Kill the Sun Chapter Summary

Kill the Sun

Kill the Sun by Warmaisach revolves around a boy who wakes up with amnesia in Crimson Fungus City, one of the last remaining human settlements on Earth thousands of years after an apocalypse.

The boy grows up in the Dregs, the worst part of the city. Despite his difficult upbringing, he manages to pass the exam to become a Zephyx Extractor, a prestigious job that involves harvesting the powers of Specters, the terrifying beings that destroyed the world. However, he is deemed ineligible for the role after it is discovered he had previously gained power from a Specter. Just when his prospects seem dim, a mysterious man visits and offers him a chance to turn his life around.

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Book TitleKill the Sun
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Tags weak to strong, dark, tragedy, adventure, mystery

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Kill the Sun PDF

Kill the Sun PDF

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Kill the Sun Chapter 1

Nick sat lifelessly in the alleyway as a rat approached him, suggesting he kill himself. His last hope of escaping the Dregs was gone after failing the Zephyx Extractor exam. When the rat touched Nick’s leg, he lashed out in a powerful fist, killing the rat.

As Nick secured the dead rat for food, a mysterious man appeared at the alley’s exit. He was a scholar who studied Specters and their powers. Though suspicious, Nick was intrigued to learn the man was a former Zephyx Extractor and wanted to examine Nick’s unknown powers bestowed by his Specter. When Nick refused without compensation, the man knocked him out, tired of Nick’s unwillingness to accept help. He summoned bloody tools to examine the source of Nick’s power.

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Kill the Sun Chapter 2

Nick walked through the streets of Crimson Fungus City late at night. While walking, the grate he was standing on broke underneath him. However, Nick was able to quickly catch himself on the surrounding grates due to his strength and pull himself back up.

He asked some locals where he could find a sheet of metal to repair the broken grate, and they directed him to a derelict house. Nick was able to break a large metal plate from the house with just a few blows. He carried the plate back and repaired the grate, impressing the locals with his strength and care for others.

After repairing the grate, Nick continued on to the main plaza. He sat down at the intersection of a major road and held up a new sign that read “Zephyx Extractor looking for work.” Having an attuned Zephyx Synchronizer, Nick used his power and strength to find odd jobs in the city at night while most others were asleep due to the perpetual daylight from the stationary sun.

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Kill the Sun Chapter 3

The people of Crimson Fungus City slowly emerged from their homes as morning came. Many were malnourished and anxious, dreading the day’s events. Nick continued holding his sign, waiting to find work as a Zephyx Extractor. Fights and assaults soon broke out as desperation grew. A man was attacked for his credits, but the assailants were careful not to kill him.

They took his money and one of the attackers broke down in relief, now able to provide for his family. By afternoon, the city grew quiet in anticipation. Five agents arrived accompanied by swarms of mosquitoes. They searched houses and removed those in hiding, with one person’s screams trailing off upon being found. The agents said nothing as they waited in the marketplace’s entrance.

People slowly woke up and exited from their derelict houses. It was early in the morning, but just like always, the sun was high up in the sky, illuminating the streets. Nick was still holding his sign as he watched the people with boredom. Over 50% of the people were malnourished, and the remainder could still be called skinny. Only the richest merchants had some visible fat on their bellies. Even though the sun was shining all day, nearly everyone had pale skin, and a couple of them even had black rings around their eyes as they slowly walked through the streets. As Nick saw the people, he could tell that most of them were very

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Kill the Sun Chapter 4

The leader of the Insurance Gang paid the city agents 482 credits as part of their monthly arrangement. They then inspected each person in the marketplace, collecting pins from those who had paid their taxes. Nearly 800 people remained after this process. Those who did not pay would have their blood drained by the Blood Mosquito’s mosquitos.

Nick successfully paid his taxes and passed through like the others. The mosquitos then drained two liters of blood from each adult who had not paid, and one liter from unpaid children over 14. This process allowed the Blood Mosquito to strengthen itself while providing blood to the Crimson Fungus, which used it to produce Zephyx energy for the city in exchange.

The city was named after and powered by the Crimson Fungus, a contained but non-intelligent Specter that absorbed blood to create Zephyx. The Zephyx Manufacturers collected the Zephyx and kept some to power the city and strengthen their operations. They also sold it to power other cities. Nick hoped to become a Zephyx Extractor to leave the impoverished Dregs and have a better life with more opportunity and strength. The monthly blood taxation and exchange with the Blood Mosquito and Crimson Fungus had created a symbiotic relationship powering the city for many years.

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Kill the Sun Chapter 5

Nick returned to his usual place in the marketplace and continued holding up his sign, hoping someone would approach him about work. After two weeks without any luck, a young man with light-brown hair engaged Nick. Though the man tried disguising as poor, Nick saw through it and recognized he wasn’t from the Dregs.

Their discussion revealed the man knew Albert, who had mentioned someone may offer Nick a job. Nick invited the man to his home to continue their discussion privately, realizing this was the opportunity Albert had foretold.

The man followed Nick back reluctantly. On the way, Nick grabbed the man’s arm to lead him, causing the man’s eyes to turn completely white for an instant out of shock before returning to normal. He wasn’t used to strangers touching him. Once at Nick’s home, the man entered hesitantly, curious to learn more but still uncertain about Nick and his intentions.

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Kill the Sun Chapter 6

Nick invited Wyntor into his home, which was in poor condition with dirt and holes in the walls. They sat down to talk, with Nick confused by Wyntor’s request for a drinking container. Their interaction was awkward, as Wyntor was unfamiliar with customs in the outer city.

Wyntor introduced himself as the heir to the wealthy Melfion family and showed Nick a non-disclosure agreement. After struggling to read it, Nick signed, and Wyntor revealed he wanted to start his own zephyx manufacturing company.

He needed a zephyx extractor and specter, having been told he’d find a suitable person in the Dregs marketplace. Wyntor offered to employ Nick as his Chief Zephyx Extractor and said their first task was capturing a specter.

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Kill the Sun Chapter 7

Nick quickly accepts Wyntor’s job offer without knowing any details. Wyntor is surprised and explains that the work involves fighting Specters, powerful beings that can transform a mysterious energy called Prephyx into the usable form called Zephyx. Nick assumes Specters can just be punched, but Wyntor informs him that most Specters are not so simply dealt with. He gives a detailed explanation of Prephyx, Specters and their different forms. The most dangerous is the Force Specter called The Fog, an unintelligent mist that kills anyone caught in it.

Wyntor further explains that humanity’s goal is to contain all Specters without killing them, as that would only create more weaker Specters. However, this is extremely difficult as the most powerful Extractors, those who fight Specters, are only level eight while there are level eight and even level nine Specters in the world. The most damaging Specter is Nurse Alice, a level nine who kills hundreds daily, and humanity is helpless against her or the other four level nine Specters.

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Kill the Sun Chapter 8

Nick remembered one of the many times he had encountered The Nightmare. He had once been searching for food in the sewers, where whispers in the darkness told him that everyone was trying to kill him. The whispers tried to fill Nick’s mind with negative emotions, wanting to warp him, but he was able to get through the dark corridors quickly to find food.

Wyntor revealed to Nick that the third most conspicuous of the five level nine Specters was The Sun. Everyone sees The Sun directly above them at all times, and it illuminates the entire world simultaneously without pause. Its power to do so without rest was completely incomprehensible, and humanity believes The Sun to be the most powerful Specter obstructing their freedom. If humanity wanted freedom, the only thing needed was to kill The Sun.

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Kill the Sun Chapter 9

Wyntor explained to Nick about the five most powerful Specters known as level nines. Upon learning that one of them, known as Null, actively erases all information about itself, Nick revealed that he may have seen Null before due to having amnesia prior to age ten. Nick’s only memory was waking up alone in a random house with his Zephyx Synchronizer already attuned. To prove his unusual ability to Wyntor, which granted enhanced speed and strength only when unseen, Nick dented an iron plate attached to sturdy beams in the ruins of a house after moving behind it where Wyntor could not see.

Despite Nick demonstrating his ability through various tests, using it in an actual fight would be impossible as his power only functions when unobserved. With more questions than answers about Nick’s past and capabilities, Wyntor sought to understand the full nature and implications of what Nick had revealed about potentially encountering the elusive and dangerous Specter known as Null.

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Kill the Sun Chapter 10

Wyntor and Nick further discussed their plans for Zephyx Manufacturing Company. Wyntor explained the different categories of Specters – force Specters that were untouchable, physical Specters that had tangible bodies, and possession Specters that took control of living or non-living entities. Their ideal target would be a possession Specter but those relied on luck.

Locating any Specter would prove difficult as all major Zephyx manufacturers competed for them. Nick’s only option was to attempt to contain a level one physical Specter, but even those were rare and coveted. While their containment unit and administrative roles were prepared, they still lacked the most important piece – an actual Specter to study. Nick was unsure where to even start searching as they now needed to locate one to begin their operations.

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