My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires Chapter Summary

My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires.

In My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires by Victor_Weismann, Victor, a young man with the rare RH null blood type, is unaware of his blood’s value in the supernatural world. Creatures who feed on blood desire his blood type, unbeknownst to him. As Victor discovers his true potential, he embraces his destiny as the most powerful vampire.

Combining elements of romance, vampirism, and self-discovery, the novel explores Victor’s journey as he navigates the complexities of having three beautiful vampire wives and the challenges that come with being the greatest vampire of their time.

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My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires PDF

My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires PDF

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My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires Chapter 1

Victor in My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Victor wakes up in his bedroom with no memory of how he got there. When he tries to get up, he realizes his newfound strength, breaking the bed and the bathroom door. Thirst overwhelms him, and he desperately tries to drink water, only for it to be unsatisfying.

A mysterious voice calms him, but he senses a dangerous attraction to someone’s beating heart. Victor discovers physical changes in himself, resembling a vampire. He learns that garlic and the cross have no effect on him, and the sunlight doesn’t harm him either. Confused about his identity, he decides to test his limits to understand what he has become.

Continuing his investigations, Victor discovers increased physical strength and heightened senses. He realizes his hearing can pick up multiple voices, but he can’t distinguish them. To focus his senses, he watches a porn video and notes its success. Victor also uncovers a red vision where he can see people’s hearts glowing brightly.

Alarmed by his new reality as a vampire-like creature, he assesses potential weaknesses, including running water and the need for an invitation to enter someone’s house. Testing garlic pizza, he feels nauseous, but not weakened.

Victor then experiments with sunlight, discovering he is unaffected. Pondering his mysterious transformation and questioning his identity, he contemplates his next steps while finding solace in his mother’s honesty. Finally, exhausted, he falls asleep, hoping for answers.

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My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires Chapter 2

In the chapter, Victor awakens with a powerful thirst, fearing he will harm his family in his uncontrollable state. He discovers newfound strength and heightened senses. Compelled by the smell of blood, Victor encounters a group of thugs threatening a woman.

Unleashing his predatory instincts, he viciously attacks and kills them with supernatural speed and shark-like teeth. This bloodlust is satiated when he encounters Violet, a pale woman with a flirtatious demeanor. They share a deep connection as Victor drinks her blood, gaining access to her memories.

Awakened in a dark alley, Victor questions Violet, who reveals her name and extends an invitation to a new location. Victor, intrigued yet confused, decides to follow her, feeling a sense of familiarity but unable to recall their past encounter.

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My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires Chapter 3

Victor accompanies Violet to a lavish mansion and realizes he can’t enter without permission. They are greeted by Natalia, a maid who appears to be human. Violet invites Victor inside and they sit in the living room.

Victor shares his confusion about being different from traditional vampires and how he sees the “red world.” Violet reveals her family, the Snows, control fire and are immune to sunlight. She explains the distinction between noble and plebeian vampires and declares Victor to be a special case, as he inherited her traits. Violet becomes increasingly seductive, hinting at their bloodlust.

Annoyed by onlookers, Victor asserts his dominance and orders them to leave. With their absence, his irritation subsides, and he resumes feeding on Violet.

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My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires Chapter 4

The protagonist, Victor, grapples with his newfound emotions as a vampire. Violet, his mentor and vampire companion, explains that vampires feel emotions more intensely than humans, which can sometimes lead to instability.

They discuss the need for vampires to isolate themselves from humans to avoid dangerous confrontations. Victor’s perception of vampires is challenged as he observes the arrival of two visitors, whose glowing red necks indicate their vampire identity.

Violet reveals that when she turned Victor into a vampire, she chose him to be her husband. Meanwhile, Victor encounters a peculiar maid named Kaguya and learns about the responsibilities that come with his new status. As Violet becomes increasingly obsessed with him, Victor reluctantly accepts his fate as her husband.

The chapter delves into the complex dynamics of vampire society and Victor’s evolving understanding of his role. As Violet’s infatuation intensifies, Victor experiences conflicting emotions, partly mirroring the amplified feelings vampires possess. A sense of foreboding emerges as Victor discovers that he is being watched by numerous vampires throughout the mansion.

A confrontational interaction transpires when Lucy, a vampire seeking permission to bring more vampires to town, faces Violet’s territorial resistance. The chapter ends with the mention of the Inquisition, hinting at potential conflict and setting the stage for future developments.

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My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires Chapter 5

In this chapter, Victor continues his conversation with Lucy and the woman sitting next to him, who try to provoke him with insults. However, Victor remains unaffected and responds calmly.

He learns about The Inquisition, an organization created by the Vatican Church to hunt down troublesome vampires, and decides to use Lucy as bait. Violet, Victor’s wife, expresses her distrust of Lucy and refuses his request for protection. Victor, however, suggests allowing Lucy to bring fifty vampires into their territory but sets a boundary around Violet’s mansion and their house.

Lucy agrees and leaves, while Victor exerts his physical strength by shattering Lucy’s hand during a handshake. Violet expresses her surprise but also affection for Victor. They discuss witches, and humans with magical abilities, and Violet explains that noble vampires usually rely on their spouse’s blood for sustenance.

They embrace and decide to go to college together. Violet’s maid, Kaguya, and Natalia watch them with concern and discuss Victor’s infatuation with Violet. The chapter ends with Kaguya expressing her worry about Victor potentially targeting them and Natalia dismissing the idea.

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My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires Chapter 6

Victor, a newly transformed vampire, ponders how to explain the changes in his body to his mother. He marvels at his increased height, defined muscles, and paler skin. Accompanied by his wife, Violet, and her maid, Kaguya, they disguise themselves as tourists due to their distinctive appearance.

The chapter also introduces the danger Lucy faces for breaking vampire rules, as well as Violet’s impulsive nature and extravagant purchases. Arriving home, Victor’s mother notices his transformation, leading to a humorous exchange with his eccentric parents. Despite the comical situation, Victor’s mind is filled with thoughts of dolphins and embarrassment.

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My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires Chapter 7

In this chapter, Victor reflects on his decision to reveal the vampire world to his family, expressing his love for them and his desire to share immortality with them.

To his surprise, his parents are supportive of his relationship with Violet and even joke about their intimate activities. Victor plans to become a thief, targeting corrupt individuals to solve his financial problems.

He also contemplates his heightened senses as a vampire and discovers that the captain of the basketball team at his university is also a vampire, igniting his animosity towards him. With these developments, Victor’s family dynamic, personal ambitions, and newfound vampire identity take center stage in this chapter.

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My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires Chapter 8

In this thrilling chapter, we meet Victor, a high school student with an illness that limits his physical abilities. He is constantly bullied by his classmate and basketball team captain, Luan Davis. Determined to defy his limitations, Victor continues to train in secret, but Luan’s relentless taunting pushes him to take revenge.

Victor discovers that Luan is supported by a vampire, which explains his sudden improvement. Unbeknownst to Luan, Victor is also a vampire and confronts him on the basketball court. A tense showdown ensues, with Victor displaying his supernatural strength and challenging Luan to a one-on-one game.

As the confrontation intensifies, other key characters, including Ruby and Corneliu, come into play, hinting at a deeper supernatural mystery.

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My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires Chapter 9

In the basketball game, Victor, a pale man with bright blue eyes, grabs the attention of women with his muscular physique. As he realizes that something in the bleachers is calling to him, he hides, caught off guard. Victor’s opponent, Luan, made his life unbearable in the past, and Victor seeks revenge.

The match begins, with Victor showcasing his skill and Luan realizing the consequences of his past actions. Victor’s extraordinary abilities astound the crowd, and he flaunts his victory, leaving Luan filled with rage.

Meanwhile, Ruby, with hidden feelings for Victor, contemplates her role in the unfolding events. As Victor walks away, Ruby’s conflicted emotions intensify.

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My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires Chapter 10

After a heated conflict with Luan, the protagonist loses interest in college. Curious as to why a noble vampire harbors so much hatred for him, the protagonist waits for an encounter but ultimately returns home.

Corneliu, posing as a basketball coach, uses his vampiric charm to pursue Ruby. Luan fears his master and acknowledges the fragility beneath noble vampires’ egos. Corneliu berates Luan and reveals his plan to kill Victor to pursue Violet. Violet presents a transformed basement, showcasing her witch’s abilities.

Intrigued, the protagonist seeks a fake identity and bank account, leading to Violet’s intense attraction. June, sensing the bloodlust between the couple, hastily takes her leave. The chapter ends with the protagonist and Violet preparing to indulge in their desires.

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