I Inherited Billions Chapter Summary

I Inherited Billions

I Inherited Billions by  revolves around a college student named Freddie Lang who suddenly inherits a billion dollar fortune. He is thrust into a lavish lifestyle with mansions, cars, and beautiful women wanting to be with him. However, adjusting to his new wealth is not easy and he encounters challenges from those wanting to take advantage of him.

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He goes on a journey to discover the secrets of his inheritance and navigate his new rich but complicated life.

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Book Title I Inherited Billions
Author Lion
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Genres Billionaire
Tags playboy, poor to rich, bxg

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I Inherited Billions PDF

I Inherited Billions PDF

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I Inherited Billions Chapter 1

Freddie Lang waited in the forest for his crush Lina Holden to meet him. However, it turned out to be an elaborate set up between wealthy heirs Logan and Zane, who bet on whether Freddie would profess his love to Lina that week.

When Freddie did so, the heirs revealed the betrayal as Lina ridiculed Freddie for thinking a “penniless wreck” like him could be with her. Humiliated, Freddie was offered money as a “reward” but rejected it in anger. The next day, Freddie recalled the unsolicited phone call claiming he had a large inheritance.

When he checked his bank account, he discovered it held millions. The caller from “Uncle Quinn” proved real by depositing more funds and asking to meet at a high-end bank. At the appointment time, the bank staff did not take Freddie seriously due to his appearance.

Though embarrassed, he insisted on his purpose as the anticipated VIP meeting was scheduled for his arrival time.

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I Inherited Billions Chapter 2

Lang was anxious to learn more about the inheritance he was promised. At the company offices, he encountered Lindy Lowry, the female staff member, who tried to stop him from using the elevator. However, Lang made it to the eighth floor where he met Vincent Quinn, the general manager of Stamen Group.

Quinn explained that Lang was set to inherit the vast fortune of Logan, an elderly man Lang had saved years ago, including 127 companies valued at over $100 billion. Quinn showed Lang the contract. Before Lang could sign, Lowry arrived with security, accusing Lang of being a troublemaker.

A scuffle ensued until Quinn arrived and clarified Lang was the new chairman. Lowry begged for forgiveness, even offering herself to Lang. Lang declined and instead assigned Lowry to clean toilets. Quinn then gave Lang a tour of the enormous vault holding billions in assets, leaving Lang in disbelief over his newfound wealth.

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I Inherited Billions Chapter 3

The group arrived at the expensive restaurant Sicily. Freddie’s classmates noticed him quickly looking away from the beautiful receptionist Lindy Lowry, who had propositioned Freddie that morning. This prompted jokes at Freddie’s expense. Earlier, Freddie’s wealthy classmate Howard Lincoln had invited him to a dinner get-together, aiming to humiliate Freddie.

However, Freddie had inherited a fortune and shocked everyone by agreeing to pay for the meal. He set conditions that Howard must also pay everyone the same amount, and accept a striptease if unable to pay. Howard accepted, confident Freddie couldn’t afford it.

At the restaurant, Freddie wondered why Lindy was working there but decided not to think too much of it, no longer finding her enticing now that he was wealthy.

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I Inherited Billions Chapter 4

The chapter follows Freddie as he is brought to a private suite by Howard to meet several music students, including Lacey Yates who had laughed at Freddie’s confession to Lina the previous day. When the food orders are placed, Freddie deliberately orders every dish from the high-end restaurant to one-up his critics.

This surprises everyone present, including Howard. It is revealed that the owner, Lindy Lowry, had recognized Freddie from their earlier encounter and instructed the staff to provide top service to him. Though the others mock the idea and continue praising Howard, Freddie knows the special treatment is due to him, not Howard.

Freddie leaves to confirm with a waiter that Lindy is indeed the owner, surprised by this revelation.

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I Inherited Billions Chapter 5

Lindy Lowry, the owner of a luxurious restaurant, came to a private suite where some students were having a meal. She was angry to find Howard impersonating the host and slapped him. When Lindy spotted Freddie at the door, her demeanor changed and she politely led him to speak privately.

Freddie told her not to call him Mr. Chairman outside the company and warned her against further advances, but said he would help return her to her original position after calling her uncle. Back in the private suite, the students questioned Freddie about knowing Lindy.

When the bill for the expensive meal totaling $150,000 arrived, Freddie shocked everyone by paying it with a backpack full of cash. His former critics like Howard and Lacey grew jealous, while his friend Chris was surprised at Freddie’s money. Howard claimed Freddie was just a “poor man conning the rich” but Freddie reminded him to give out cash gifts as promised.

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I Inherited Billions Chapter 6

The protagonist encounters his cunning classmate Howard at a private party, where Howard loses a bet and owes him 150,000. His classmates, who disliked Howard’s arrogance, pressure Howard to pay up. Howard stalls for time but is seen selling his car, revealing he cannot pay.

At night, the protagonist’s guardian Vincent surprises him with a luxury villa as a gift. However, the villa is filled with dozens of naked beautiful women. Vincent explains this was a test of his character arranged by his late benefactor. Pleased with the results, Vincent informs him of more conditions, including continuing his studies, not revealing his identity, and producing offspring.

Despite his objections, Vincent insists this is important for his benefactor’s organization. The protagonist recognizes two familiar faces among the women, shocked at their unexpected presence.

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I Inherited Billions Chapter 7

Vincent introduced Liam to an escort club where he was shocked to see two women he recognized – Lacey Yates and Cherry Quentin, his class teacher. Liam learned Lacey had accumulated debts from lavish spending and Cherry needed money for her ill mother’s surgery.

That same night, Liam came across Lacey being beaten by a loan shark named Lorne over unpaid debts. Though Lacey refused his help, Liam was concerned for Cherry’s situation. He contacted Cherry online and had his assistant Vincent transfer her $500,000 anonymously.

Cherry, surprised the money was received so quickly, offered to see Liam in person, suggesting intimacy in repayment. The chapter showed Liam helping women in need while hiding his true identity and wealth.

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I Inherited Billions Chapter 8

The main character had been messaging a teacher he was attracted to, Cherry, and offering to help her with money issues. Though she wanted to repay him that night, he refused, not wanting to reveal his identity. In class, his fellow students mocked him for his lavish spending, not believing he has real wealth.

Later, a campus belle named Lacey messaged him, desperate for money to pay debts. He agreed to loan her the money if she slept with him that night. Though hesitant, Lacey reluctantly agreed to the term.

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I Inherited Billions Chapter 9

Lacey had gone to the motel room as arranged. However, the man only humiliated and tormented her, ordering her to undress and touch herself but refusing to have s$x with her. Angry and humiliated, Lacey demanded he fulfill their deal when he tried to leave.

At the motel elevator, they encountered Lorne, who had paid Lacey money the night before. He took back some cash and demanded s$$$$l favors from Lacey as well. When Lorne dragged a struggling Lacey away, the man intervened and kicked Lorne hard in the groin area to stop him.

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I Inherited Billions Chapter 10

Freddie kicked Lorne hard, catching him off guard. Lorne fell to the ground in pain while Lacey hid behind Freddie. After recovering, Lorne threatened Freddie but was too afraid to do anything. Freddie offered Lacey a ride home but was cold to her.

When a pretty girl asked for directions to Shoal Apartments where Freddie also lived, he accepted a ride from her. Her poor driving skills worried Freddie. They came upon an “injured” old man faking a car accident, demanding money. Freddie paid the man to leave, deducing his scheme.

Near Shoal Apartments, the pretty girl nearly fell for another fake accident. Freddie convinced the man by threatening to run him over, ending the confrontation.

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