(Steamy) Gina And Her Triplet Alphas Chapter Summary

Gina, And Her Triplet Alphas Chapter Summary

Gina And Her Triplet Alphas by Lulu Bells revolves around Gina, the only daughter of omega parents, who returns home to the Silver Moon Pack after three years away. She discovers preparations underway to celebrate the triplet alpha brothers, Devon, Derrick, and Denver, who are the most sought-after unmated males in the pack.

Though the brothers are fated to marry the daughter of the beta male, they discover upon Gina’s return that they are all mysteriously mated to her instead. As the one woman mated to all three powerful alphas, Gina finds herself at the center of much drama and intrigue within the pack.

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The story follows Gina as she navigates her new relationships with the triplet alphas, all of whom desire her but only one of whom can become her true mate. Tensions arise as the brothers compete for Gina’s affection and position as her alpha. Gina dislikes the arrogant triplet alphas after how they treated her in the past. As secrets unfold about how and why they are mysteriously all mated to Gina, she must determine which brother, if any, she can trust and who her fated mate truly is.

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Book TitleGina, And Her Triplet Alphas
AuthorLulu Bells
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
GenresBillionaire, Drama, Romance
TagsAlpha, Love, Mate, Pack, Romance, Fantasy, Werewolves, Alpha males, Forbidden love, Enemies to lovers, D$$$$$$t/submissive, Drama, Billionaire, Campus, Pack, Mates

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Gina, And Her Triplet Alphas PDF

Gina, And Her Triplet Alphas PDF

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Gina, And Her Triplet Alphas Chapter 1

Gina arrived home from catering school to find her parents absent preparing for the triplets’ birthday celebration at the alpha palace. She decided to surprise her parents by going to the palace to help. Upon arriving, she encountered her mother being slapped and poured wine on by Gwen, the future Luna. Gina ferociously punched and slapped Gwen for attacking her mother.

Denver, the eldest triplet, lifted Gina off the floor and pressed her harshly against the wall while his brothers snarled at her with their canines out. Gina was not afraid of them and was more concerned with freeing herself to continue lecturing the disrespectful Gwen. Denver threatened to strike her while pushing her further into the wall, causing pain to shoot through her body.

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Gina, And Her Triplet Alphas Chapter 2

Gwen ran to the Alpha crying with a bruised face. Seeing her injuries, the Alpha became furious and demanded to know who harmed the future Luna. He follows his son’s gaze to where Gina stands exhausted. His anger grew when he scented that I was a wolfless omega. He ordered the guards to take her to the dungeon to be beheaded at sunrise, ignoring my mother’s pleas. Gina struggled as the guards dragged me away, heartbroken to hear my mother’s wails while my fate was sealed.

In the dungeon, Gina recalled Denver’s strength in lifting me effortlessly and wondered what type of Alphas the triplet brothers would become. The triplets visited her cell, and while Denver asked what happened, Gina refused to share and accused them of sleeping with Gwen. Derrick tried to attack me through the locked gate in his anger before they left, believing Gina had made my choice to die.

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Gina, And Her Triplet Alphas Chapter 3

Gina finds herself lost in an unfamiliar forest surrounded by mist. She hears something watching her and sees a pair of bright red eyes along with two other pairs belonging to wolves. The wolves chase after her as she runs for her life. When she falls and breaks her ankle, the three large black wolves corner her and she screams for help.

Gina wakes from her dream to find Denver, Derrick, and Devon before her. They inform her that the Alpha has reduced her punishment and she will now be Gwen’s maid instead of facing execution. However, Gina refuses, saying she would rather die. Denver has her parents brought in and threatens to kill them if Gina does not agree to be Gwen’s maid. Unable to bear seeing her parents harmed, Gina reluctantly agrees. Denver warns her of severe consequences if she disobeys and the triplets take their leave while Gina realizes her happy life has been taken from her.

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Gina, And Her Triplet Alphas Chapter 4

Gwen had left a mess in her room for Gina to clean up before she returned. When Gina finished cleaning, Derrick showed up and flirted with her, pinning her against the wall. Though Gina resisted, she was aroused by his words and touch. They were interrupted by a knock at the door, which turned out to be Devon. Devon and Derrick then left, while Devon stared intensely at Gina.

When Gina went to leave, she encountered Denver in the hallway. Denver coldly accused Gina of trying to seduce his brothers and said they already had a mate. Gina was speechless, unable to understand why Denver would say that since she was just working when Derrick approached her. Denver then walked away before Gina could respond.

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Gina, And Her Triplet Alphas Chapter 5

The entire pack house was busy preparing for the triplets’ birthday celebration. Gina was finishing up preparations in the kitchen when she was summoned by Gwen, who demanded that Gina hold up her dress as she made her grand entrance into the hall. When Gina objected, saying she needed to change first, Gwen slapped her and asserted her status over Gina.

At the celebration, Gina stood embarrassed behind Gwen as the only one without a chair. The triplet alphas Denver, Derrick, and Devon stole glances at Gina during the event. Later, Gina retreated to the kitchen to rest but was found by Denver. He unsettlingly demanded to see her in his room after the party, and Gina knew not to refuse a threat from an alpha, especially when her place in the pack was already so precarious.

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Gina, And Her Triplet Alphas Chapter 6

Gina wonders what Denver wants from her and fears disobeying his order. She heads to his room where he kisses her passionately. Denver’s kisses leave her aroused and wanting more. He carries her to his bed and eats her p$$$y, bringing her to an intense climax.

Exhausted from pleasure, Gina decides to stay the night as Denver instructs no one can know about their encounter. She reflects that as an alpha and omega, their relations are forbidden despite their attraction. Gina falls asleep, tired from the day’s events while questioning her actions.

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Gina, And Her Triplet Alphas Chapter 7

Gina woke up early and sneaked back to my room, showering and changing before making breakfast for the royal family. At breakfast, Derrick questioned where Gina was last night but she denied being anywhere else. Gwen insulted her so Gina left for the kitchen.

While washing dishes, Derrick confronted her in the kitchen, saying he knew Gina lied about my whereabouts. He intimated being attracted to her, telling Gina to be in my room that night. As we almost kissed, Denver walked in, saying he was looking for Derrick. They left while Gina panicked about what was happening with the brothers.

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Gina, And Her Triplet Alphas Chapter 8

Gina returns to her room after a long day of chores feeling tired. She takes a cold shower which leaves her freezing, so she wears an oversized shirt to bed. Before she can fall asleep, Derrick enters her room uninvited. He advances on her, kissing her neck and touching her body despite Gina’s half-hearted protests. Derrick pleasures Gina with his hands and mouth, bringing her to an intense o$$$$m.

Overcome by lust, Gina reciprocates by taking Derrick’s large c$$k in her mouth. Derrick then fingers Gina hard from behind while she’s on all fours, making her scream out in pleasure. As Gina reaches another powerful climax, she realizes to her embarrassment that it was all a dream. She wakes up alone in a locked room, shocked at fantasizing about her bully Derrick.

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Gina, And Her Triplet Alphas Chapter 9

Gina had asked Gwen for permission to visit her parents while Gwen was away on a vacation with the triplets. However, Gwen refused and rudely dismissed Gina’s request. Upset, Gina ran into Devon by chance who consoled her. He revealed that he and his brothers would be happy if Gina joined them on the vacation instead of visiting her parents. Gina was surprised by this offer. Devon then kissed Gina passionately and convinced her to accept the invitation.

Gwen excitedly told her father about the upcoming weekend trip she would be spending alone with the triplet alphas. Her father, who had raised Gwen after her mother’s death, was overjoyed at the news and looked forward to Gwen becoming the future Luna of the pack as prophesied. Gwen too eagerly awaited taking her place as Luna and having the triplets worship her.

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Gina, And Her Triplet Alphas Chapter 10

Denver drove with Gina in the front seat. He teased Gina by placing his hand on her thigh and stroking it. When we were alone, he fingered her until she came. Despite the risk of getting caught, he made Gina o$$$$m and tasted her juices before telling her to sleep.

Derrick told Denver they needed gas and snacks for Gwen. Denver nodded and let their car drive past. Though his brother slowed down, Denver became more daring with Gina and made her climax again before she fell asleep.

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