Wehear Scammed Me and Won’t Pay What I’m Owed

Wehear is an audiobook app developed by Star Reading Limited, a Hong Kong-based company founded in 2018. It offers romance, paranormal, horror, and other genre stories voiced by professional narrators. However, my experience of being scammed by them has opened my eyes to their unethical business practices.

How I Got Scammed

wehear scam

A few months ago, I joined the Wehear affiliate program, which offers a 20% commission on purchases made by new users you refer. The minimum payout is $20, so I was excited when I had driven over $80 in new customer spending. But when I requested to withdraw my commissions, Wehear ghosted me.

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The Withdrawal History shows processing for many months now.

I sent multiple emails and posted on their Facebook group asking about my payment, but they deleted my messages and ignored me altogether. After a month of trying to get their attention, I realized I had been scammed out of my hard-earned money.

The Wehear Affiliate Program

On the surface, the Wehear affiliate program seems like an easy way to earn some cash. Just share your referral link and get paid for new subscriber purchases. But I learned the hard way that their promises of payment are empty. Even after crossing the $20 minimum payout threshold, they still refused to pay me.

The Reality of Wehear

The Wehear app launched in late 2020, partnering with content creator Dreame to obtain rights to over 60,000 popular novels. It’s available on both iOS and Android devices and offers features like downloadable offline playback, adjustable narration speeds, and syncing.

On the surface, Wehear’s goal seems to be providing an engaging audiobook experience for readers while maximizing the value of stories through in-app purchases. But the reality is much shadier.

Wehear partners with content creators to offer a vast library of audiobooks across genres like romance, horror, fantasy, and more. Users can download the app for free but have to pay expensive fees of $20-50+ to unlock full book chapters.

While reviewers praise the stories, they complain about Wehear’s expensive pay-to-unlock model that chops books into tiny chapters. Technical issues are also rampant, with books abruptly ending or restarting randomly.

Add this scam affiliate program on top, and it’s evident that Wehear’s only goal is to squeeze as much money as possible from users. They lure people in with promises of easy earnings, then never pay out. I learned the hard way that this company cannot be trusted.

In Summary

I’m sharing my experience of getting scammed by Wehear in hopes it will prevent others from wasting their time and money. Their affiliate program is not worth the risk of never getting paid for your efforts. And the app itself comes loaded with extra fees and frustration. I strongly advise staying away from this shady business altogether.

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