The Mech Touch Chapter Summary

The Mech Touch

The Mech Touch by Exlor revolves around Ves Larkinson, who lacks the genetic aptitude to become a mech pilot despite his love for mechs. Fighting against his fate, he studied mech design in college to express his love for mechs through design and make his father proud.

When Ves graduated, he returned to find his father had disappeared, leaving him with a small newly founded mech workshop with large debts. Facing pressure from the bank, salvation came in the form of a mech designer system left by his father. The system allowed Ves to design mechs using his unique system-assisted design talent. With this ability, he aims to pay off debts and search for his father, navigating the complex world of mech technologies, politics, and war.

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Book TitleThe Mech Touch
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Tags sci-fi, adventure, system, mecha, weak to strong, kingdom building

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The Mech Touch PDF

The Mech Touch PDF

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The Mech Touch Chapter 1

Ves Larkinson dreamed of becoming a mech pilot like his father and ancestors, but was devastated to learn at age 10 that his genetics did not allow him to interface with mechs. After drifting through high school, he decided to pursue mech design instead.

Ves graduated from an average university with a bland degree. They returned home, only to find that his father Ryncol had disappeared, leaving Ves with a massive debt to finance the mech workshop. Struggling to make the first payment to the bank, Ves’ only clue was a secure data chip left by his father, which initiated an unknown program that scanned Ves and prompted the beginning of his journey as a mech designer.

With his father missing and massive debts to pay, Ves Larkinson faced an uncertain future. Upon returning home, he discovered that his father Ryncol had vanished, but left behind a mech workshop financed by large loans that Ves was now responsible for.

His father also left a secure data chip that initiated a mysterious program scanning Ves and stated it was the start of his journey to become a mech designer, though Ves did not know what this entailed or how it would help his desperate situation.

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The Mech Touch Chapter 2

Ves used his new Mech Designer System app to find ways of earning money with his mech design skills. The System connected to the popular mech simulator game Iron Spirit. It offered Ves a tutorial mission to design a customized mech with 10% deviance and 2% improved performance from the base model.

As a reward, he would receive random 1-star virtual licenses for both a mech and a component in the game. However, when Ves accessed the designer mode, he discovered the licenses he was given to work with were too limited to make the required customizations feasible. He doubted he could complete the tutorial mission with such restrictive parameters.

Ves then explored the System’s other features. He inspected his low skills and attributes on the status page. The skill tree showed paths to upgrade his abilities over time. His inventory held no designs yet but contained the welcome package.

This included 10 design points, worthless lottery tickets, and surprisingly, a mechanical pet cat named Lucky that could excrete valuable gems weekly by digesting minerals. While still skeptical, Ves realized the System provided both virtual and real-world fabrication abilities far beyond any technology he had seen. He decided to use its resources to advance his mech design career.

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The Mech Touch Chapter 3

The Mech Touch Chapter 3

Ves worked hard to combine the heavy Gemini component with the thin Fantasia frame against all odds. Though the results looked ridiculous, they provided improved safety and speed. He named the variant Fantasia 2R-E and listed it for sale. Meanwhile, a 12-year-old boy named Shifter66 enjoyed piloting lighter mechs in Iron Spirit.

Exploring variants, he came across the unusual Fantasia 2R-E and was enthralled by its rear design. Impulsively purchasing it, he became the buyer of Ves’ first completed mech design.

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The Mech Touch Chapter 4

Shifter66’s new purchase of the modified Fantasia 2R-E mech proved fortunate, allowing him to claim several early victories through clever tactics in the Bronze League. However, more experienced pilots soon recognized the mech’s weaknesses and outmaneuvered its clumsy frame. Though the ejecting cockpit remained an unpredictable trick, most opponents now treated the mech seriously and took few risks engaging it directly.

Meanwhile, Ves received his first reward of Design Points for the sale. Upon reviewing the shop’s catalog more carefully, he saw the potential to earn enough to pay off his debts. However, his next mission challenged him to sell an unprecedented hundred mechs of his own creation within just a month. Faced with such a daunting task, Ves exclaimed in frustration over the System’s unreasonable expectations.

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The Mech Touch Chapter 5

Ves spent his design points to improve his skills in 3D printing, jury rigging, lightweight armor optimization and speed tuning to focus on designing light mechs. He then purchased licenses for components like the Astoria flight system, Fayette ECM, Red Eye assisted aim module and others to incorporate flight capabilities into his mech design.

Ves integrated these new parts into the Fantasia 2R model, overhauling it into the Fantasia 2R Seraphim. The Seraphim featured enhanced aerial performance through improved flight, countermeasures and targeting systems, though its armor, endurance and efficiency suffered as a result. Pleased with his new creation that significantly outperformed the base model, Ves earned 50 design points for completing an original design with over a 10% improvement.

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The Mech Touch Chapter 6

As Ves tinkered with his designs, someone else on Cloudy Curtain logged into Iron Spirit and checked out Ves’ new mech, the Seraphim. Though Triceratopssss intended to specialize in medium mechs, he grew interested in the Seraphim due to its impressive looks and performance. However, at 3300 credits, it was far out of his price range. He contacted his wealthy friend TheSeventhSnake to check it out, believing he could afford it. Intrigued by the unique flying mech, TheSeventhSnake purchased the Seraphim, much to Triceratopssss’ surprise.

In his first battle with the new mech, TheSeventhSnake engaged CassieTheFox and her heavy Excelsior mech. He used the Seraphim’s aerial abilities to harass her from above. However, the battle progressed into one of attrition, with the heavier Excelsior able to withstand attacks for longer.

In a risky maneuver, TheSeventhSnake dived at CassieTheFox with a knife while she fired lasers. The mechs collided in a massive crash that engulfed the area in smoke, leaving the outcome unclear to the spectating Triceratopssss.

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The Mech Touch Chapter 7

The battlefield loaded, revealing an empty urban environment consisting of densely packed skyscrapers that blocked views. TheSeventhSnake chose to wait patiently on a rooftop with his sensors extended.

After 13 minutes, his opponent Dire_Wolf piloting a VF-5 appeared. TheSeventhSnake managed to disable the VF-5’s left cannon with his first shot. Enraged, the VF-5 aggressively pursued but struggled due to its damaged state.

The exchange continued with neither side able to deliver critical blows. TheSeraphim’s rifle was eventually destroyed, leaving it relying on its combat knife at close range. It evaded the VF-5’s attacks while scoring occasional hits.

Recognizing its energy was low, TheSeventhSnake feinted a dodge but instead dove at the VF-5, stabbing into its cockpit just as the VF-5’s claw tore into its torso. Both mechs crashed having severely damaged one another, but TheSeventhSnake was declared the winner.

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The Mech Touch Chapter 8

Ves was disappointed with the sales of his virtual mechs in Iron Spirit. He had only managed to sell one of his handcrafted mechs so far, with the others selling for high prices but receiving poor reviews. Recognizing his target audience was bronze league players with low budgets, Ves set to work redesigning his Fantasia 2R mech.

He spent time meticulously replacing the armor plating to create a lighter variant called the Phantasm. The System evaluated the new design positively, rewarding Ves with design points and a lottery ticket for achieving over a 10% performance improvement with minimal changes. Though the ticket only yielded a minor strength boost, Ves was pleased with his progress in designing more effective mechs.

Ves’ cousin Melinda visited him, prompting worries that the Larkinson family disapproved of his career path. She explained they were concerned about the debt his father had accrued, feeling Ves was too young to take over the business alone.

They suggested he give up the workshop and pursue a safer path as a military technician instead. However, Ves was determined to make a name for himself as a mech designer. Melinda came to understand his resolve, offering to help recommend his virtual mech designs to her younger cousins playing Iron Spirit. She complimented his Phantasm redesign, boosting Ves’ confidence in his work.

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The Mech Touch Chapter 9

Melinda encouraged Ves to enter the Young Tigers Exhibition mech design competition hosted by the Bright Republic, pointing out the lucrative cash prizes and potential job opportunities it offered. Ves registered for the competition, hoping it could help turn his fortunes around as a small-time mech designer.

Ves took to the streets of downtown Rodrigo’s Rest with a holographic advertisement board showing his mech designs to boost his sales and progress toward his mission goal. His pet robotic cat Lucky helped draw crowds, especially girls wanting to pet him, which gave Ves opportunities to promote his Phantasm and other mechs. This street promotion proved effective, with Ves selling twelve mechs on his first day and putting him on track to complete his sales mission.

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The Mech Touch Chapter 10

Ves kept up his sales routine for a week, visiting different cities each day to maximize his exposure. With Lucky’s help drawing attention, he managed to sell a hundred mechs with less than two weeks to spare. He accumulated 263 Design Points without spending them, thinking it better to wait for his next mission.

Through lotteries rewarding his completion of the previous mission, Ves received a Lantern of Imperfection and a 10-year production license for the Caesar Augustus CA-1. However, the CA-1 was one of National Aeromotive’s biggest commercial flops, difficult to produce and requiring constant maintenance.

Its special armor could not be made with Ves’s equipment, and producing the stock model was impossible within two months. But Ves was not ready to give up, as redesigning the CA-1 using the Mech Designer System could yield a less demanding version.

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