julius not to lose his second chance.

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The Billionaire’s Twins Play Matchmaker Novel [Lost Love Series] Chapter 8

Macey’s sister-in-law Rose came for a visit after learning from March that Macey had returned to town with her twins Aria and Caden. Rose was overjoyed to meet her niece and nephew for the first time, hugging and playing with the children. She showed them pictures of her son Jude, who is their cousin.

Aria and Caden seemed fascinated by the new family members. Before leaving, Rose offered her support to Macey, exchanging phone numbers in case babysitting was ever needed. It was an emotional reunion as Macey realized how much she had missed Rose’s encouragement during her difficult marriage, though balancing her old life with her new one would be challenging.

The twins eagerly introduced their aunt Rose to their daily activities of music and coloring. Rose was surprised at their engagement with complex adult coloring books and how neatly they stayed within the lines. Aria even gifted Rose with two colored pictures she had made for her aunt. Though their visit was cut short by Rose’s busy schedule, the children’s enthusiasm seemed to lift both women’s spirits after years apart.

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The Billionaire’s Twins Play Matchmaker Novel [Lost Love Series] Chapter 9

The twins Aria and Caden grew bored of their babysitter and decided to take the subway by themselves to visit their father at work. They met a street performer named Franklin on the subway who was impressed by their musical talents. Caden played the keyboard while Aria sang, earning generous donations from the delighted audience. Franklin agreed to escort the children to their father’s workplace, not realizing they had run away from home.

When they arrived at DaLair Plaza, the imposing skyscraper where their father supposedly worked, the receptionist refused to help them see their grandfather. Undaunted, Aria approached an angry German client who was yelling into his phone and engaged him in German to offer assistance, hoping to impress her father at his workplace. Their mother remained unaware of their disappearance as she helped her colleague at the art gallery.

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The Billionaire’s Twins Play Matchmaker Novel [Lost Love Series] Chapter 10

Julius sat at his desk slowly paging through the photo album his father gave him. He couldn’t stop staring at the images of Macey and the babies. Rose came to visit and informed them that she had gone to visit Macey and the twins, providing a picture. She revealed that Macey and the twins were living in a villa in Soho owned by their grandfather.

Katherine then interrupted, claiming she had made lunch plans with Julius. However, Julius was furious as her interference caused him to miss an important business meeting. Luckily, the twins had befriended the potential client in the lobby.

Their grandfather Augustus arrived and scolded the twins for taking the subway alone, informing their mother of the situation. He also reprimanded the receptionist for not alerting him when the twins entered the building previously.

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