Submitting To My Best Friend’s Dad by Scarlett Ross (Chapter Summary)

Submitting to My Best Friend's Dad

This is the summary of five chapters of Submitting To My Best Friend’s Dad by Scarlett Ross. If you want to know more about this book, read the review: Submitting To My Best Friend’s Dad Review

Submitting To My Best Friend’s Dad Chapter 1

Becca arrives at her best friend Tally’s house in Miami for the summer. Tally’s dad, the hot Italian stallion Mr. Valentino, built the mansion based on a dream he had. Becca has always had a secret crush on him.

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When Tally sees her dad isn’t there to greet them, she throws a tantrum like a 5-year-old. Meanwhile, Becca is distracted by the sight of Mr. Valentino coming out of the pool, dripping wet in his swim trunks. She tries not to stare at the enormous beast between his legs. wink wink

Tally confronts her dad for not being there and he apologizes, saying he forgot what time they were arriving. Becca awkwardly reintroduces herself to Mr. Valentino, who is surprised at how much she’s grown up.

Tally makes plans to go out with friends, blowing off her dad’s offer to order them food. Becca feels bad but doesn’t want to argue. As Tally storms off, Becca thanks Mr. Valentino for having her stay the summer. He says to call him James and implies they’ll be seeing a lot of each other.

And that’s the scandalous first chapter!

Submitting To My Best Friend’s Dad Chapter 2

Late at night, Becca can’t sleep so she goes to the kitchen to make tea. Tally’s dad James startles her when he comes in wearing only a towel. Becca tries not to stare at his muscular body.

They have a friendly conversation about Becca’s recent breakup. James compliments her, saying she’s beautiful. This makes Becca blush.

There seems to be chemistry brewing as James stands close to Becca. She gets flustered and her n*s show through her tank top, which James notices.

Becca gets embarrassed and goes upstairs. James tells her to be a good girl, implying he knows she’s attracted to him. But he says he’s too dark for her.

The tension between them is palpable! I’ll keep this PG since there are younger ears present.

Submitting To My Best Friend’s Dad Chapters 3 & 4

Powerful businessman James is at work closing a big deal. He gets a text from his daughter Tally that she’s having a pool party. When he sees a pic of Becca in a bathing suit, he can’t stop thinking about her!

Meanwhile, his booty call Katrine shows up demanding commitment. James kicks her out with help from his sassy assistant. He decides he needs to go home and check on the party.

At the party, Becca just wants to relax but Tally tries pushing guys on her. One guy Alejandro gets aggressive and won’t take no for an answer. He slaps Becca and tries to force himself on her.

Just in time, James busts in and beats up Alejandro, throwing him out. He checks that Becca is okay in a very intimate way. She feels safe with him. Uh oh, tensions rising!

Tally doesn’t believe Becca at first but then feels guilty when James confirms what happened. Girl drama!

Submitting To My Best Friend’s Dad Chapter 5

Becca has been avoiding s$$y James after he heroically saved her from creepy Alejandro. She’s embarrassed that he saw her in a compromising situation.

James can’t stop thinking about curvy Becca either. He keeps having inappropriate thoughts about bending her over and getting frisky! His lusty brain is driving him crazy.

One day Becca is in the shower getting frisky with herself while thinking of James! Then she sees him through his open bedroom door, also getting frisky in the shower. giggle

Becca is shocked and runs away, but turns out James saw her peeping! Later he sneaks into her room and they share a steamy kiss. He gets handsy but leaves her wanting more as revenge for spying earlier.

These two have such crazy chemistry! I can’t wait to see what happens between s$$y businessman James and his daughter’s bestie Becca. More naughty hijinks to come!

You can read Chapter 6 on Amazon & Webnovel.

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