My Husband Cheated with My Bully Chapter Summary

My Husband Cheated with My Bully

My Husband Cheated with My Bully by Abby Skaggs revolves around a woman named Emily who discovers her husband has been having an affair with her school bully Sarah. Emily had endured years of torment from Sarah during their school years which left deep scars.

Now years later, Emily finds evidence that her husband Mark has been secretly meeting up with Sarah. Emily is devastated by the betrayal from both her husband and her childhood tormentor. She questions if their entire relationship was a lie. To make matters worse, Sarah reveals she is now pregnant with Mark’s child. Brokenhearted, Emily must decide whether to try and save her marriage or give up on her husband and file for divorce.

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Book TitleMy Husband Cheated with My Bully
AuthorAbby Skaggs
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
Genres Romance
Tags Childhood crush, Drame, Office, workplace

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My Husband Cheated with My Bully PDF

My Husband Cheated with My Bully PDF

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My Husband Cheated with My Bully Chapter 1

Willow discovered evidence of her husband Knox’s months-long affair with her high school bully Regina through messages on his phone. She was shocked given that their relationship seemed normal, and Knox gave no signs of cheating.

After Knox left for work, Willow investigated further and found more damning evidence on Knox’s old tablet, including nude photos and a s$x tape between him and Regina. She also learned that Regina was still in a relationship with Rowan, a former friend of Willow’s who Regina had always been jealous of.

Devastated and feeling betrayed, Willow took screenshots of the evidence and emailed it to herself. She texted her father, a lawyer, asking for a recommendation for a divorce attorney. That evening, Knox came home while Willow was still feeling unwell from the news. He made dinner only for himself and didn’t check on her at all, leaving Willow wondering when their relationship became so strained and if Knox had truly been faithful all along.

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My Husband Cheated with My Bully Chapter 2

Rowan met with his childhood friend Willow for the first time in years at a local cafe. Though he did not recognize her at first due to her transformation, he was surprised by how beautiful she had become.

Their friendly catching up was cut short when Willow showed Rowan explicit messages between her husband and Regina, Rowan’s longtime girlfriend, revealing that the two had been having an affair. Willow was further distressed to tell Rowan that in addition to finding out about the affair, she had just learned she was pregnant.

At the lawyer’s office, Willow’s history with Mr. Cohen was explained and Rowan learned that the lawyer had agreed to take Willow’s case pro-bono due to past work with her father. During her meeting with Mr. Cohen, Willow’s emotions ran high as she lamented feeling like a “loser” for having her husband and Rowan’s girlfriend betray her in the same manner. She sent Rowan away to privately discuss her legal options and next steps.

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My Husband Cheated with My Bully Chapter 3

Willow met with her lawyer Mr. Cohen to discuss details of the divorce from her husband Knox. She wanted full custody of their child as well as their place and some alimony and child support given that Knox earned twice her salary as an engineer. Mr. Cohen felt this was a fair request given the circumstances.

Willow confronted Knox about the missing half of their savings from the safety deposit box. Knox had no good explanation for taking the $5,000 and Willow demanded he repay it within a month. She suspected he spent the money on his affair with Regina. Their argument escalated and Knox stomped off, though Willow was determined to get the money back through legal means if needed.

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My Husband Cheated with My Bully Chapter 4

My Husband Cheated with My Bully Chapter 4

Willow attended her father’s celebration party where she knew she would see her high school bully Regina and Regina’s boyfriend Rowan, who Willow’s uncle and his family had always wanted her to date. When they arrived, Knox quickly went to talk to Regina’s parents where Willow joined and revealed to their surprise that Knox was actually her husband. Rowan then greeted Willow in an overly friendly manner that made Regina furious.

At the party, tensions rose between Regina and Willow. Regina confronted Willow in the bathroom and gloated about sleeping with Knox and dating Rowan. However, Willow tried to remain confident and pointed out that Rowan had never proposed to Regina after ten years, and likely never would as his family disapproved of her and wanted Willow to marry him instead.

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My Husband Cheated with My Bully Chapter 5

Willow confronted Knox about his affair with Regina at the wedding party. Though Knox tried to deny it, Willow saw them flirting openly at the bar. Upset, Willow left the party early and filed for divorce. The next morning, Knox woke with a hangover and tried to plead with Willow to reconsider the divorce.

However, Willow remained steadfast in her decision. She also revealed that she was pregnant, though it brought her no joy given the circumstances between them. Knox realized the full extent of the damage he had caused through his actions.

Knox then went to see Regina, expecting to continue their affair now that his marriage was over. To his shock, Regina bluntly told him she had only been using him to get back at Willow. She no longer had any interest in him now that her plan had succeeded. Feeling betrayed and foolish, Knox returned home and tried again to change Willow’s mind about the divorce. Willow confirmed she had already consulted a lawyer and intended to proceed with ending their marriage.

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My Husband Cheated with My Bully Chapter 6

Willow told Knox she was pregnant, though she hadn’t meant to yet as he had just seen his affair partner Regina. Knox was initially happy but then reality set in amidst Willow asking for a divorce. Willow cried as Knox begged to work things out but she refused to be a second choice.

Memphis came to collect Knox’s things, finding the situation more complicated upon learning of the pregnancy and affair. He comforted the crying Willow. She apologized for unloading on him but he insisted it was fine.

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My Husband Cheated with My Bully Chapter 7

Rowan delivered Willow’s divorce papers to her house. During their conversation, Willow told Rowan that he was just like her husband and father for staying with Regina for her family’s money and status. She asked him to leave and not come back.

Willow went to her first ultrasound appointment where she saw her healthy baby for the first time and heard its heartbeat. Knox also attended but left after the appointment, while Memphis continued to support Willow through texts. Her parents and Knox were also present for the ultrasound.

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My Husband Cheated with My Bully Chapter 8

Willow drove up to the Hayes’ house for their annual Fourth of July barbecue. Though Knox hadn’t yet arrived, tensions were already high between him and Willow regarding the unsigned divorce papers. Willow debated asking Knox again to sign them while they were there.

At the party, an argument broke out after Knox admitted he had been planning to leave Willow for her old bully Regina. Knox’s father sided with Willow, demanding Knox pay alimony and not interfere with her visits. Though Willow no longer needed to attend the Cunningham party to get money from her parents, she and Memphis still planned to go so she could rub it in Knox’s face that she had been invited all along due to being the goddaughter of the hosts.

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My Husband Cheated with My Bully Chapter 9

Memphis followed Willow to the party but tensions rose when they arrived. The bouncer only checked their tickets and not others, angering Memphis. Willow’s godfather James Cunningham arrived and got them into the party, though Willow was clearly uncomfortable.

Inside, Regina approached Memphis but he rebuffed her advances, realizing she was the woman his brother had cheated with. When the Silvertons confronted them, Memphis lost his temper and told them the truth about the affair, upsetting Willow. She left and Memphis went to look for her, learning from a stranger she was in her room.

At the party, tensions flared when the bouncer only checked Memphis and Willow’s tickets upon arrival. Inside, Regina approached Memphis but he rejected her, and during a confrontation with the Silvertons about Knox’s affair, Memphis lost his temper and told them the truth, upsetting Willow as she left. Memphis then went to look for her, learning she had gone to her room.

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My Husband Cheated with My Bully Chapter 10

Willow dreaded attending her uncle’s party, knowing it would be difficult. When she arrived with her date Memphis, her father made disparaging comments about him. Later, Memphis defended Willow from insults by Rowan and his mother, revealing Knox’s affair at work.

This prompted Willow to ask her uncle James to ensure Knox kept his job. At the party, Willow’s parents brought up painful memories of her past relationship with Rowan. Memphis was supportive and helped divert conversations.

During the firework display, Willow and Memphis bonded while pointing out their favorite fireworks. Willow later received checks from her father and uncle James, allowing her to buy out Knox’s share of the mortgage. She thanked Memphis for his company, and hesitantly asked if he wanted to come inside. Memphis clarified her invitation, and assured her he wasn’t saying no before kissing her inside the house.

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