King of the Underworld by RJ Kane (Chapter Summary)

King of the underworld chapter summary

King Of The Underworld is a romance novel that fits into the mafia genre. This novel follows their romance, struggles, adventures, and more. This chapter summary provides a sneak peek into the world of King Of The Underworld.

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King of the Underworld Chapter 1

We’re introduced to our sassy heroine Sephie, a waitress who isn’t excited about dealing with cranky customers. She grumbles when her usual parking spot is taken, seeing it as an omen of a rough night ahead.

Her friend Max, the flirty bartender, teases her about needing meditation before her shift. Sephie jokes the mafia bosses better not annoy her too much since she’s not in a peaceful mindset. She complains about their handsy sons but appreciates the big tips.

When the intimidating Adrik arrives, Sephie ogles his stubble, wondering how it would feel.

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King of the Underworld Chapter 2

Sephie uses her quick wit to provoke the drunk, aggressive mafia heir Anthony, but unfortunately, her sass backfires and makes him violent.

He chokes Sephie, leaving dark bruises. Just when it seems dire, Adrik dramatically appears and rescues her. While his men beat Anthony outside, Adrik tends gently to Sephie’s injuries, mesmerizing her with his blue eyes.

Against protocol, he reveals his name, showing his interest.

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King of the Underworld Chapter 3

Sephie’s neighbor Mr. Turner warns her about the huge Russian, Viktor, outside her door. Sent by Adrik to guard Sephie, Viktor is soon charmed by her humor and cooking.

His partner Andrei blushes wildly when Sephie jokingly proposes. Adrik arrives and shocks them by using Russian terms meant for romantic partners. 

Sephie gets Adrik to pinky swear to protect her from nightmares as they fall asleep cuddled together.

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King of the Underworld Chapter 4

Sephie grumpily complains about her painful bruises in the morning.

Her friend Max checks on her via text. Sephie jokes about scaring away customers as she sends Max a selfie of her awful bruising.

Adrik surprises Sephie by texting with an offer to send medicine for her injuries.

Flirtation builds between them as Adrik tends to Sephie’s bruises in her kitchen until she pulls away, overwhelmed by the chemistry.

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King of the Underworld Chapter 5

Elderly neighbor Ms. Jackson requests Adrik’s men escort her to Bingo night. Sephie jokes they should carry defibrillators considering Ms. Jackson’s flirtations might cause heart attacks.

After an explosion near Sephie’s, Adrik prepares to move her someplace safer. Sephie tries lightening the tense mood by asking where to hide murder evidence in her apartment.

Adrik leaves his guard Andrei with strict orders to protect Sephie, having Pinky sworn not to break his promise.

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King of the Underworld Chapter 6

Sephie meets two new Russian bodyguards, Ivan and MishaShe jokes about their lack of meth use to explain their constant vigilance. 

Her quip about murder cleanup locations irks Ivan until Misha explains Sephie’s use of humor when nervous. Sephie gets Ivan to laugh with her self-deprecating proposal joke to Andrei. She senses Andrei’s interest in the housekeeper Tori

Adrik arrives and inspects Sephie’s bruise, stating she needs more arnica. Sephie downplays her injuries, saying she’s had worse. Adrik insists on covering her bills despite Sephie’s protests.

He carries her to the couch after a nightmare and comforts Sephie until she falls asleep in his lap.

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King of the Underworld Chapter 7

Sephie learns Adrik’s men technically “don’t exist” per mafia protocol. She jokes about their cryptic nature. Adrik returns and twirls Sephie’s hair, staring intensely like a lovesick teenager.

Andrei observes Adrik’s unusual protectiveness of Sephie. Annoyed by her drug dealer neighbor, Adrik insists Sephie leave her apartment. 

She negotiates to take the elderly Ms. Jackson shopping first. Adrik agrees but says his men will accompany them. Ms. Jackson humors Sephie about swooning over the bodyguards.

King of the Underworld Chapter 8

Andrei blushes wildly when flirtatious Ms. Jackson suggestively banters with him in the car.

At the store, Adrik clings to Sephie closely, only letting go when absolutely necessary. Sephie jokes about needing a store guide to find the restroom.

After shopping, Ms. Jackson stuns Sephie by revealing she was a Cold War spy, explaining how she knows Russian.

She urges Sephie to embrace Adrik’s clear love for her, calling her the light to his dark.

King of the Underworld Chapter 9

Adrik watches protectively as Sephie comforts his men after a harrowing car chase. She calms Ivan’s concern about her shaking with humor.

Adrik takes Sephie upstairs after she falls asleep in his lap again. In the morning, Sephie accidentally exposes her scars which Adrik accepts and kisses. She tries diffusing the tension by asking about his tattoo.

Adrik applies more arnica to her bruises, the cream giving Sephie goosebumps. After an interrupted intimate moment, Adrik races Sephie to the kitchen, letting her win.

Sephie notes his dramatics, joking she’ll have him carried inside.

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King of the Underworld Chapter 10

Andrei accidentally reveals that Adrik’s possessive feelings for Sephie are unprecedented. Adrik kisses Sephie’s neck bruise with concern before leaving urgently. 

She tries lightening the mood by requesting Bingo escort again. Once alone, Sephie debates fleeing but resigns to go with Adrik for safety. Adrik reassures her this is temporary.

At the hideout, Sephie jokes about needing a map for Adrik’s giant house before kissing passionately. Adrik joins her in bed, promising protection against nightmares with exaggerated seriousness.

Sephie wakes fully dressed in the lake to find Adrik shirtless. She deflects with humor, asking about his tattoos.

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