The Princess to Eight Uncles Novel Review

The Princess to Eight Uncles

This novel has other names such as The Princess to Eight Uncles and Mia is Not a Trouble-Maker! I remember I got tears in my eyes after just reading the first 3 chapters.

The Three-and-a-Half Year-Old Baby Is Pampered by Eight Uncles is a heartwarming and emotional story about family bonds and overcoming adversity.

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The story follows a young girl named Yunbao who, after losing her mother at a young age, is taken in by a man named Wang Wang. Wang Wang and his wife Li Hong proceed to abuse and neglect Yunbao for years, not even giving her a proper name.

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The first few chapters detail the horrific abuse Yunbao faces on a daily basis. One particularly difficult scene is when Li Hong purposefully causes her own miscarriage in order to frame Yunbao. Yunbao is chased out into the snow and left for dead by her so-called father. This scene is painful to read but also sets up Yunbao’s amazing character arc. Despite all the trauma she has endured, Yunbao remains kind-hearted.

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A major turning point comes when Yunbao is able to contact her uncles, the brothers of her late mother. Her uncles had been searching for Yunbao and their sister for years and were overjoyed to find her. Their reunion is both heartwarming and bittersweet as they realize how much Yunbao has suffered. Her uncles, particularly her Little Uncle Gu Peng, become a new loving family for her.

The Three-and-a-Half Year-Old Baby Is Pampered by Eight Uncles

Once she is taken in by her uncles, the story shifts to Yunbao adjusting to her new life of love and comfort after years of neglect. She moves into a beautiful house and is doted on by her grandparents and eight uncles, whom she calls her “eight treasures.” Scenes like Yunbao getting her own room for the first time and having a birthday cake are particularly emotional after the trauma she has endured.

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A major theme throughout is the relationship between Yunbao and her new sister Gu Zi. Gu Zi is jealous of the attention Yunbao receives but eventually comes to see Yunbao as a true sister after learning of her past. Their sisterly bond that develops is heartwarming to read.

Some of the most satisfying moments come when Yunbao’s abusers get their comeuppance. The kidnapping and beating of Wang Wang is disturbing yet also brings a sense of justice. By the end, the Wang family has lost everything while Yunbao finally has the loving family she deserves.

While often melodramatic, the novel succeeds in creating an emotional journey for readers. Yunbao is easy to root for, and seeing her find a real home after so much suffering is cathartic. The love of her uncles and grandparents feels authentic and is the backbone of the novel. Even side characters like Gu Zi become more sympathetic over time.

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While the novel may seem cliche, cringy, and even unrealistic at times, I recommend giving at least five chapters before deciding to continue this novel.

With vivid scenes, relatable characters, and themes of family and perseverance, The Three-and-a-Half Year-Old Baby Is Pampered by Eight Uncles is an engaging story that tugs at the heartstrings. Yunbao’s resilience and the way she wins over her new family stay with you long after the last page.

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